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Echoes of Elysium: Everything We Know



Echoes of Elysium

Roleplaying games can follow any direction, from interplanetary adventures to bloodthirsty mutants or puzzles, and they can go as far as the developers can imagine. For now, fans have all the best titles for 2024, including The Witcher, Elden Ring, and Pillars of Eternity, just to name a few. And while they are all epic titles, they are not the epitome of the imagination of action-adventure video game creators. 

Many other developers are rustling up more titles that fans of the genre can only hope will live up to their expectations and remain at the top of the lists long enough. Echoes of Elysium is one such video game from Loric Games, set to launch soon, according to the developers. While not much about the game has been disclosed, it’s easy to piece its details together. In fact, we can foretell that the aerial exploration survival video game might be a force to be reckoned with. The developers focus on their usual fantastical world, this time with a more enriching mythical world of Elysium. Here is everything we know about Echoes of Elysium

What is Echoes of Elysium?

Animals in the wilderness

Immerse yourself in an exploration of the skies with your fleet of handcrafted airships in Echoes of Elysium. Developed and published by Loric Games, Echoes of Elysium will be an action-adventure title destined to join the video games arena soon.

With no information regarding its early access or launch dates, fans are still keen on this title. And who can deny that we want to have a good time on its majestic clockwork airships?

Aboard the airships, players explore the scenic world of Elysium, where the mechanisms of the ancients interact with the skies and epic landscapes made of several floating islands. Harvest materials, craft your tools and airships, grow in power, and survive the mechanical wonders of an ancient race whose creations have turned against them. Players have all the exciting scenery to marvel at in the procedural Elysium, from the forgotten ruins to the towering structures and secrets to unearth. 


vessel in the area

Echoes of Elysium is based on a mythical story of the world of Elysium, where aspects of exploration and creativity escalate to a struggle for survival. The story begins in the 2100s, when a group of scientists set out with the spaceship Elysium III to explore Mars. The elite team would land on Mars and begin to scour the planet with their cutting-edge scanners and excavators. To their surprise, the remains of a long-forgotten ecosystem would be their first secret to uncover. 

The most bizarre discovery would, however, be the pieces of ancient structures revealing the existence of a once-sophisticated society. Only echoes of their existence are visible. As they dug deeper into their discoveries, they uncovered the Elysians, an ancient race of Greek scholars who were the masters of genetic engineering and space travel. But it was not an all-perfect civilization. As society, civilization, and weapons expanded, conflicts and power struggles escalated, and soon enough, they became victims of their own creations.  

In the game, players are immersed in an enchanting world with enriching experiences through the skyborne game adversaries. The mythical world is richly detailed with stunning landscapes and the ancient machinery of the Elysians, making every inch of the world a mystery ripe for players to untangle. 

Encounter a series of adversaries throughout the playthrough, including the bizarre soul-powered behemoths of the lost Elysians. Overcome all the adversaries of the procedural world of Elysium and triumph over the behemoths and other airborne enemies based on the Elysians’ creations. 


characters in the wild

Players will be in for an action-packed exploration of the fantasy world of Elysium, with the fate of the world in your hands. But you have the goddess Lethe to guide you. The gameplay is based on the core aspects of exploration, combat, survival, and the construction of the clockwork airships. The grind away is quite enriching, captivating fans right from the start with the amazing scenery of landscapes, flying fortresses, and serene skies. You fight hordes of mechanical wonders in the form of clockwork monsters to survive. The map will change procedurally to present new environments where fresh danger lurks. 

Craft your fleet of airships and fire the engines up to fight and survive the different combat scenarios. You will spend much of your time on Echoes of Elysium constructing the airships, serving more than just your adventure vessels. They are your main operational bases, where you accomplish multiple roles, including stacking raw materials. Continuously harvest unique materials and use them to build your tools and structures. The fortresses are a critical element for your survival in Elysium. Players can upgrade the vessels and also level up their characters with new skills. 

The Arlington, Virginia-based video game developers elevate the playthrough experience of their upcoming title with co-op gameplay. Encounter the game’s limitless engagement in various combat situations and randomized settings on a solo grind away, or embrace companionship by playing with friends. Build your fleet and navigate the skies together to become Elysium’s heroes. Every corner of the mythical heavens holds a secret waiting for you to uncover. 

Trailer & Development

Echoes of Elysium - Official Teaser Trailer

Echoes of Elysium creators released a teaser trailer on April 9, 2024. In the 30-second teaser, fans catch a glimpse of the game. In the trailer, we see the game's atmosphere in the blue skies, with multiple islands spread out. You can also see the airships floating above the world of Elysium as the arousing soundtrack plays in the background. 

Echoes of Elysium is currently in development by the video game creators, Loric Games Inc.

Release Date and Platforms

Echoes of Elysium

Although a teaser trailer for Echoes of Elysium has already been released, the creators have yet to issue a release window. The game will, however, launch soon for PC, and fans can already wishlist it on its Steam page.

So, what’s your take on the upcoming Loric Games release, Echoes of Elysium? Do you think it’s a great RPG? Have you wishlisted it on Steam already? Let us know your thoughts here on our socials or down in the comments section. 

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