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Azur Promilia: Everything We Know



Azur Promilia

On March 20, Manjuu Network Technology, the developer of Azur Lane, announced that it would release a new game soon. The new game, Azur Promilia, has fans of games such as Palworld, Honkai Star Rail, and Genshin Impact excited.

While fans can’t wait, the game is still under development. Fortunately, the developers have released enough information and content to give players a good idea of what to expect. Here’s everything we know about Azur Promilia.

What is Azur Promilia?

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Azur Promilia is an open-world anime RPG title currently under development by Manjuu Network Technology. It is set in a fantasy world featuring a vibrant design characterized by lush greenery, diverse creatures, and landscapes such as waterbodies and mountains.

Playing the game involves exploring the open world alongside your creature while fighting dangerous creatures and collecting resources along the way. Interestingly, the game is inspired by other popular RPG games such as Palworld, Genshin Impact, and Honkai Star Rail.


Azur Promilia

Azur Promilia bases its narratives on the different characters in the game. Here, all characters have a distinct stories as they set out to explore the open world. Similarly, each character has a unique set of personality traits and objectives.

For example, Han Youyou is all about finding treasure, while Shalle Ensys has a gentle and warm aura that calms down even the wildest creatures. Unfortunately, Manjuu doesn’t dive deep enough into the story behind Azur Promilia to answer all our questions.


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Playing Azur Promilia entails exploring the open fantasy world, fighting dangerous animals, collecting valuable resources, and a bit of farming. Notably, the game blends the exploration and combat techniques of Genshin Impact with the resource collection and creature management gameplay styles of Palworld.

Most of the gameplay will involve exploring the open world. The open world is vast and versatile, featuring intriguing features such as floating mountains. Each character comes with a creature companion or pet, called a Kibo, that accompanies them everywhere they go and helps with everything. Conveniently, characters can hitch a ride on their pets, making exploration easier and quicker. Players can currently explore four regions on the map, with more regions expected by the time the game launches.

Combat is also common throughout most of the game. Players will come across dangerous animals during their travels, requiring them to fight their way through. The combat mechanics are smooth and involve diverse weapons, moves, and special abilities. Pets also help characters with fighting, and players can switch between different characters and animal companions to optimize elemental damage. Besides ordinary creatures, players must also fight three bosses over the course of their travels. The boss fights are epic, featuring humongous beasts with awesome powers.

Collecting resources is also an integral aspect of the gameplay. Players can use both their characters and pets to collect resources. Interestingly, each pet and its elements interact differently with their environments, making them handy at collecting resources.

Finally, players can also engage in a charming farming simulation for a more relaxed gameplay experience. Pets also help with farming. However, the developers didn’t share much content about the farming simulator; hence, it is unclear how much it will impact the rest of the gameplay.

Azur Promilia features many characters and pets, each featuring unique appearances and abilities. The characters come in diverse species, including humans, elves, and even human-werewolf hybrids. Overall, players can choose from five characters and six pets.

The gameplay content seems to suggest that players can use any character and pet they want. However, it is still unclear whether the pet gameplay style will be based on a gacha system. It is also unclear whether it will feature separate banners for different characters, pets, weapons, and other elements. Still, it would be safe to bet that it will be a gacha game, considering that Azur Lane is based on a gacha system.


Azur Promilia Gameplay Looks Shockingly Good!? Look out Genshin Impact!

Manjuu Network Technology is the developer and publisher behind Azur Promilia. The developer is popular for the popular game Azur Lane, which recently received seven new characters after a crossover event with the game Senran Kagura.


Azur Promilia - Announce Trailer (English)

The Azur Promilia trailer dives into the game’s background story to give it more familiarity. The video tells of how everything originated from the ocean and evolved into the diverse plants and creatures roaming the vibrant fantasy world, much like Earth’s evolution theory.

Notably, the narrator mentions that evolution enabled all creatures in the fantasy world to become interconnected and thus truly feel each other. This explains why characters have creature companions that help them with everything.

The scenes showcasing the ocean then give way to more vibrant scenes featuring diverse sea creatures and land animals. The creatures are unique and creative, including some that look like whales and extinct dinosaurs. Moreover, it showcases the game’s main characters and sheds a little light on their background stories.

However, the official trailer doesn’t feature much content depicting the gameplay style, leaving a lot of questions unanswered. Fortunately, the developer includes about ten minutes of gameplay in an extended version of the trailer.                                                                                                          

Release Date, Platforms & Editions

Azur Promilia

Unfortunately, Manjuu has not announced an official release date for Azur Promilia, leaving players guessing and hoping that it will be sooner rather than later. Fortunately, the developer has a better offer in the meantime: players can pre-register for the game to get it as soon as it launches. Hopefully, players don’t have to wait too long, considering that pre-registration is already underway.

The game will be available on multiple platforms, including PC, console, and mobile. Console users can play the game on PlayStation 5, while mobile users can play on the go on their iOS and Android devices.

Azur Promilia is a brand-new game, meaning only one edition will be available. However, developers may release other editions over time, considering the already growing excitement from an eager fanbase.

So, what’s your take on our overview of everything we know about Azur Promilia? Do you have more information you would like to share with the community? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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