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Voidwrought: Everything We Know

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Fearsome creature prepares to strike in Voidwrought

If you're a fan of the Metroidvania genre, you're likely familiar with the thrill of exploring vast, interconnected worlds and the excitement that comes from unlocking new abilities to reach previously inaccessible areas. Classics such as Hollow Knight, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, and Super Metroid have set a high bar, offering deep, engaging gameplay that combines action, exploration, and puzzle-solving within richly crafted narratives. Voidwrought promises to join these ranks, bringing its unique twist with a hand-drawn world filled with cosmic horrors and exciting adventure.

What will you discover in the crumbling ruins of the game's world? How will Voidwrought innovate on the classic Metroidvania gameplay formula? What challenges will arise from encounters with ancient deities? If you find yourself asking these questions, here’s everything we know so far about Voidwrought.

What is Voidwrought?

Player dodges fiery blast from adversary in battle

Voidwrought is an upcoming Metroidvania game that casts players into a meticulously hand-drawn world of cosmic horrors and ancient deities. The creators have described Voidwrought as a project fueled by their passion for the genre, drawing inspiration from iconic titles like Hollow Knight and Castlevania. Players will navigate through the remnants of the First Civilization, employing a variety of skills to overcome both the environment and the creatures that lurk within. This 2D action-platformer is crafted to challenge the player's reflexes and intellect, and will blend traditional platform mechanics with a rich, atmospheric setting.

The developers at Powersnake aim to immerse players in a universe where the remnants of a once-mighty civilization tell a story of ambition, catastrophe, and renewal. “Voidwrought lets players take control of the newly-born Simulacrum and delve into the thawing ruins of the First Civilisation to strike down the primaeval gods that dwell there,” stated Christofer Levall of Powersnake. And with each step, players will encounter a blend of beauty and dread, perfectly encapsulated in every stroke of the game's art.


Hero confronts a massive Voidwrought entity in a climactic battle

Voidwrought takes players into a world under the eerie glow of the Red Star, a sign that old powers are faltering and a new force is emerging. From the depths of ancient remains, the Simulacrum rises—a new being born to challenge the gods of this decayed realm. Within the ruins of the First Civilization, this powerful entity begins a solemn journey to overthrow the ancient deities. Armed with sheer will and a desire to harness the ichor—the essence of divine power—this figure moves through the ruins of a bygone era, gaining strength with every god defeated.

As the Simulacrum, players explore the abandoned landscapes of a world shrouded in perpetual dusk. Monstrous deities, who clutch their power tightly, populate these ruins. The player's path through Voidwrought is one of conquest and discovery, as each vanquished god yields a fragment of their ichor, endowing the Simulacrum with extraordinary abilities once deemed unattainable. With these powers, players face challenges too intense for ordinary being. Overall, it will navigate a story that stretches across existence and unveils the hidden truths of this mystical world.


Player uses abilities to fight enemy in grand hall

Voidwrought promises to deliver an experience that combines fast-paced action with strategic depth. Players can expect smooth, responsive controls essential for navigating through the complex, hand-drawn biomes that range from the star-scorched Surface to the mechanically altered landscapes of the Abandoned Expedition. Each level is designed not only to challenge the player's reflexes but also to immerse them deeply in an atmospheric setting that enhances the game's dark narrative.

Combat in Voidwrought will feature more than 70 different enemies and 10 imposing bosses, each offering a unique battle experience. These encounters will require players to master a variety of skills and to utilize a strategic approach to overcome adversaries. Victory against these formidable foes will often reward players with Artifacts—special items that grant new abilities or enhance existing ones. These Artifacts, over 30 in total, range from spectral weapons that cleave through shadows to passive buffs that fortify the player's defenses.

Furthermore, exploration will be a cornerstone of gameplay, encouraging players to delve into the multidimensional depths beneath the game’s surface. Here, players will uncover the corrupted revelry of the Court, navigate through the icy tunnels of the Old Waters, and piece together the grim fate of the Abandoned Expedition. Additionally, beyond combat and exploration, Voidwrought will allow players to build and expand their own shrine within the ruins of the Gray City. Though more details are yet to be revealed.


 A knight battles a Voidwrought foe in a dark landscape

Voidwrought is currently in development, crafted by Powersnake in partnership with Kwalee. This collaboration harnesses Powersnake’s expertise in creating games focused on fluid combat and responsive exploration with Kwalee's global publishing experience. With a diverse background in various game genres, Powersnake brings innovative gameplay elements to Voidwrought, and promises engaging mechanics and immersive storytelling. Kwalee, led by industry veteran David Darling, supports the project to ensure high quality and global reach. So, together, they aim to deliver a standout Metroidvania game that challenges and captivates players with its dynamic combat system and deep platforming sequences.


Voidwrought – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch

The announcement trailer for Voidwrought offers a vibrant preview of what players can expect. It highlights thrilling battles and detailed environments. If you're a fan of Metroidvania games, this trailer is essential viewing to catch a glimpse of the action and beautifully crafted world of Voidwrought. So, make sure to watch the embedded video above for a firsthand look.

Release Date, Platforms, and Editions

Player evades Voidwrought guardian's attack in shadowy dungeon chamber

Voidwrought is set to launch in 2024, though a specific release date remains unconfirmed. The game will be available on the Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. Fans and potential players can wishlist the game on Steam to stay updated on release specifics and any announcements regarding special editions. Also, for more updates and insights, you can follow the official Twitter account of Kwalee here.

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