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Never Alone 2: Everything We Know

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Nunu hugging fox in Never Alone 2 cover

Good news, Never Alone fans: the 2015 BAFTA ‘Best Debut Game' is getting a sequel. Developed by Upper One Games, the atmospheric platformer follows the adventures of Nuna and her pet fox as they search for the source of a blizzard that is causing havoc in their home. The original title, also known as Kisima Inŋitchuŋa, made its debut in 2014, with the developer releasing new content through DLCs. Now, the sequel, Never Alone 2, sticks to the same protagonists in a new tale. The game was teased a while back, but now we have full confirmation that it is certainly on its way. So, what does the sequel have in store? Stick with us as we unpack Never Alone 2: Everything We Know.

What is Never Alone 2?

sitting around camp fire in Never Alone 2

Never Alone 2 is an upcoming 3D puzzle platformer that marks the sequel to Never Alone.  The game was unveiled during the Triple-i Initiative indie gaming showcase. The announcement not only showcases the game's progress but also signals its nearing completion after two years of eager anticipation since its initial grapevine whispers.

From the horse's mouth, “Discover a world of fierce, frozen beauty in Never Alone 2, the upcoming 3D sequel to the BAFTA award-winning adventure drawn from the Iñupiaq storytelling tradition. Journey through the breathtaking Alaska wilderness as Nuna and Fox, her spirit companion, along the way unearth an epic mystery that threatens your entire community.”


Running with a dog on ice

Never Alone 2 once again follows the immersive journey of Nuna and her fox. A new threat is engulfing her community, and the duo must journey through the Alaska wilderness to stop it. The sequel's narrative will draw from the Iñupiaq storytelling tradition, with much help from acclaimed Iñupiat writer Nasugraq Rainey Hopson. According to the developers, the writing process will feature an inclusive development process. The studio is working with the Anchorage, AK-based Cook Inlet Tribal Council (CITC) and the Alaska Native community to capture and incorporate the folklore passed down to generations. 

The president and CEO of Cook Inlet Tribal Council shared that their collaboration with the studio is “much more than a video game.” She further adds, “It's about sharing Alaska Native culture with the world through our traditions and stories. It's about meeting Indigenous youth where they are and ensuring that they see their endless potential reflected in positive, strength-based ways across modern media. It's about coming together as an Alaska Native community to build an innovative model of inclusive development.”


Nuna and Fox speaking to a mystery creature

Information about the upcoming title's gameplay is still in the works. However, what we could gather so far is that the game will let players explore the varying environments. Like its predecessor, the terrain will range from “frozen tundra to forest valleys with ancient willows.” Moreover, the title will stick to the reins of interdependence set by its predecessor. The game will encourage cooperative play, either local or online, where players will work “together to navigate these wilds, forge connections with the spirits, and experience how the Alaska Native people have survived and thrived for over 10,000 years in one of the harshest and most breathtaking parts of the world.”


Swan in lake

Never Alone 2 is a masterful creation by developer E-Line Media and publisher Humble Games. The developers have a knack for creating indie titles with a core focus on the narrative that delivers an immersive adventure. This formula is what put Never Alone on a pedestal, bagging several accolades after its release. Besides the BAFTA Award, the title also won the Game of the Year and Most Significant Impact Award from the Games for Change Organization in 2014. In the same year, the game was a Selection Finalist at Indiecade and also received numerous nominations. 

Never Alone was a collaborative effort between E-Line Media and Upper One Games, a for-profit subsidiary of CITC. Despite not working with the publisher for the sequel, E-Line Media will work directly with CITC to finesse the native folklore in the narrative, skillfully translating the traditional Iñupiat story into a wholesome digital and interactive experience. 

Becky Sayers, Director of Business Development at Humble Games, shared this about their partnership, “At Humble Games, we're passionate about working with developers that are pushing the boundaries in the industry. E-line Media's decade-long partnership with Cook Inlet Tribal Council to celebrate the Iñupiat people and Alaska Native culture does just that, and we couldn't be more excited to be partnering with them to bring Never Alone 2 to our communities. There is so much in store for fans, and we will have more to share soon, so stay tuned!”


Never Alone 2 - Game Reveal | The Triple-i Initiative

If you are wondering what the upcoming title will look like, thankfully, the developers have released a trailer. The 30-second video showcases the unforgiving landscapes Nuna and her Fox will be traversing. It also briefly features what we assume is one of the spirits you'll be forging an alliance with. The studio also sticks to a cartoonish art style that goes above and beyond to deliver an authentic native experience. 

Release Date, Platform & Editions

Nuna and Fox in the middle of icy area

Unfortunately, the devs have yet to give a precise date for the game's launch. We are also yet to receive details on the platforms. However, if the original title's history is anything to go by, the sequel could exclusively launch on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, with a later port to Nintendo Switch,

Additionally, we don't have information on the editions to expect. Following the launch of Never Alone, the devs release Never Alone: Foxtales as a DLC. Perhaps they will do the same with the game's predecessor. In the meantime, you can revisit the tales of Nuna and Her Fox as you wait for the launch of the upcoming title. The game retails at a 77% discount on Steam. 

Anyway, so many details remain scarce at the moment. However, you can always follow the official social media handle here to keep track of new updates. Meanwhile, we'll watch out for new information and let you know as soon as they come up.

So, what's your take? Will you pick up a copy of Never Alone 2 when it drops? Let us know over on our socials here.

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