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MOTORSLICE: Everything We Know

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If destroying vehicles in a derelict megastructure sounds exciting to you, then you may want to mark your calendar for the upcoming  MotorSlice. Its gameplay is best described as a merging of Prince of Persia, Mirror’s Edge, and Shadow of the Colossus. The end product? An invigorating platformer Regular Studio is hoping will be a showstopper in the gaming world. To prepare for its arrival, you can get up to speed with everything we know about MotorSlice down below.

What is MotorSlice?

Girl shielding her face - MOTORSLICE

MotorSlice is an upcoming action-adventure game. Its developing team describes the game as a “slice-of-life” experience, inspired by Prince of Persia. However, watching the trailer, you’ll probably also spot subtle similarities to games like Mirror’s Edge and Shadow of the Colossus

MotorSlice features the high-speed and frantic parkour gameplay of Prince of Persia. Meanwhile, the heavy machines you’ll be destroying draw striking similarities to the beast machines in Shadow of the Colossus

Playing the role of a girl who has just arrived in an abandoned megastructure, your goal is simple: climb, run, and slide across platforms and destroy every machine you see. But not every machine you’ll run into is the same. Specifically, you’ll run into one dreadful mechanized structure that will change the entire course of the game.


girl holding a powersaw

Set on a derelict megastructure, MotorSlice casts you in the shoes of a female protagonist. There’s very little story here, it seems, with the only objective you’re given being to “destroy every machine” you see. Of course, the deeper you sink into the trenches of the megastructure, the more the vehicles you destroy vary. Soon, though, you’ll run into a dreadful machine that makes you realize that the objective you’ve been given isn’t as straightforward as it sounds.

Get ready to run amok in a world of “liminal brutalist landscapes” and “massive heavy machines.” Your character, a girl who only goes by the name “P,” may be the only human around. But that won’t certainly take away from the sense of adventure MotorSlice hopes to craft. Each encounter with the mechanized structures of MotorSlice will most likely be different. Particularly because you’ll need to engage them in combat and take them down before they kill you. 

It’ll be interesting if the machines have backstories or personalities. Or perhaps MotorSlice will take a mindless-carnage, kill-or-be-killed approach. Execution is what’s more important in the long run, with, hopefully, a compelling campaign that keeps you engaged from start to finish. 


girl platforming

Picture Prince of Persia’s parkour gameplay and Shadow of the Colossus’ epic machine battles, and you’ll have a rough idea of what MotorSlice plans to bring to the table. Mirror’s Edge’s parkour system also seems to trickle down into the upcoming title. Combined, MotorSlice seems to be shaping up to deliver an outstanding mash-up of brilliant, tried-and-tested ideas.

You’ll be running across vast spaces, jumping over obstacles, and performing deadly moves to get to your destination. According to MotorSlice’s Steam store page, the upcoming game will infuse “fluid acrobatic” parkour. You’ll climb, run, and slide across platforms and on walls. Additionally, you’ll sharpen your sword against giant machines of all types. Combat will be fast-paced, pushing you to the limits of both skill and challenge. 

Boss fights, in particular, will be on a grander scale, with the freedom to climb onto massive machinery to slay them down. While the landscapes will take a minimalist approach, they will be chock-full of brutal obstacles to overcome. MotorSlice promises “hardcore challenges.” It’ll unravel over the course of the story of a girl who takes a routine job at a megastructure that turns awry.

Visually, MotorSlice will feature “gorgeous pixelated modern low-poly graphics.” It’ll also feature “physics-oriented objects,” which you’ll use to solve the problems you’ll come across navigating MotorSlice’s brutal landscapes. The goal is simple: “Get in, eliminate all the machines, and get out.” However, once in the trenches of the abandoned megastructure, you discover a dreadful machine that turns a routine job into something totally different.


Girl walking

Developer Regular Studio is currently working on MotorSlice. They’ve only just announced the ongoing development of the game via the Guerilla Collective June 2024 showcase event. The two-hour livestream revealed over 70 upcoming indie games. While there are many exciting titles to look forward to, MotorSlice stands out among the top games to keep an eye on.

You probably know Regular Studio from their other gaming products. They’ve developed the charming and vibrant 3D puzzle platformer, Togges, in collaboration with Thunderful Publishing. 

Togges launched to mostly positive reviews, citing “fun,” “quirky,” and “unique” as some of the user reviews. With MotorSlice, the developer sets out to create, hopefully, another fun platformer that borrows ideas from legendary titles in the gaming world. Here’s to hoping the final product meets and even exceeds expectations.


MotorSlice - Official Reveal Trailer | Guerrilla Collective 2024

By all means, check out the MotorSlice reveal trailer currently out on YouTube. The main character, P, feels similar to Mirror’s Edge Faith. The trailer showcases sneak peeks into the parkour gameplay and swordplay combat you can expect. Above all, the music score hits hard. It infuses a compelling retro vibe that, hopefully, will feature in the final game.

Release Date, Platforms, & Editions


MotorSlice will be launching sometime in 2025. Unfortunately, that’s all we know about the release date, with hopefully a more specific release window being announced in the upcoming months. 

We can confirm, though, that MotorSlice will be coming to PC platforms via Steam. In fact, MotorSlice already has a Steam store page. Feel free to add MotorSlice to your Steam wishlist to get a notification as soon as the game drops.

As for the editions, they remain unconfirmed. However, you can always follow the official social handle here to keep track of the information still under wraps. Alternatively, stick with us right here on for new information on upcoming games.

So, what’s your take? Will you be grabbing a copy of MotorSlice when it drops? Let us know over on our socials here.

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