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BioGun Review (PC)



BioGun Review

As Metroidvania games continuously take the front scene in the industry, developers are busy creating smashing titles. In 2024, favorite and new franchises lined up a list of upcoming titles each with a promise to deliver great gameplay experience.

Coming from Dapper Dog Digital, BioGun reached PCs for early access on April 16, 2024, joining more Indie tiles. The game is expected to release later in the year on PCs via Steam. However, as players stand back watching out for the official launch, we can't wait but wonder whether it measures out to its vibe. 

Bringing together twin-stick shooter action and Metroidvania gameplay, BioGun offers a unique gaming experience that is both thrilling and innovative. The game takes place in an an environment of endless mazes filled with creatures of all sizes. Coupled with speed, and accuracy, aim at these deadly creatures to save the city.

While we understand that no game comes without flaws, it is crucial to determine which ones are worthwhile. So how does BioGun rate so far? Get the answer in this extensive review on BioGun.

Story Story… 

Narrative in the gameplay

BioGun  is set in a fictional world grappling with a deadly infectious disease called the Dooper Virus. The virus affects mans closes and favorite pet, dogs, rendering them weak and into their deathbed. However, a cure has just come up and its time to kill he deadly bugs.

The game follows Bek, a lovable pig injected into a sick dog's body as a last-resort to spread the vaccine in the dogs immune. Under the guidance of Doctor X, players traverse through the inner systems of the afflicted dog in a hope to cure it. The way to do so is by battling aggressive organisms and parasites by shooting them with the vaccine before it's too late.

Now, this is a race against time. The dog's health is quickly deteriorating and the infections also spreading quickly. Fortunately, there are still some good biological defenses left within the dog. Represented by a bunch colorful of characters they are ready to lend a hand as Bek battles all the unwanted.

This is all a story of hope against the odds, and of friendship and courage in the face of trouble. Given a chance to save a dog at the brink of death, players should have the wits to identify and shoot at enemies fast enough. Remember its not only a battle against a disease, but also a  chance to save a life.

Explore the Sick Pup

Inside the dog's sick body

Exploration takes center stage in BioGun, offering players a rich and immersive experience as they dive into the sick pup's body. Similarly, it encourages players to venture off the beaten path and discover all that the game has to offer.

On the other hand, secret sections are scattered throughout the game. They often require players to shoot at specific points to reveal and access them. One amazing thing about these hidden areas is that they yield valuable rewards such as currency and upgrades for Bek. Plus, they offer cosmetic items to customize his appearance. 

Additionally, Players can gradually reveal more information about a map section. They can uncover secrets and even locate main and optional bosses by using items known as synapses. This gradual map uncovering adds a layer of progression and discovery, encouraging players to explore each part thoroughly.

Navigation is made easy with a clear and simple map system. It helps players to ensure they always know their current location and the locations of important elements. This includes shops, save points and fast-travel sections. Regarding fast travel, BioGun's unique syringe-based system adds a creative twist to traditional teleportation. Similarly, it immerses players into target locations with a touch of humor.

Secondary quests further enrich the exploration experience. Players are tasked with finding and rescuing lost canine creatures scattered across the map. These quests add depth to the world of BioGun, providing additional challenges and opportunities for players to engage with the game's vibrant cast of characters.

Fighting the Bosses 

fighting bosses in BioGun

Boss battles in BioGun are a highlight of the gameplay experience, offering thrilling encounters that test players' skills and strategies to the fullest. Each boss encounter is uniquely crafted, presenting players with diverse challenges and requiring adaptability to emerge victorious.

One of the standout features of BioGun's boss battles is the variety they offer. From formidable enemies to challenging environments, each boss presents its own set of attack patterns and mechanics. Therefore, it keeps players on their toes and requires them to learn and adapt quickly.

On the other hand, the arenas in which these battles take place are thoughtfully designed. Often incorporating elements of the dog's biological systems to create dynamic and engaging environments. Whether it's navigating through a maze of arteries or dodging hazards in the digestive tract, players must use their surroundings to their advantage to overcome the odds.

Strategy in Battle

Enemy attacking from a distance

Strategy is key in BioGun‘s boss battles, with players needing to carefully observe and anticipate the boss's movements and attacks. Finding the right balance between offense and defense is as crucial as utilizing Bek's abilities and equipped chips effectively to gain the upper hand.

However, Boss battles in BioGun are not just tests of skill; they're also opportunities for players to showcase their mastery of the game's mechanics. Also, they have the ability to think creatively under pressure. Each victory is immensely satisfying, making the journey through the sick pup's body all the more rewarding.

Overall, BioGun's boss battles are a thrilling and memorable aspect of the game, offering intense challenges and exciting encounters that will keep players coming back for more. Whether you're facing off against a towering parasite or a cunning virus, each boss battle is truly unforgettable.

Shoot ‘Em Up

shooting in BioGun

BioGun's departure from the traditional melee-focused combat found in most Metroidvania games brings a breath of fresh air to the genre. The game offers players a combat experience emphasizing precision aiming and quick reflexes by embracing a fully twin-stick shooter approach. This shift not only makes BioGun unique from its peers, but it also appeals to fans of both Metroidvanias and shooter games alike.

The careful balancing of weapon characteristics ensures that combat in BioGun remains challenging and engaging. Each weapon feels distinct, offering players a diverse arsenal to experiment with as they navigate through the game. By flipping the script on traditional Metroidvania combat mechanics, BioGun delivers an innovative and thrilling gameplay experience. Notably, it will leave players eager to dive deeper into its vibrant world.

In the game, combat is a thrilling mix of action and strategic prowess, perfectly utilizing the essence of a twin-stick shooter. As players take control of Bek, armed with his BioBlaster, they're thrust into battles against various aggressive organisms. 

One of the twin shooter's amazing features is that you can aim and shoot in a 360-degree fashion using either a controller's right stick or a mouse. Combat is fast-paced and dynamic, requiring quick reflexes and precise aim to emerge victorious.

Additionally, combat movement is fluid and responsive, allowing swift maneuvers and evasive tactics to dodge incoming attacks. Whether darting between enemies or weaving through hazardous environments, BioGun offers a sense of freedom and action that keeps the adrenaline pumping.

Healing After Combat


To augment Bek's combat capabilities, players can equip chips obtained at save points. Now, these chips provide various advantages, such as healing while moving or boosting damage output. This adds a layer of strategy to combat, allowing players to tailor their play style to suit their preferences. On top of that, it helps them tackle challenges with greater efficiency.

Moreover, BioGun draws inspiration from Hollow Knight by incorporating a healing mechanic tied to energy accumulation. Players can accumulate energy by landing hits on enemies. When they do so, they are able to replenish health, adding a strategic element to engagements as players must balance offense with defense.

Overall, combat in BioGun is a thrilling experience that rewards skillful play and strategic thinking. With its dynamic twin-stick shooting mechanics and strategic depth, every encounter feels satisfying. Ultimately, as you face off against hordes of enemies or challenging bosses, BioGun‘s combat is sure to keep players on the edge of their seats. 


BioGun Review

BioGun presents a fascinating premise, plunging players into the sick dog's body to combat a deadly disease. This unique setting sets it apart from typical Metroidvania games, offering a fresh and engaging experience. 

The game's visuals and art style further elevate this concept, with vibrant colors and nostalgic designs reminiscent of classic cartoons from the 90s. Over and above that, It's a visual treat that immerses players in the fantastic yet dangerous world of BioGun.

On the other hand, exploration is a cornerstone of BioGun's gameplay, encouraging players to uncover hidden secrets and navigate through the dog's body. Thumbs up to Dapper Dog Digital for the perfect execution of the unique gameplay. From uncovering hidden passages to completing secondary quests, the game is both rewarding and enjoyable. 

Boss battles in BioGun are thrilling encounters that test players' skills and strategies. However, while the boss battles are a highlight, the game's control scheme may challenge some players. Particularly regarding the placement of buttons for jumping and shooting. This could lead to initial frustration until players become accustomed to the mechanics or opt to remap the controls.

Despite these challenges, BioGun shows promise with its innovative concept, engaging gameplay mechanics, and captivating visuals. With some adjustments to the control scheme and further exploration of its scanning system, BioGun has the potential to be a standout title in the Metroidvania genre. Indeed, it offers a memorable and immersive gaming experience.

The game is bound to fascinate you, whether you're a fan of shooter games or Metroidvanias. If you are seeking something new and exciting, BioGun will surely captivate and entertain you with its unique blend of gameplay mechanics. 

BioGun Review (PC)

Save the Pup

In BioGun, you’re inside a sick dog’s body, fighting off harmful parasites. Armed with your blaster, you must aim carefully and move quickly to defeat these dangerous invaders. Each battle is a test of skill, but with determination, you can save the dog from the deadly disease. 

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