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Earth Analog Break Barriers and Is Out Now!


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The Earth is dying and you’re on a challenging journey to find your new home in deep space. Funcraft Games is leaving you with an outer space mission solvable on Microsoft Windows and Linux. Your destination is the infrared star, Proxima Centauri and on your way, (on a spaceship called Eurisco XI) you’ll have to get your own fuel and make your own repairs. You can explore exoplanets, fly pass perilous landscapes, and drill for artifacts, unlocking new pathways. “Earth Analog” is a single player adventure game inspired by Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar. It has ray tracing graphics full of puzzles. In this experimental game, (which was released on February 11, 2021 on Steam, the Earth isn’t flat. 

Creator of “Earth Analog,” Roy von Ophuizen said, “Ever since the day I watched Interstellar I wanted to create a space sim game that captures that sense of mystery and excitement.” Roy spent three years making “Earth Analog” and the finished product is breathlessly impressive with ambient music. If you’re a sci-if fan, this game is a must-have. 


When you first start playing “Earth Analog,” it can be a bit difficult to learn, but is rewarding in the end. If you futuristically speed up in space to get place to place, your spaceship may speed pass your intended destination. There’s numerous checkpoints you’re supposed to meet before reaching the destination, which gives you an in depth feeling like you’re slowly becoming a spaceship, the longer you choose to move slow. It’s a family-friendly game where you won’t be fighting enemies, but visiting other mysterious planets where you can upgrade your spaceship and mine for resources. 

It’s full of aesthetic pleasure, giving you an in depth feeling of true escapism. In the very beginning of the game, you’ll learn how to fly to Earth and land on the moon. It likely won’t be a smooth landing that you do on your first try, but if so, you didn’t need your pilot’s license. While this game won’t excite everyone, it will kill time, especially if you don’t like games with mature content. 

Earth Analog Final Trailer

Throughout the gameplay, you’ll find somewhat mushroom-shaped valleys, decomposed buildings, and planets that look like the inside of a human body. One planet may look like a floating nucleus while another is an alien wetland. What people question about space, this game shows the fantasy side of it, where you’ll courageously travel to the core of planets. It’s like falling asleep and dreaming you’re in another dimension, but you’re not asleep. If you feel better playing “Earth Analog” with a keypad or a controller, it’s ultimately up to you. 

One moment, you may expect to see environmental hazards because objects may be floating in one region and not in another, due to zero gravity. You are officially an investigator in an open-world game. You can extract water, launch probes, find energy, research different pieces of technology, scan different planets, etc. “Earth Analog” is like a matchmaker for those with insomnia.

“Earth Analog” is like a mixture of desolation and consolation. What makes this game satisfying is that while it’s apocalyptic where you fly the Eurisco XI through different weather changes, it’s as relaxing as visiting the world in a cozy room while not wanting to leave the chair. If you’re searching for a video game perfect for children restricted by parental control, perfect for breaking the barriers of an open-world, sci-fi game, and like relaxation, this is for you. There are levels where you’d expect an enemy to arrive like in any other game, but you won’t find enemies shooting at you. 

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