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EA Secure Codemasters Over $1.2 Billion Deal

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After months of trading hands with both Take-Two Interactive and EA Games, Codemasters has now finally signed the deal and settled for the latter. Over a $1.2 billion deal, the sports giant has managed to secure the F1 kingpin and its impressive library of racing games. Of course, it only makes sense that Codemasters should opt for EA's expertise — what with the long arm of sports games they juggle with an iron fist. By doing so, both the Formula 1 and DiRT Rallying pools can join the portfolio.

Several months back we covered the original proposal made on behalf of Take-Two Interactive. In the deal, Codemasters had initially agreed to a £725 million takeover. However, once EA discovered the trade and spotted the potential from the UK-based developer, the trade was quickly aborted and the stakes were raised. Take-Two took a backseat, and EA absorbed the chain with a jaw-dropping counter-offer.

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Of course, with EA being home to the likes of Need For Speed, it's fair to say that the Codemasters DiRT and F1 empire will find sanctuary within the new world. Sadly, not everybody agrees on this, as many believe the iconic British developer will be swallowed by the might of EA's incredibly ambitious tongue. But we'll have to keep an eye on that over time, I guess.

As for the future of the F1 and DiRT franchises — it's anybody's guess. We're hoping EA can deliver the same level of charm that brought both series to stardom many years ago. And, if not, well then there'll be plenty of British supporters up in arms over it. We're just crossing our fingers that EA waves the long-standing Codemasters flag in pride as they look to new and exciting horizons.

Here's to a new chapter of racing entertainment.

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