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UFC 5: EA Makes a Return to MMA

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Video game giant Electronic Arts (EA), will be making a return to mixed martial arts (MMA) video games with UFC 5.

The long-awaited UFC 5 is in the horizon. EA made the exciting announcement via a tweet that reads, “Coming Soon.” This announcement which includes EA’s logo comes nearly three years after the release of the previous UFC series. The video game company did not share any official release date yet, but promised a full reveal on September 2023.

The EA Sports, UFC game series kicked off back in June 2014 and is based on the Ultimate Fighting Championship. It was the first UFC game after THQ sold the license to EA. EA Sports UFC 2 launched on March, 2016 followed by EA Sports UFC 3 that came out in February 2018. Afterward, EA Sports UFC 4 was released on August 2020.

Since then, the UFC video game series has been quiet for the last three years. We are not sure what platform the long-awaited UFC 5 will be focused toward, but our bets lie on next-gen consoles, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

EAs Reorganization

This announcement comes after EA’s recent organizational change and split into EA Sports and EA Games, of which EA Games was renamed to EA Entertainment. Just last month, the CEO Andrew Wilson, announced this change which additionally resulted in a realignment of the leadership structure and the major studios.

Electronic Arts Entertainment is currently presided by Laura Mele, who was previously EA’s C.O.O., while Cam Weber, will continue leading EA Sports which remains EA’s biggest revenue driver. These two divisions shall be presided by EA’S CEO, Andrew Wilson.

In addition to these changes, David Tinson and Stuart Canfild also stepped in as the chief Experiences Officer and the Chief Financial Officer respectively.

EA also recently released Jedi Survivor which shortly became a top-selling game. The gaming giant is also expected to release Immortals of Aveum, the new magic FPS by Ascendant Studios on August 22.

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