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Drago Entertainment Is Bringing Us Gas Station Simulator


 on ©. May 1, 2021.

Simulator game after simulator game is coming our way. What is next? Now, developed by “Drago Entertainment” and soon to be published by “Movie Games,” there is a game called “Gas Station Simulator” in the making.


After you buy an abandoned gas station (located on a highway in the middle of the desert), you can restore it by upgrading and keeping up with your clients demands. Remember the excessive amount of jokes about inexpensive clothes that you may buy at the gas station, how dirty the bathrooms are, and more? Now, it is your gas station and you can make it stand out.

There are multiple approaches to running your own gas station in this game. Some of your duties are to fix up the walls, paint and decorate, and get rid of broken furniture. Serve your customers to earn money and such a duty is probably a no-brainer by now.

Gas Station Simulator trailer

Here are some questions we have for the “Gas Station Simulator.” Will there be any clients that will actually want a refund, giving you a real life scenario of owning an independent gas station? Will there be a scenario where a stranger tries to rob the gas station or an employee steals money? These may be farfetched scenarios for a video game simulator, but such actual events happen in real life.

On “Steam,” there is a prologue to “Gas Station Simulator,” called the “Early Days.” The prologue version can be personally viewed as a playable demo. While you will own a rural gas station, there are numerous mini-games and intriguing backstories and side stories. With the prologue, you can experience the pressure of the first few days on the job.

Spoiler alert. If you have not yet played the “Early Days” prologue, the game starts with the player driving to an old, abandoned gas station on a highway. Higher scores in mini-games may encourage you to get tasks done faster. When the pump is ready, fill the customer’s tanks to a requested fill line by stopping the pump in a timely fashion. The greater the tip is if you get it the closest to the line. Make the mistake of going over the line and the client will not pay you extra.

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