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Deep Rock Galactic vs Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor



Since its release in May 2020, Deep Rock Galactic has been a hit. The developer provided cooperative game fans with an action-packed title that qualifies to be crowned the game of the year. There’s no moment in its gameplay that fails to immerse you in exciting missions. Missions range from blasting  lethal aliens to drinking, mining as a dwarf and scavenging Hoxxes’ resources.

Besides, Ghost Ship Games just makes sure no one looks back. Even beginners are quickly hooked by the brief but insightful tutorial. 

But if you’ve had enough of Deep Rock Galactic, it’s time to look the other way at Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor. It’s more of a sequel to the original game, Deep Rock Galactic, and from its early release, you can tell that fans will be in for another epic badass dwarf moment. But this time, it’s a Funday Games’ work. So, is Funday Games better on Deep Rock Galactic than Ghost Ship? Let’s find out in this Deep Rock Galactic vs. Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor comparison. 

What is Deep Rock Galactic?

Deep Rock Galactic - 1.0 Launch Trailer

Deep Rock Galactic is a first-person shooter cooperative video game from Ghost Ship Games. The title, whose gameplay is set on an alien planet, was released in May 2020 and was first available on Windows and Xbox One. PlayStation and Xbox Series X|S versions would later become available in January and September 2022.

The game features exciting missions that players can accomplish solo or join three other dwarves to form a team of four. During the playthrough, you will explore the galactic world filled with destructible environments, endless alien monsters, and mineral-rich caves generated procedurally. 

Players do not have to follow a specific path. You complete your missions in your own style. Crush everything around you to advance to your goal, drill a series of paths, and explore the underground caves, but carefully. You could run into a swarm of aliens who are out to destroy you. 

What is Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor?

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor - Official Narrated Trailer

As the title suggests, Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor is a survivor-like single-player video game from Funday Games. Its early access version became available on February 14, 2024, so fans can now catch the thrill of the single-player Deep Rock Galactic gameplay modeled into Vampire Survivor’s gorgeous auto-shooter style. It’s a first-person shooter game that takes players’ exploration of the galactic to a whole new level, making it more of a sequel to the first Deep Rock Galactic title.

Players still control a dwarf character, although you strictly explore the land in solo gameplay. You will still be exploring the Planet of Hoxxes, encountering hordes of aliens, and you can venture even deeper into the caves. The missions are very similar to Deep Rock Galactic, so you will mine riches and kill the aliens to survive. 


Gameplay comparison

If you enjoyed Deep Rock Galactic, you would certainly marvel at the follow-up. This is unless the multi-player mode is your cup of tea, since Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor only sets you on solo missions. Being the lone dwarf traversing the harsh land of Hoxxes is a little scary, but that adds to the thrill and adrenaline. But with up to 40 weapons that attack automatically, there’s nothing you can’t take on through the caves of Hoxxes. 

Besides the number of players, there is not much difference between the two titles. They all come with four playable classes: Scout, Engineer, Gunner, and Driller. There are enough weapons to combat the aliens, but Funday Games set the weapons to attack automatically in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor

The missions are also no different, so you typically explore the caves, mine ore, and shoot the enemies. However, Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor has a deeper progression system of upgrades, class mods, and artifacts. 

Game Modes

Deep Rock Galactic vs Deep Rock Galactic Survivor

With Deep Rock Galactic, you have a 1-4 player first-person shooter video game. Explore the Hoxxes as a team, digging and fighting through the cave system to complete each mission. Players rely on their teammates to survive some of the hostile caves on the land. However, this is different with Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor. You are in this alone, and you can only count on your armory of 40 weapons.

Both games, however, have four gameplay classes. In Deep Rock Galactic, you can march ahead and light the dark caves as the Scout or eat through the rocks as the Driller. You can also take on the monsters as the Gunner or help your team with the structures as the Engineer. 


Features comparison in the games

For those fully immersed in Deep Rock Galactic’s galaxy, there’s much of it to see in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor and a new way to see the caves like never before. The dwarfs still have the weapons they need to get every job done, and the caves are also procedurally generated and fully destructible environments. 

However, Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor allows players to delve deeper into the planet and encounter more deadly and lucrative situations with fast and energetic combat. 


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Overall, it’s difficult to tell the two games apart, especially for players who go it alone in Deep Rock Galactic. The single-player style is chiefly the main difference in the game, with all the other features coming back in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor. However, the developers want to make the gameplay more immersive by having deadlier and more lucrative in-game encounters. The game also tends to progress deeper into the galactic world, giving players a fresh perspective of the caves.

The automated weaponry also mean you can combat and kill enemies faster and more effortlessly, even as the upgrades make you stronger for digging and combat. The class mods also have a deep progression system. Additionally, the idea of a single dwarf against a planet of danger and darkness makes the gameplay quite phenomenal. Besides, its full features are yet to be unveiled after the game’s full release, which means ‘Survivor’ could have an edge in the Deep Rock Galactic vs. Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor contest.

So, what are your thoughts about our Deep Rock Galactic vs. Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor analysis? Have you tried Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor? Which game do you think performs better? Let us know your thoughts here on our socials or in the comments section. 

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