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5 Best Weapons in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor

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Weapons in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor

Developer Funday has made a drastic change. Previously, their hit main game, Deep Rock Galactic, used the FPS format. Now, the spin-off, Survivor, is using the top-down roguelike shoot ‘em up. It means your strategy and playstyle will likely change. Most of all, the weapons you gravitated toward in the main game won’t be the same as in the spin-off. Add to that the fact that Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor is pretty tough to beat, and you have at least three reasons to know what the best weapons are. Here are the best weapons in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor that you want to scoop up the first chance you get.

5. CRSPR Flamethrower

CRSPR Flamethrower gun

Deep Rock Galactic offers four playable classes to choose from. Each class has a primary gear set that includes a throwable, a support tool, and a primary and secondary weapon. If Driller is your favorite class, with the fastest mining prowess and the most elemental weapons of any class, then you’ll be lucky to get the CRSPR Flamethrower as his default starting weapon. 

Don’t let the ‘starting weapon’ status fool you, though. It’s pretty powerful and packs the chaotic punch you need to put the bad guys down for good. Once you unleash its flames on enemies, they set ablaze, writhing in pain at the initial flame attack power. Over time, enemies continue to take passive heat damage, too, killing two birds with one stone.

The flamethrower deals elemental damage that’s also a pretty sight to see unravel. The fire splatters for a sweet distance, as far as 20 meters, with immense power. Not only does it inflict severe damage on the ground but also on enemies mid-air. It can feel powerful, yet terrifying at the same time, to take out hordes of enemies in one go. A must-have, for sure.

4. Drak-25 Plasma Carbine 

Drak-25 Plasma Carbine 

Drak-25 Plasma Carbine’s perks know no bounds. To wield it, you need to pick the Scout class, which has the best critical damage multiplier, to get the retro-futuristic carbine as your primary weapon. In turn, you’ll enjoy satisfying damage, high accuracy, a massive burst of attack power, and long-lasting use with the right upgrades. In fact, the carbine’s rate of fire is the highest of all guns, which Survivor’s means primarily being guns, making it a must-have.

On the downside, the Drak-25 Plasma Carbine needs a meticulous approach when choosing modifiers. A quick tip: make sure to watch out for the heat mechanic to gain an extra edge against adversaries. However, on the plasma build, it operates like an assault rifle, rapidly shooting out plasma bullets with travel time. Oh, it gets better. So, while you shoot bullets in all directions, they bounce off the walls, giving you an excellent AoE range. 

Furthermore, the bullets fire constantly, dealing high critical damage. With Survivor’s often unleashing hordes of enemies on you, you want to get the Drak-25 Plasma Carbine on your side as soon as possible to dispense of enemies as quickly as they spawn.

3. Cryo Grenade

Cryo Grenade Deep Rock Galactic Survivor

Next up on the list of the best weapons in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor is the Cryo Grenade. It works a lot like the CRSPR Flamethrower, except instead of fire damage, Cryo Grenade unleashes freeze damage. It’s a throwable grenade that unleashes a massive icy explosion on impact. The damage output is pretty significant, with an attractive AoE you’ll want to take advantage of. You can take out multiple enemies in one go. Feel free to upgrade it to a cluster bomb that unleashes more minor explosions around the main one. That way, you can get rid of as many enemies as you can. 

What’s more? Cryo Grenade freezes enemies in place. It allows you to halt their attacks for a while. Freeze enemies mid-air, though, and they’ll drop and shatter, instantly killing them all. The advantages Cryo Grenade offers are so good that most players are grabbing it as quickly as they can. However, do keep in mind that the reload speed is relatively low. Since you can choose between the CRSPR Flamethrower and Cryo Grenade as your primary weapon for Driller, opt for the grenade for the extra advantage of freezing enemies.

2. Breach Cutter

Breach Cutter Weapons in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor

While the Breach Cutter used to be a mining tool, now, you can convert it into a secondary weapon for the Engineer class. It's a plasma blade launcher that inflicts the highest maximum damage output. Plus, it has the incredible effect of shooting bright purple plasma in a line. 

Make no mistake, even though the Breach Cutter deals damage in a line, any enemy caught in its path takes in immense damage. Bigger-sized enemies will obviously be more susceptible to the Breach Cutter’s wrath. It also travels quite some distance, obstacles, whether rocks or anything really, be damned. 

1. Deepcore GK2

Deepcore GK2 Weapons in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor

Deepcore GK2 unlocks by default for the Scout class as well as its overclocks. On the downside, the bulky assault rifle burns through your ammo faster than most weapons. However, it’s also easily accessible, with irrefutable consistency and reliability. Despite being a starter weapon, the Deepcore GK2 deals impressive damage with enough power to stick with across most levels. It also takes in most upgrades with minimal specifications for its modifiers. 

Most games usually have the classic assault rifle, so getting up to speed with the Deepcore GK2 should be a breeze. You’ll deal excellent physical damage, consistently taking out enemies from all sides. You can shoot enemies at close range for instant kills. But you can also pick them off from a distance, dealing critical single-target damage with each shot. On its own, Deepcore GK2 is pretty crucial to have. Thereafter, you can bump up its power via must-have overlock upgrades like Big Game Hunter to focus shots on alien bugs with the highest HP.

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our best weapons in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor? Are there more weapons we should know about? Let us know your thoughts on our socials here.

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