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Deep Rock Galactic: 5 Best Tips for Beginners



Deep Rock Galactic is hands down one of the best and most addictive mining simulation games on the market. It makes sense, then, that Ghost Ship Games would squeeze the mineral-loving cash cow for a few more drops—hence the upcoming chapter, Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor. But as it currently stands, the sequel has yet to hammer down a concrete release date, which means, at least for the time being, the original chapter remains the OG poster child for the franchise.

For what it's worth, there are a few tips that can help budding miners get a leg up on the competition. If that's you, and you're wondering how on earth to make heads or tails of the various features Deep Rock Galactic employs, then be sure to read on. Here are five tips you definitely need to take into account before scooping up the pickaxe.

5. Weekly Tasks Are Crucial

Once you've established your footing in the world of Deep Rock Galactic, you'll have the opportunity to explore the inside of your space rig—a central hub that will provide you with missions and various customization options. After you've sifted through the prologue, you'll come to notice that, sitting right next to the primary mission terminal, is an additional terminal. Activating this will open up a new series of side quests for you to embark on; weekly tasks that will reward you with even more extravagant cosmetics, credits, and minerals. You will need these to unlock better gear and weapons as the main objectives get tougher, so be sure not to neglect that second terminal between expeditions.

In addition to the credits and minerals that you'll receive for beating weekly quests, you'll also find blank matrix cores. These specialized items can be saved for certain seasonal events that Deep Rock Galactic hosts, with which you can use to purchase enhanced cosmetics and weapon mods. Bottom line is, if you're planning on sticking around for the long haul, then you'll definitely want to get ahead of the endgame by snagging some top-shelf loadouts as early on as possible.

4. Milestones & Perk Points Are Essential

Inside your dorm, you'll come across a KPI Terminal, which will display all of the milestones and challenges you can complete in return for Perk Points. These points, like in any game with a skill tree system, give you the opportunity to boost your hero's natural abilities, which can in turn lead to much easier mining sessions. And while this sounds almost too obvious, the simple fact is, many budding miners miss the terminal altogether, and instead unknowingly spend the entire game with locked with low-level stats.

Milestones can vary in complexity, though the majority of them simply ask that you play a set amount of missions in one particular area. And weirdly enough, beating these rather elementary milestones can lead to some excellent boosts, like being able to sprint faster or harvest more minerals, for example. So, if you've spent plenty of time collecting resources and going on missions, then you'll no doubt already have a treasure trove of Perk Points stashed away at the KPI Terminal.

3. Nitra Will Keep You Alive

Unlike most minerals in Deep Rock Galactic, Nitra can really only be used during mining expeditions. And that's fine, as its only real purpose is to provide you with the currency needed to send for supply caches, which you will of course need as you dig deeper into each network of mines. Supply caches can bring you not only additional health pickups, but rounds of ammunition for your weapons, too. So, if you're playing on a tougher difficulty and are likely to run into trouble on a regular basis, then it's best to mine as much Nitra as possible.

It is worth noting that, while supply caches are great for stockpiling additional ammo and health, you do need to consider your friends' needs, too. What we mean is, you shouldn't hog the payload if you're not the only one in dire need of provisions. Don't get greedy, basically, and make sure to accomodate others as you work to complete the objectives as a team. Remember, it's a joint venture — not a solo expedition.

2. Keep on the Move

As tempting as it may be to stay put and mine every available mineral in a single spot, the truth is, such a strategy will only lead you to an early grave. Why? Well, because bugs, that's why. Annoyingly, they tend to swarm, and if you don't keep on the move at all times, then you'll come to realize that the only thing waiting for you is a good old-fashioned mobbing, leaving you to lose all of your progress.

Of course, there are indeed ways to keep yourself from being grounded; unlocking speed-based abilities in the KPI Terminal, for example. You can also enroll as a Scout, which will grant you the power to bolt around using a grappling hook. Keep on the move, basically, and only stop if you absolutely have to. Otherwise, simply run and gun until you've reached the extraction pod.

1. Cooperate!

It's all well and good being able to flesh out an entire roster and assign all the available classes to your teammates, but without cooperation, you'll find that completing objectives just isn't doable. And while Deep Rock Galactic does indeed have a pretty solid solo campaign to onboard, it certainly doesn't promise the same amount of rewards as its primary multiplayer counterpart. So, best secure a team if you're planning on seeing DRG through to its endgame phase.

Like many co-op games that foster a multitude of classes, the best way to get on the same wavelength as your mining crew is to quite simply put yourself in their shoes. What we mean here is, rather than assign yourself to just one role, take the time to experiment with each. Not only will this give you an idea of each of their respective skill sets, but also how your teammates will operate around you when embarking on missions together. So, before setting out to take on the big leagues, be sure to put in a few practice runs with each class type.


So, what's your take? Do you have any advice for newcomers to the world of Deep Rock Galactic? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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