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Content Warning: 5 Best Tips for Beginners



Content Warning: Best Tips for Beginners

Landfall Games has established a unique tradition of releasing its titles on April Fool's Day, a move that consistently surprises gamers worldwide. On that note, Landfall Games has once again captured the community's attention with its latest release on April Fools' Day. This time, they unveiled a cooperative horror game that has already captivated players around the globe. 

Set in a chilling and mysterious world, Content Warning plunges players into a cooperative survival horror experience like no other. As they join forces with friends or strangers online, they must navigate through spine-chilling encounters. Notably, the game has quickly become a sensation among horror enthusiasts and cooperative gaming fans alike. So, we have compiled beginner tips to help you navigate the world of Content Warning.

5. Stick Together

Three players stickick together around

The game takes place within various underground complexes set specifically to facilitate players' exploration. However, these environments are very dangerous and loom with scary creatures all over. For this reason, any and all adventures are deadly escapades that will require tactical maneuvers.

Exploring in groups and maintaining that friendly distance is a crucial way to survive in Content Warning. Being in close contact with your team provides backup in case you encounter any hostilities. At the same time, it is an extra source of eyes to look out for any looming dangers coming your way. In turn, all players can easily focus on the goal of the game rather than going back and forth in battles.

Sticking together also facilitates easy communication and coordination of actions. Nothing matches the thrill of capturing a truly scary moment, especially one that can pump your adrenaline. To achieve this intensity of thrill, you need everyone close when capturing spooky moments with the camera to ensure nothing is missed. And the only way to have clear communication and coordinate smoothly, is to be within close range.

Like in every survival game, resources like batteries for your equipment may be limited in Content Warning. However, being in groups allows players to pool resources, thus ensuring each player has all that is needed to continue the mission.

Finally, the game is designed for cooperative play. Thus, sticking together generally enhances the overall gameplay experience and fosters teamwork.

4. Manage Your Resources Wisely

Resources in Content Warning

Wise management of resources is crucial in Content Warning to ensure that you always have a surplus of the tools you need to succeed. First and foremost, keep a close eye on your camera's battery life and storage. The camera memory card only stores about 90 seconds of footage; use it strategically. Turn it on only when necessary to capture important moments, and conserve battery power by turning it off when not in use.

You should also be mindful and calculate wisely when to use your equipment, such as flashlights and gadgets. Only use them when needed, and turn them off when they're not actively contributing to your progress. This helps prolong their lifespan and ensures they're available when you need them most.

Deploy your actions and resource usage based on each mission's objectives. Essentially, prioritize tasks and allocate resources accordingly to maximize efficiency and progress toward your goals.

When purchasing items between missions, prioritize essential supplies that will help you progress, such as additional batteries or equipment upgrades. Avoid unnecessary purchases that may deplete your funds without providing significant benefits.

3. Utilize the In-game Game Chat

In-game chat

Utilizing the in-game chat feature in Content Warning can significantly enhance your gameplay experience and contribute to your success in the game. Use the in-game chat to communicate with your teammates effectively. Coordinate your actions, share information about discovered clues or dangers, and strategize your approach to capturing spooky moments together.

The in-game chat allows for real-time feedback and reactions from your teammates. Use this feedback to adjust your actions accordingly and collaborate more efficiently as a team. Embrace the immersive nature of the game by roleplaying your character through the in-game chat. 

In the game, you can use the chat feature to escape anytime you want to move to the surface. Wondering how to do that? So, you can do this by interacting with your teammates and reacting to the events unfolding around you. By utilizing the in-game chat effectively, you can enhance teamwork in Content Warning, leading to a more enjoyable and successful spooky content creation experience.

2. Experiment with Recording

Experimenting with a camera

To create captivating content in Content Warning, players should experiment recording multiple times. Experiment by capturing encounters with enemies, interactions with objects, and observations of strange machinery. Diversity in your recordings keeps your content fresh and engaging.

On the other hand, pay attention to your own reactions and those of your teammates during recording sessions. Genuine reactions enhance the authenticity of your content and make it more relatable to your audience. Take it like a real content creation scenario for online social platforms.

Experiment with camera angles and perspectives to capture the most compelling shots. Get creative with your framing and composition to add visual interest to your recordings. Consider providing commentary while recording to add context and depth to your content. Share your thoughts, observations, and reactions in real-time to create a more immersive experience for your viewers.

Engage with the environment during recording sessions to uncover hidden secrets and Easter eggs. Experiment with interacting with objects and investigating clues to uncover unique and intriguing content opportunities.

After recording sessions, seek feedback from your teammates and viewers to gauge the effectiveness of your recordings. Use this feedback to refine your recording techniques and improve the quality of your content over time.

1. Spend Your Money Wisely

Money Slots in Content

Players need to strategically spend essential time to effectively navigate the challenges of the scary content creation scene. Prioritize essential equipment that directly contributes to your success, such as additional batteries for your camera or upgrades for your exploration tools. 

Also, consider the specific objectives of each mission and invest in items that will help you overcome challenges and capture captivating content. Therefore, avoid unnecessary expenditures and focus on long-term investments that provide ongoing benefits.

Additionally, you can collaborate with your team to coordinate spending and pool resources for mutual benefit. Communication is key in ensuring everyone's needs are met, and purchases align with the group's overall strategy. 

Remain adaptable and flexible in your spending decisions. Be prepared to adjust your strategy based on changing circumstances, unexpected challenges, or new opportunities that arise during gameplay.

So, what’s your take on our five best tips for beginners in Content Warning? Feel free to share your thoughts here or in the comments section below.

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