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Concrete Genie Creator Is Collaborating With Sony for Mystery PS5 Game



Of all the small gaming firms littered around the globe, chances are you’ve heard of the rather small, yet undeniably talented PixelOpus. And if not, well then we can only slump two words on your shoulders that might just jog your memory: Concrete Genie. And if that hasn’t struck a chord or two, then perhaps Entwined might ring a bell? Well, it just so happens that the small team behind those two unique titles is back at the drawing board and working on something big for PlayStation 5. Finally.

Posted in a job opening on Sony’s career page, PixelOpus made it clear that the team is working on the next project that will hone in on the PS5 market. In collaboration with Sony Pictures Animation, the small team will be branching out to secure a Principal Graphics Programmer to help flesh out the mystery title. Unfortunately, as far as juicy details go — the Sony faction has pretty much kept their lips completely sealed. Of course, PixelOpus has forged a name for itself through rather artsy games in the past — so that’s a starting point, at least. But don’t take our word on that.

Concrete Genie - Story Trailer | PS4

The job description reads…

“We are seeking a Principal Graphics Programmer to contribute to our development process as we tackle exciting innovation and rendering opportunities through a collaboration with Sony Pictures Animation,” the job listing reads. “This position specializes in programming that centers around the graphics functionality of the PlayStation 5 and Unreal 5 game engine, but with our small team, responsibilities will be diverse.”

Of course, a job posting can be a true indicator that something is brewing from behind the scenes. That being said, the details of the game have yet to be completely unveiled. Even still — it seems as though the cogs are in motion for the small studio, and if the mysterious title aims to be anywhere near as good as their other forged works, well then — we’ve got plenty to look forward to. Until then, we’ll just have to pin our hopes on seeing some sort of reveal over the next few months.

PixelOpus shot to stardom after the release of the award-winning Concrete Genie in 2019. The small studio is owned by Sony and is headquartered in San Mateo.

Jord is an aspiring journalist and self-published author, as well as a lover of all things gaming and media.