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PlayStation Plus Showcase Fantastic February 2021 Line-up

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Sony has taken us all by surprise this evening with some rather pleasant news regarding their PlayStation Plus subscription. Not only are they looking to deliver a launch-day PS5 exclusive next Tuesday — but also two heavy hitters from previous years, too. That's three games we can expect to see next week, and for as little as $9.99 a month — we think it'd be absurd to pass up such a generous offer.

Running at the front of the pack is Destruction AllStars on PS5, which will be available to download from day one. As one of the more unusual concepts of the trio, we think the premise of this exclusive looks somewhat promising and oddly intriguing. But other than what we see at face value, which seems to showcase a clash of parkour and vehicular warfare — there isn't a lot more we can decipher on this one. Perhaps it's something we'll just need to dive right into from the deep end up.

Destruction AllStars - Gameplay Trailer l PS5

On top of this, players are also being gifted with Control, along with both The Foundation and AWE expansion packs. And, seeing as the base game alone went on to snatch awards for best art direction and narrative — we think Sony are being pretty generous by gift wrapping such an outstanding game as part of their evolving library.

Oh, and let's not forget that Concrete Genie will also be making an appearance on PS4 next week, too. That unique indie title alone deserves a round of applause for its innovative design and simplistic narrative. But we'll let you discover that one for yourself. All we can really say is that if you enjoy wacky art and fluorescent colour schemes — then you'll more than likely love Concrete Genie.

Oh, but before you go…

Don't forget that you only have until February 1st to bag January's games. As a reminder, that's Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Maneater and Greedfall. So, if you haven't managed to throw those into your library yet, then we strongly suggest you do as soon as possible. Simply head over to your PlayStation Plus subscription tab and get them downloading before it's too late.

Control: Ultimate Edition, Concrete Genie and Destruction AllStars will be available on PS4/PS5 from February 2nd until March 2nd.

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