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PlayStation Plus: 5 Easiest Platinums & Completions



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PlayStation Plus has a litter of easy platinums and completions, which of course bodes well for those who are just looking to boost their trophy cabinet without having to endure fifty-hour campaigns with convoluted plotlines and their multiplayer components. And the best part is, with the additional Extra and Premium tiers, subscribers can have the best of both worlds: PlayStation Classics, which includes a wide variety of PlayStation One essentials, and Premium, a separate library of all-new day-one exclusives.

Anyway, we've been scraping the barrel for all the super simple platinums on both tiers, and we've managed to assemble five of October's finest. So, if you're looking to bulk out your trophies this weekend, then be sure to download these insanely easy freebies.

5. Concrete Genie

Concrete Genie - Story Trailer | PS4

If the world of neon art and living, breathing paint speaks to you on a personal level, then you've more than likely already heard of Concrete Genie. And if not, then it's beyond worth checking out, if only to experience the wondrous locale that it serves on a pastel and painted silver platter. Plus, if it's an easy platinum you're after — then it's an easy platinum you shall get.

Concrete Genie takes you to a colorless dockside town, a broken world in which you, the bearer of a magical paintbrush, must revive through the power of neon art and wholesome tapestries. With an open world setting available to endless possibilities, it is you who will bear the right to tailor its design and return it to its former glory. And it regards to the trophies, well — it's painting on walls, isn't it? You won't find anything overly complex here, that's for sure.

4. The Artful Escape

The Artful Escape - Accolades and Release Date Trailer | PS5, PS4

If listening to psychedelic power metal and carving up four-hour guitar solos sounds like your idea of a great time, then there's a shiny platinum right here with your name on it. The Artful Escape, which is, in short, a side-scrolling game with a musical score that could swivel heads for days, boasts one of the easiest platinums on PlayStation Plus, period. And the best part is, you need only slug your way through the story busting out lengthy guitar solos and sliding over rainbows.

The Artful Escape picks up with Francis Vendetti, nephew of legendary folk musician, Johnson Vendetti. Eager to please his uncle's enormous fan base but equally tired of living in his shadow, Francis sets out to find his own sound, using a portal into a psychedelic realm to unlock his inner creativity. It's your role, as the puppeteer, to embark on this epic rock opera and forge the next living legend. And by that, I mean hold a few buttons and slam out some absolute anthems for four hours until the platinum pops.

3. Telling Lies

Telling Lies - Release Date Trailer | PS4

If you've only a little time to claim as many trophies for your cabinet as possible, then perhaps take a look at Telling Lies, an interactive drama that puts you in the boots of a former FBI agent on a trail to uncover a series of mysteries that are enveloped within an external hard drive. And if that sounds a little complicated on paper, then fear not, because it's actually quite simple.

Telling Lies is pretty straightforward: you have access to a laptop, a text box, and an archive of live-action footage. Your goal is to watch the clips as they come, collect keywords, and search for new clips, which you will eventually thread together to assemble a credible timeline that solves the mystery. To claim the trophies, it's really just the case of searching for the right keywords and nothing more. And if you're fairly good with solving mysteries, then you should be able to platinum the game in a couple of hours, give or take.

2. Stray

Stray - Teaser Trailer | PS5

Unlocking trophies for your cabinet couldn't be easier, thanks to Stray and its beginner-friendly interface and relatively uninspired conditions for completing it. But if you're a lover of all things cat-based, then Stray is a real win-win sort of scenario, with a short but sweet gameplay experience that features a feline for a protagonist, and an easy platinum that shouldn't take you all that long to ping.

Stray is far more of an exploration game than anything else, which of course bodes well for those looking to aimlessly meander around a cyberpunk metropolis as a backpack-wearing cat and nothing more. Its trophies are also linked to the story, which means you can mop up the entire collection in a single play-through, which should take you anywhere from four to six hours in total.

1. Kona

Kona | Announcement Trailer | PS4

Kona isn't the shortest game in the world. Or at least, it isn't compared to the other four entries on this list, anyway. It is, however, rather straightforward, as it is mostly a walking simulator at heart, and asks only that you explore a frozen mountain town in search of clues, trinkets, and memories from a lost civilization. There isn't really any combat, nor are there any stupidly difficult puzzles to sift through, which makes it something of a doddle for trophy hunters. It's bread and butter exploration, and it's surprisingly therapeutic to unravel.

Kona doesn't exactly follow any particular narrative, other than the one that you and you alone develop over time. You're given an icy town with next to no context to flesh it out, and the keys to a truck, which you can use to explore the town and all its abandoned homes at will. The rest, of course, is entirely up to you to construct, which makes it one of the easiest platinums on the PlayStation Plus platform.


So, what's your take? Have you had the opportunity to slug your way through any of our recommended easiest platinums yet? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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