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8 Best Weapons in PUBG

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PUBG has been the go-to tactical battle royale since its initial release in 2016. However, the game has evolved a lot since then. Of course, the game was updated with new maps, but it also received new guns. In fact, PUBG now has well over 40 weapons in its roster. Although we like the amount of selection, it can sometimes be troublesome when deciding on a weapon. Because, with so many weapons to choose from, how do you know which ones are the best? That's where we come in because we've got you covered with the best weapons in PUBG (2023), just below.

8. Crossbow

A long-time staple in PUBG, we just couldn't leave out the Crossbow on this list of the best weapons in PUBG. Despite being a single-shot weapon with a reload time of 3.56, the Crossbow hit's 105 damage. What's more, a hit to the head is an instant knockout. Sure, a high-powered rifle will outperform the Crossbow 99% of the time, but it rewards those who master the skills to land shots with it. Only the most honorable PUBG players use the Crossbow in their setup.

7. M249

Best weapons in PUBG

You most likely won't be running an M249 in your setup every game. However, there are a lot of times when it pays off to have one. For example, if you're nearing the end of the game and everyone is defending themselves in cars and running people over, the M249 and its 100-round clip is the best weapon to have by your side. Furthermore, it is excellent for adding much-needed fire suppression. Even if you only hit one bullet, it will deal 45 points of damage.

6. KAR98K

Best Weapons in PUBG (2023)

If you're going to run a sniper, in our eyes it's between the KAR98K and the M24. Personally, we have to go with the KAR98K for style and nostalgia points. Furthermore, it's been a consistently reliable sniper in pretty much every game we've played, not just PUBG. So, we can't turn our back on it now. Nonetheless, the debate is between the KAR98K and the M24, but we personally feel the KAR98K is one of the best weapons in PUBG. As it has always been.

5. Vector

Best weapons in PUBG

The sub-machine meta in PUBG has changed a lot over the years. In the early days the Tommy Gun was a spray and pray machine. Then the UMP-45 took over with its CQC prowess. Following that, many fans ran with the Micro UZI because it could drop players in the blink of an eye. The Vector submachine gun, on the other hand, has remained popular despite the changes.

Regardless of what the current meta is, the Vector has always been one of the best and most reliable submachines in the game. It's saved us on numerous occasions, especially against those house campers. As a result, we believe it's more than deserving of being considered one of the best weapons in PUBG.

4. Beryl M762

Best weapons in PUBG

Speaking of guns that have had our back since the dawn of time, the Beryl M762 everybody! It feels like every second game we have the Beryl M762 in our setup. A big reason as to why is because there tend to be a million of these things laying around the map. But it's an excellent gun that we're always happy to pick up, so we don't mind.

The Beryl M762 fires 7.62mm rounds, so its damage output is quite high. It's not known for it's fire-rate and won't be able to compete with a standard AR like an AKM. However, because of the slower fire rate, shots are a little easier to hit. And all it takes is 2-3 shots with the Beryl M762 to put your opponent in a tight spot.

3. AKM

For the longest time, the AKM wasn't a good weapon. In fact, it was nowhere near being one of the best weapons in PUBG. Although it did good damage, its recoil was just too much to deal with. However, nowadays the recoil has been tempered and the AKM is somewhat manageable. On top of that, it has a pretty impressive stat line, similar to that of the M416. Ultimately it's why you're seeing more and more players run it in their setups and why we recommend using it.

2. MK14 EBR

It's becoming less common for players to run an AR with a single-shot sniper. Now, the more common method is to run an AR or submachine gun with a semi-auto sniper such as the MK14 EBR. The reason for this is that with a semi-auto sniper, you're not limited to a single bullet. Therefore, it grants more forgiveness when you miss shots. Furthermore, semi-auto snipers work well at medium range, which is why you might want to pair one with a submachine gun.

Now that you know the new meta, if you're going to employ it, do it with the MK14 EBR. This is your best bet when it comes to semi-automatic snipers. It has a ten-magazine clip, can hit at distances of more than 800 meters, and has a damage output of 60 per bullet. As a result, it's not just one of the best semi-automatic snipers in PUBG but consequently one of the best weapons too.

1. M416

Coming in first place on our list of the best weapons in PUBG is the good ole' M416. An elite AR all around, there is no situation the M416 can't be equipped for. With so many attachments, you can build the M416 to adapt to every type of fight. Even the base rifle has great firing speed, range, and very manageable recoil. All in all, this is the one weapon we would trade all others for.

So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? Are there other weapons you think are best in PUBG? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

Riley Fonger is a freelance writer, music lover, and gamer since adolescence. He loves anything video game-related and grew up with a passion for story games such as Bioshock and The Last of Us.