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Best Weapons in Naraka: Bladepoint



Naraka: Bladepoint is an incredibly unique battle royale that blends samurai-like fighting with heroes who have skills that are genuine to the stories and legends that have been ushered through generations. As a result, the hero you select has a significant impact on your playstyle. However, the weapons you use are just as crucial. That's why we got you covered with the best weapons in Naraka: Bladepoint right below. Be it melee or ranged, fast or slow, we've got a weapon in this list fit for everyone's playstyle.

6. Bow

Best Weapons in Naraka: Bladepoint

Unsurprisingly, first in line is the bow. Silent and swift as the samurai themselves, the bow can be your greatest ally in battle or the biggest chink in your armor. That's because, while the bow is great for engaging in a fight or landing a quick shot on a getaway target, your timing could end up being a liability. If you don't time your bow shots right, you're leaving yourself open to a free hit. That's why you need to be cautious when using the bow, especially because you don't have a lot of ammo.

Nonetheless, when you get the hang of the bow, it's one of the best weapons in Naraka: Bladepoint. With the right timing, you can quickly get shots off at enemies that knock off just enough health to scare them from taking you head-on. However, miss that shot and it could spill blood for you.

5. Musket

best weapons in Naraka Bladepoint

If the bow isn't quite your style, your best alternative for ranged combat is the Musket. In fact, it may flat-out be the better option. That's because the Musket not only has a higher ammo capacity, but it can also fire multiple bullets in a row. In comparison to the bow, which must be reloaded after every single shot. As a result, the Musket is far more reliable and forgiving than the bow. That being said, if you want the feel of hitting perfectly timed bow shots, the option is always there for you.

4. Dagger

The dagger lacks range in comparison to the other best weapons in Naraka: Bladepoint. However, what it lacks in range, it more than makes up for in speed and agility. There are a ton of different combos you can do with the dagger, and they work best when coupled with a mobile hero. That's because the dagger chips down opponents' health in short bursts. As a result, you'll need to be able to quickly engage and disengage in the fight in between each attack.

Once you got the combination to the perfect blend, you'll be one of the most versatile threats on the battlefield. Someone who can quickly enter and exit a fight before the opponent realizes what hit them.

3. Nunchucks

Many players may be surprised to see Nunchucks ranked third on this list. Most likely, because your first experience with the Nunchucks was or will be a disaster. However, once you take the time to master them, they are easily one of the best weapons in Naraka: Bladepoint. Not only can nunchucks dish out high amounts of damage, but they can also stun enemies. Having said that, nunchuck's main source of damage is its focus attacks, which is consequently the hardest mechanic of the weapon.

Focus attacks, which do the most damage, require at least one charge before they can be done. You gain charge for a focus attack by parrying enemies, taking damage, or landing a combo. As a result, it pays to master the Nunchuncks. It just may be a long road before you achieve that level of mastery.

2. Spear

best weapons in Naraka Bladepoint

The Spear is a weapon that many new players fall in love with right away. This is due to the fact that it is one of the only weapons capable of combating every play style. The Spear moves as quickly as the daggers, has the strength, damage, and size of the Longsword, and has one of the longest ranges of all the weapons in the game. As a result, it has you covered in any situation and at all angles of attack.

So, if you're just starting off, the spear is one of the best weapons in Naraka: Bladepoint to use. But it's not our first pick. Instead, our focus is drawn to an age-old classic.

1. Longsword

Best Heroes in Naraka: Bladepoint

The Longsword is an easy choice for one of the best weapons in Naraka: Bladepoint, if not the best. Much like the Spear, the Longswords' appeal is its simplicity in diversity. The Longsword may not have as many combos as a dagger or spear, but its straightforward attacks deal a pleasing amount of damage. Furthermore, due to the weapons' range, you can keep enemies at bay. As a result, the Longsword is perfect for those of us who like to keep the gameplay simple.

You don't lose as much speed as you would think either, with the Longsword being able to conquest with both daggers and spears. So, while it may be one of the more basic options, sometimes simplicity is best. Because with the Longsword, all you have to worry about is playing defense and capitalizing on your opponent's weaknesses.

So, what's your take? Do you agree with our picks? What do you think are the best weapons in Naraka: Bladepoint? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

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