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Best Talents in Hogwarts Legacy



Hogwarts Legacy has been released to much fanfare. One of the game's best aspects is its ability to allow the player to customize their character. One of the most significant ways it does this is through its Talent system. These Talents allow players to emphasize different abilities in many ways. This does wonders for player identity and uniqueness throughout the game's runtime. So if you are looking for which talents to use, we have you covered with our picks for the Best Talents in Hogwarts Legacy.

5. Revellio Mastery

Revellio is a spell that players will be using a lot throughout their playtime in Hogwarts Legacy. For those who don't know, the spell Revellio allows players to reveal different things around them. This acts as somewhat of a sixth sense for the player. It will enable players to see the objects around them, which is fantastic for a game that encourages exploration so much. This spell is simply a must-have for players wishing to take a more completionist approach to the game.

That isn't the only way that this spell and, by extension, its Talent Mastery come in handy, however. Upgrading this Talent will allow players to have increased range and utility out of their Revellio spells. This goes a long way, especially toward the end of the game, as there are many areas to cover. In addition, players will be able to discover more secrets and items as they move throughout the world. This is where this skill is sure to come in handy. Overall, this is one of the most fantastic talents to upgrade in Hogwarts Legacy and one that players cannot afford to miss.

4. Protego Expertise

For those players who love to deflect enemy attacks back at them while remaining safe, Protego Expertise allows just that. Allowing the player to increase the effectiveness of the blocking spell Protego significantly. This Talent is a must-have for keeping the player safe. Additionally, this upgrade Talent allows for players to be rewarded for their block timing. It does this in a couple of ways, primarily through launching a counterattack at enemies as a reward for well-timed blocks.

Belonging to the Core Talent tree, it is easy to see why this upgrade would be so effective. As there are many situations in which the player will be surrounded by enemies, making this is a great way to retaliate. Players can combine this with various other abilities and upgrades to greatly boost their results in combat. Considering that a lot of your time spent in the game is engaging in combat, this is super helpful. To close, Protego Expertise is not only a fantastic Talent to have but almost a necessity for more defensive-oriented players in Hogwarts Legacy.

3. Human Demiguisefriendships

Next, we have a Talent that allows the player to take full advantage of their Stealth Talent Tree. Human Demiguise is a Talent that allows players to sprint while being under the effects of the Disillusionment spell. This can be exceptionally handy when running through the many stealthy parts of the game. For example, if you are going through the Restricted Section in the library but want to do so a little bit faster. This Talent will no doubt help.

While it may not be the most bombastic upgrade, it is no doubt useful. Due to the fact that some players may find the stealth sections tedious and want them over as quickly as possible. This Talent will undoubtedly help with that. Additionally, this is a Talent that can be unlocked by players relatively early as well as soon as players have completed the Jackdaw's Rest quest. They can unlock this Talent on their Talent tree. So if you are looking for a way to sneak your way through the game without having to move with the speed of a snail, then this Talent is right up your alley.

2. Bombarda Mastery

The Bombarda Mastery Talent allows players to upgrade their Bombarda spells. As this is one of the most effective offensive spells in the player's arsenal, they would be well-advised to master the spell. Putting a few Talent Points into Bombarda Mastery will make dealing with large groups of enemies significantly easier on the player. This is super helpful because many times, the player will be abused by many targets. This can be extremely helpful in this regard.

Much like the Human Demiguise Talent, this Talent can be unlocked pretty early. However, it should be noted that players will obviously have to learn the Bombarda spell prior to picking this Talent up. They can do this rather early in the game, and the Bombarda Mastery Talent itself unlocks at level sixteen. So if you are looking for a way to increase your combat effectiveness in the game. This is certainly one way to do so. In closing, the Bombarda Mastery Talent allows players to use the spell to its utmost effectiveness. This makes it one of the best Talents in Hogwarts Legacy.

1. Avada Kedavra Mastery

Avada Kedavra is one of the most feared spells in the entirety of Hogwarts Legacy. This isn't for no reason either, as the spell is one of the Unforgivable Curses. With it specifically being the Killing Curse. This spell is only used by the most devious or desperate of wizards and witches. However, within the game, you get to learn this spell and use it quite effectively, I might add. This is extremely overpowered against single targets and makes dealing with larger groups of enemies a breeze as well.

To say that this spell and, by extension, this Talent is powerful is a gross understatement. The Talent allows players to not only unalive the person they aim the spell at but everyone that the player has cursed in the general area. This makes it completely reasonable to believe that this is one of the best, if not the best, of Hogwarts Legacy Talents. So, in conclusion, if you are wanting to make your time through the game significantly easier or simply flex your magical powers, then this Talent offers a great way to do so.

So, what's your take on our picks for the Best Talents in Hogwarts Legacy? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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