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5 Best Tactical Shooters on Mobile

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With the power of mobile devices, Tactical Shooters can now be played on the go. This allows players to participate in their favorite tactical titles, all while commuting or simply relaxing at home. This is wonderful and opens up the world of Tactical Shooters to an entirely new market. These are games that vary in the experiences they offer the player, but today we are here to bring you the best. So without further ado, enjoy our list of the 5 Best Tactical Shooters on Mobile.

5. Sierra 7

Today, we begin our list of the best Tactical Shooters on mobile with Sierra 7Sierra 7 is a tactical shooter that has a rather unique art style that makes it stand out among more realistically themed shooters. This aesthetic allows the game to also run on more devices. As it is not as graphically intensive as other titles on this list. This makes it a great game for beginners to get into the genre of Tactical Shooters on mobile, which is wonderful.

Players will have to pit themselves up against competent AI, which will try to eliminate them in the most efficient way possible. This will require the player to use every skill in their wheelhouse to succeed. As far as the more realistic aspects of the game go, the game features real-life weapons. This adds a sense of immersion to the game, in a way that feels natural and not too overbearing for novice players. Additionally, this game features different types of rounds, which can be used for different effects. For its unique presentation and attention to detail, Sierra 7 is one of the best Tactical Shooters on mobile.

4. Battle Prime

For our next entry, we have a title that boasts impressive graphical fidelity and performance. Battle Prime is a game that, graphically at least, can sometimes be confused for a console title. Within the game, players are pitted against each other in tense PvP firefights. This will require players to use every resource at their disposal in order to succeed over their foes. As far as the teams in the multiplayer shooter go, players are placed on teams of six, a great number for team fights.

For players who enjoy hero shooter gameplay, this game also has this feature on offer. Additionally, for players worried about a paywall, or some sort of barrier to entry, you will be glad to hear that there isn't one. The map design is also great and allows players to participate in balanced firefights throughout the boundaries of the maps. This is great, as oftentimes, multiplayer maps can favor one side over another. Another great aspect of the game is its team-based gameplay. So if this sounds like it would be up your alley, check out one of the best Tactical Shooters on mobile.

3. Tacticool

Switching things up quite a bit, our next title Tacticool has an incredibly unique take on the tactical shooter genre. Within this adrenaline-pumping tactical shooter, players are placed on teams of five, as they duke it out on wonderfully unique maps. Like many other entries on this list, this game also forgoes a price point and is free to play for all players. This is wonderful, as it allows as many people to get in on the action as possible. Additionally, being able to pick and play this game is very rewarding.

Like many other entries on this list, however, the game does employ an operator system. This means players will be able to choose an operator that suits their playstyle. A great addition to player agency and it makes for a balanced experience. For fans of constant progression, the game also features a battle pass that players can take part in, which is great. Also, the third-person perspective makes gameplay stand out from other titles, due to the change in perspective. All in all, Tacticool is a wonderful tactical shooter and one of the best Tactical Shooters on mobile.

2. Arena Breakout

For our next entry, we have Arena BreakoutArena Breakout is a game that offers wonderful weapon customization options, especially compared to its competitors. Players can use this Gunsmith system to tweak and tune their weapons to their liking. That is hardly the only feature that makes this title stand out, however. Arena Breakout also features a loadout system, that takes into account the weight of weapons and gear, and much more. For fans of realism, the lighting in the game is backed by some really strong systems that bring a great sense of immersion.

The maps themselves are designed wonderfully as well and allow for balanced gameplay on both sides. Additionally, another aspect of the game that is certainly worthy of praise is its audio design. With well over one thousand sound effects in the game, players will be able to distinguish friend from foe simply based on audio cues. Another part of the game players may find appealing can be found within the game's loot mechanics. This allows players that wish to forgo combat altogether to do so effectively. To close, for its versatility, we consider Arena Breakout one of the best Tactical Shooters on mobile.

1. Lost Light

For our final entry on our list of the best Tactical Shooters on mobile, we have Lost LightLost Light is a tactical shooter that hopes to bring a more polished experience compared to its competitors. It hopes to accomplish this in a few ways. One of the ways in which Lost Light sets itself apart, is through its features. As a mobile title, Lost Light is incredibly feature-complete and comes with a few features that hope to enhance the gameplay experience overall. These features include things such as a dynamic weather system, which actively plays into the moment-moment gameplay and more.

Much like other titles on this list, the player can fully customize their weapon in Lost Light. This is wonderful and allows players to tweak their weapons in order to cater to a specific playstyle. Additionally, through the game's realistic art style and direction, players are able to place themselves within the battle, even on mobile devices. So, if you are looking for a fantastic tactical shooter, one that is worth standing atop the Tactical Shooters on mobile, then definitely check out Lost Light.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Tactical Shooters on Mobile? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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