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5 Best Racing Games on PlayStation 5 (2024)

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Best Racing Games on PlayStation 5

The battle between realism and arcade racers rages on, with developers continuously upping their game on all fronts. Hardcore racing mimics real-world circuits and iconic cars as closely as possible. And with PlayStation 5’s haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, you immerse yourself fully in races as if you were behind the wheel on the simulated track, gunning for the championship cup. 

On the other hand, arcade racers pack immense horsepower, thanks to the PlayStation 5’s next-gen hardware. Racing games, in general, have never been better. So, regardless of your preference, these best racing games on PlayStation 5 in 2024 stir up the dust on opponents like never before.

5. Wreckfest

Wreckfest - Console Release Trailer | PS4

Wreckfest is perfect for gamers looking to break the rules. In fact, the game is at its most fun off the track. Sure, at its core, it remains the classic racer, with a series of tracks, racing events, and challenges. However, while racing, you’ll engage in all manner of crashing and smashing of opponents. Your car will definitely be bashed in just as much as your opponents. But the goal here is to crown the last car standing. 

Despite the emphasis on the wreckage, Wreckfest does manage to attain a high caliber of visual design and car customization. Damage modelling is intricately believable, translating just as you imagine. Breaks can be busted, the radiator can burst, and as you expect, your car will come tumbling down as it should in real life. Fortunately, too, AI cars color outside the lines. They can bash you in and make mistakes, too!

Wreckfest feels like such a fresh breath of air, where failure to maintain your car in excellent condition is rewarded. It allows you to let loose and deviate from hardcore simulators for a little while. Bring in friends for the ride, and it can surely turn into a wild blast of revenge fun.

4. Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 - Announcement Trailer | PS5

No matter how many times you want to take a fresh breath of air, you’ll eventually return to the high-octane simulators that really push you to the edge of racing. Those few seconds before crossing the finish line can pack so much intensity that it hardly compares to any other sport. Well, as far as the iconic Gran Turismo racing simulation series goes, you’ll want to boot up the best Gran Turismo 7 so far. In addition to a four-player split-screen mode, you enjoy stellar graphics and well-balanced racing mechanics. 

You can choose from both classic and modern cars, each jaw-droppingly stunning and boasting intricate detail. On the PlayStation 5, both circuits and cars stun, whether lighting or surrealism. You can spend a great deal of time sheepishly tinkering with a car’s parts – changing the oil, the air filter or giving it a good old car wash. So much of Gran Turismo 7’s gameplay is addicting to both car enthusiasts and newcomers, thanks in part to a meticulous effort put into the garage as well as on the track.

3. Need for Speed Unbound

Need for Speed Unbound - Official Reveal Trailer (ft. A$AP Rocky) | PS5 Games

Need for Speed continues to elevate street racing with the new Need for Speed Unbound edition. It’s an arcade racer for cruising and high-octane chases. It features a beautifully curated world where you can escape. You can forge legendary status here, stacking up on wealth and reputation. The sheer number of customization options and activities feels overwhelming. From life as an outlaw to taking on dangerous goons, you’ll gradually climb the ranks of underworld crime. 

Need for Speed Unbound tells a heartfelt story worth sinking your teeth into. Its characters, who are family-inclusive, dig deep into charming themes and moments. Plus, you do put in the work, which gives you plenty of bonding time with your Subaru. You must also watch out for law enforcers, who, the higher you climb up the street racing ladder, will keep a keen eye ready to bust you as soon as you become a threat to world order.

2. WRC 10

WRC 10 FIA World Rally Championship - Launch Trailer | PS5, PS4

If racing across the world is more to your taste, consider WRC 10, which celebrates the 50th anniversary of the World Rally Championship events. You enjoy old and new rallies with plenty of fan content. In career mode, you have the chance to build your legacy over a season. Meanwhile, you can take on challenges in the training sections of the game to hone your skills and unlock more race events.

With the Anniversary mode, you can relive iconic moments from over 50 years’ worth of rallying. While these feature the most popular rallies, you also get behind the wheel of classic cars, from the 1973 Ford Escort Mk 2 to the Toyota Celica Turbo GT4.

1. Riders Republic

Riders Republic - Deep Dive Trailer | PS5, PS4

Back to arcade racing, Riders Republic is the ultimate extreme sports game to check out. It features various competitive sports, including skiing, snowboarding, freestyle biking, wingsuit gliding, and much more. It’s the perfect racing game for every gamer, with a little something for all tastes. What’s more? You’ll don your wingsuit or snowboard in an open-world paradise. 

Racers differ, from 64-person races to vicious time trials. Environments, too, are a good variety, from gigantic mountains to deep valleys, thus keeping your experience refreshing. The varying altitudes come in handy in wingsuit races, in particular, when always keeping an eye out for potential obstacles and unforeseen collisions. With the overwhelming content variety, it’s impressive how each discipline is well-detailed and designed. 

You’d think such a wide assortment would leave some matches lacking. But each sport has its fair share of engaging activities, whether events or unlockables, including an impressive selection of road and mountain bikes to choose from. Overall, Riders Republic can take some time to perfect your skill and strategy. However, the process is insanely fun. Plus, it never takes itself too seriously, emphasizing the ultimately infectious wild races to the top.

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our best racing games on PlayStation 5 in 2024? Are there more racing games on PlayStation 5 we should know about? Let us know down in the comments or over on our socials here.

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