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10 Best Games Like The Lost Village

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Best Games Like The Lost Village

As the son of the former master of the thriving village of Martials, you’re tasked with rebuilding a lost legacy. You’ll recruit and lead a new community, rebuilding the village to its former glory. The Lost Village is a simulation management and roguelike game that features resource gathering and conquering foes. Moreover, you can engage in chess competitions and tea tastings, all in a bid to rebuild a thriving sect. However, if you’re looking to try out something new and within the same genre, check out the best games like The Lost Village down below.

10. Pathless Woods

Pathless Woods - Official Early Access Launch Trailer

The survival game Pathless Woods takes you on a crafting journey. The journey itself takes place in an open world inspired by ancient China’s heritage. And it packs more activities besides crafting, from farming to building your dream home and defending it with your life. The goal is to stay alive for as long as possible, stepping out of your comfort zone to gather resources and mastering combat against hostile invaders. Above all, Pathless Woods curates an adorable world you can’t help spending more time in, even if much of it is spent surviving.

9. Maze Escape

The Maze Escape Gameplay Trailer

Trapped in a dark maze crawling with zombies and packed with obstacles, you’re tasked with finding a way out of it in one piece. Maze Escape draws on the traditional concept of a maze—remembering which routes you take in case you need to retrace your steps. It further adds danger and necessity to your gameplay, culminating in a thrilling experience you won’t want to miss out on. Of course, each path you take will look similar to the last. Pay closer attention, though, and you just might find a way out. Oh, it’s timed, too, with only one hour to escape the maze.

8. Going Medieval

Going Medieval | Launch Trailer

It’s the 14th century. Lots of danger lurks in the corners of a turbulent colony. From a sudden wilderness to unexpected raids, everything goes, making it the perfect place to stake your claim. If you like a good challenge, Going Medieval is the perfect game for you. It tasks you with ruling a new colony and building it from scratch into a multi-story fortress. Meanwhile, your subjects look up to you for survival, but more so for peace of mind and, ultimately, happiness.

7. Against the Storm

Against the Storm - Official 1.0 Release Date Trailer

Another city-building game to consider is Against the Storm, especially for its fresh take on roguelike gameplay. It gives you goals to cross off your to-do list. Fail to meet them, and, well, you’re hurled back to the start. Fortunately, you can carry forward the resources you acquire, along with upgrades and experience, so it’s not always a complete do-over. While the base game remains the same, each expedition ushers in something new. You’ll always find new ways to collect resources and run into new characters. Moreover, the mysterious, dark fantasy can’t help drawing you in. Combined, your limitless run-throughs in Against the Storm will seldom feel bleak.

6. Forager

Forager | Launch Trailer

It’s so adorable that you can almost squeeze it. Forager takes you on an open-world adventure. You explore, farm, and craft, much in the way games like Stardew Valley, Terraria, and The Legend of Zelda work. However, plenty more playstyles are available, from builder, adventurer, merchant, gatherer, and farmer, with each role providing varied goals to shoot for. It can get intense, too, thanks to dungeon crawling and formidable monsters lying in wait.

5. Force of Nature 2: Ghost Keeper

Force of Nature 2: Ghost Keeper Official Trailer

Meanwhile, you can choose to have it all via Force of Nature 2: Ghost Keeper. Combining survival, strategy, sandbox, action, and more genres, Force of Nature 2: Ghost Keeper takes you on a wild adventure packed with clever mysteries, tense exploration, and wondrous magic. It keeps you glued from start to finish, with something exciting to get up to.

4. Outpath

Outpath's New Trailer [4k]

Alternatively, you can check out the cute Minecraft-like Outpath. It’s perfect for relaxing after a long day, leisurely clicking, and clacking as you build a strong base and add more islands to your repertoire. You’ll craft, gather, and manage resources with each effort you put in, showing toward an incremental base you’re proud of.

3. Territory: Farming and Fighting

Territory: Farming and Fighting - Steam - Official Game Trailer

Like The Lost Village, Territory: Farming and Fighting tasks you with making your mark by building a small village into a flourishing kingdom housing thousands of people. You’ll regulate day-to-day activities, whether hunting, fishing, or farming. Depending on the population and needs, you’ll need to allocate workers to sustain the village. Occasionally, you’ll be forced to command and fight for your village against hostile invaders.

2. Kenshi

Kenshi: English Trailer

Kenshi is another free-form sandbox you can check out on your next gaming session. It doesn’t restrict you to goals and linearity. Instead, you’re free to do whatever you want, whether trade, rebel, or even steal. You can be a warlord, fighting for honor, which is highly paramount in a post-apocalyptic samurai hell world. Unlike other cozy options, Kenshi doesn’t pretend to hold your hand. It knocks your teeth out, pushing you to the limits until it becomes second nature to look out for yourself,'sword-punk’ style, and your people.

1. Timberborn

Timberborn - Official 2nd Anniversary Trailer

Playing as the lumber-punk beavers in a world devoid of humans, you’re tasked with surviving a world struck by drought and toxic waste. Employing the hard-working nature of real-world beavers, you’ll set out collecting resources and building safe havens for your colony. Timberborn uses a unique building system that infuses water physics, wooden machinery, and terraforming. This means you may need to consider aspects like water management and find creative ways to solve problems. You’ll also enjoy vertical building, housing as many of your ingenious animal buddies as you can. It puts into perspective what beavers go through and, well, curates a world with lots and lots of wood to go around.

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our best games like The Lost Village? Are there more games we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here.

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