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5 Best Games like Potions: A Curious Tale



A witch crossing a bridge in Potions A Curious Tale.

Potions: A Curious Tale is a crafting-based puzzle game that was recently released. The game features many mechanics that puzzle fans and crafting lovers will enjoy. With a rich story and tons of indie charm, this title hopes to make quite an impression on its players. That said, there are tons of fantastic titles that feature both puzzle and crafting mechanics at the forefront. We are here to showcase some of these great titles. Here are the 5 Best Games like Potions: A Curious Tale.

5. Unpacking

For our first entry on our list of the best games like Potions: A Curious Tale, here we have Unpacking. For players looking into organizational titles with an emphasis on puzzle mechanics, this game is for you. Along the way, players will unpack all of the memories of the player character throughout the game. This gives each of the periods of time we spend with this character more weight. Having the importance placed on the objects you are unpacking is absolutely fantastic. This allows the game's core themes to resonate with the player in a way that feels very satisfying.

As far as the laid-back nature of this game goes, it features a calming soundtrack that allows players to immerse themselves fully in the game's narrative. The puzzles within the moment-to-moment gameplay are also phenomenal here and do a great job of balancing accessibility and reward. This, in turn, makes Unpacking a great title to play for those who enjoy games like Potions: A Curious Tale. In short, Unpacking is one of the best games like Potions: A Curious Tale.

4. Secrets of Grindea

Secrets of Grindea - Full Release Trailer!

We are changing things up quite a bit for our next entry. Here, we have Secrets of Grindea. For players who enjoy the old-school feel of games like Potions: A Curious Tale, this title will certainly be up your alley. In Secrets of Grindea, players can look forward to exploring an open, wide world with plenty to see and do. In terms of the sheer number of characters players can familiarize themselves with, the game features well over three hundred characters. This means that players will undoubtedly find characters they resonate with along the way.

With such a vibrant and rich world, the game also manages to flesh things out using its power system. The power system in Secrets of Grindea allows players to customize their spells to a fantastic degree. This, in turn, gives players a great amount of control over their party as a whole. For fans of bombastic boss fights, this game also has you covered in that regard as well. To close, if you enjoy the magical adventures that the best games like Potions: A Curious Tale can provide, check out Secrets of Grindea.

3. Chants of Sennaar

Chants of Sennaar - Launch Trailer

Our next entry falls more in line with the puzzle aspects of Potions: A Curious Tale. Here, we have Chants of Sennaar. For players who enjoy puzzle games with a rich narrative, this is a title that simply is a must-play. Firstly, the game is based on the mythos of the Tower of Babel. Players must slowly interact with puzzles and people in order to unravel the languages of the world around them. This interesting concept not only gives the game a distinct identity and tone but is supported by the phenomenal art style and direction present in the game.

Along their journey, players will have to pay close attention to their surroundings in order to unlock the mysteries of the world around them. This not only rewards players for being more attentive but actively encourages them to do so, which is wonderful. Throughout your time with the game, you will have to use stealth and cunning to evade enemies known as The Guardians, which varies the gameplay greatly. In closing, Chants of Sennaar is one of the best games like Potions: A Curious Tale.

2. Sun Haven

Sun Haven 2023 Trailer

The next entry on today's list is one of the more open-ended titles: Sun Haven. For fans of old-school RPGs and JRPGs, Sun Haven brings the thrill of fantasy and choice that these games offer to the world of farming/life sims. Players are able to create a number of crafting stations, each ranging in different artisan skills. This, in turn, does a magnificent job of giving each of the game's classes a sense of identity. Added to this are the passive abilities gained by each of these classes. Additionally, these passive abilities manage not only to balance the game even further but also to give the player a boost to stats that coincide with their chosen profession.

In addition, players can play this game with friends, making it a wonderful adventure. The game has events and many different activities, which not only vary the overall experience but also make the world of Sun Haven feel alive. For fans of collecting items throughout their journey, the game features a museum to which they can donate rare items. If you enjoy crafting in games like Potions: A Curious Tale, give Sun Haven a try.

1. Graveyard Keeper

Graveyard Keeper Announcement Trailer

Finally, we have the last entry on our list. Here, we have Graveyard Keeper. Like many other titles on today's list, this game features many core crafting mechanics. The world of Graveyard Keeper feels unique because of its use of dark humor and mechanical depth. In the game, players are tasked to become a graveyard keeper alongside a comical skull. Also, players will meet the townsfolk of their village, pick out burial plots, and craft tons of items to aid them in their journey. If you are someone who enjoys the more adventurous aspects of games like Potions: A Curious Tale, this is a great recommendation.

For fans of the more managerial aspects of these farming/life sims, this game is also wonderful. Players can participate in quests, which, in turn, will give them access to more resources and connect them with the world around them more deeply. With the game having an alchemical focus, players will have to traverse the game's charming world in search of new ingredients to use. This freedom and open-ended approach to the game's design are no doubt one of its strongest aspects. Furthermore, Graveyard Keeper is one of the best games like Potions: A Curious Tale.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Games like Potions: A Curious Tale? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.



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