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5 Best Games Like Eastward

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Who knew kitchen items could hold so much power? Well, developers, Pixil swapped the traditional explosive weaponry for a mere kitchen item in the modern-day indie action adventure, Eastward. Witness a frying pan as your trusty aide and a fridge that lets you save your progress. Don't get me wrong, as bizarre as it may sound, it's still as exciting as any pixelated RPG with jam-packed action. Players go on a wild adventure into a mystical town with strange inhabitants. However, that's not the only queer thing about the town. The human population is dwindling. A toxic force is consuming all life forms, leaving the land bare and derelict.

In Eastward, you play two characters, John and Sam, on a mission to unravel the mystery behind the town's population status. The characters play distinct roles that help you make progress. Moreover, there's plenty to do in the game. You can explore the enchanting town and solve puzzles when you're not fighting off foes. If this works up your gamer's appetite, the good news is there are similar games to EastWard to explore. Want to know more about them? Here are the five best games like Eastward.

5. Unsighted

UNSIGHTED - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Jump into action in an unforgotten city where humankind no longer exists as resources run low in Pixel Punk's Unsighted. Developed as a Metroidvania action game, the pixelated game has you grappling for your life in a world being overrun by machines known as Automatons. Automatons are powered by a life source known as Anima, which gives them a humane perspective. However, with resources dwindling, so is the Anima. 

You play as Alma, an automaton that awakens in a war-torn world. You have to save yourself and your friends before your turn into automated killing robots. Also, the game also offers free explorations with plenty of shortcuts and hidden passages. If a path seems to treachery to traverse, you can use your weapons and tools to carve a way out. 

Moreover, the decisions you make in the game play a critical role. If you delay, you may lose sight of your friends as they turn into mindless monstrosities. The clock is ticking. You need to think fast and decide which Automaton to save. The game has multiple endings, which depend on your choices. With the fate of your friends lying in your hands, will you make the right choice?

4. Little Witch in the Woods

Little Witch in the Woods | July 2020 | New Trailer

When you think of being a witch in the woods, one character must come to mind-Snow White and the red apple. However, this is a different type of tale. Very Positive brings to life a pixelated adventure game where you play as an apprentice just on the verge of mastering your craft. The game takes place in the city of witches, Lucerein OrOrtu, where there is a college of witches of some sort.  

Ellie, the apprentice you play, sets off on her learning journey in the Hogwarts form of witchery school. You'll get to learn new potions and spells. Also, every location in the game holds special plants and creatures for you to discover. Some of these plants will be instrumental in your potions, which may eventually solve some problems you encounter.

Moreover, you can make friends with the characters in the village. You can learn some of their secrets if you develop a tight-knit relationship with them. If this doesn't excite you, the enchanting, mysterious world will. Explore the fantasy world and meet unique and adorable creatures. The game provides a witch's book, which you can fill in with the creatures you interact with. 

3. CrossCode

CrossCode Full Release Trailer

Do sci-fi mysteries enthrall you? Well, step into the world of CrossCode, an action role-playing game by Radical Fish Games. The modern/retro 2D adventure combines 16-bit SNES graphics with smooth physics and a compelling storyline. You take control of Lea, who wakes up in the gameplay area with no memory whatsoever. Also, Lea seems to have lost her ability to speak. 

The game also features fast-paced battles and expansive dungeons to explore. Furthermore, like with every classic RPG, the game rewards you with the tools and equipment you need to progress. Moreover, melee combat is not new in the game. You can learn over 90 sets of combat arts that come in handy when solving puzzles. 

Although the game promises a playtime of 30 to 80 hours, the thrill of traversing the large world will seem endless. You'll be hooked to your screen for hours. What else would you expect from a multiple award-winning and nominated game? If you'd like to try it, there's a free Steam Demo to dip into before buying the full version. 

2. Signalis 

SIGNALIS - Official Launch Trailer

Taking place in a futuristic space with advanced technology, Signalis is a survival horror game with Resident Evil elements. The third-person shooter features a 2.5D perspective where you awaken from a slumber and search for your missing partner, Ariane, and dreams. The game sounds the opposite of lucid, which we anticipate the lost dreams to be. However, this is one adventure nightmare you'd want to awaken from.

Players control a replica known as Elster. Replikas are androids with similar brain impulses to humans. Weirdly enough, these impulses cause the bots to have human cravings, such as taking a bath or listening to music. If a replica fails to give in to its urges, it causes a malfunction in its system. 

Moreover, the neurological implants in Replika's system play an intricate part in Elster's quest. The flashbacks and dreams hint at the game's storyline, which leads to your ultimate encounter with Falke, the game's boss. With multiple endings in the game, each playthrough offers a captivating and action-packed experience. Moreover, there are plenty of enemies to conquer. The unique aspect of the game is that the developers leave the interpretation of the ending to you. 

1. Inmost

Inmost - Announcement Trailer

Debuting at number one on our list of the best games, like Eastward, is Inmost, another exciting game from Very Positive. Dive into the dark and foreboding atmosphere of the puzzle platformer that features three interconnected stories. The game follows three characters, a young girl, a man, and a knight, in an emotional and compelling storyline. 

Furthermore, the pixelated environment is full of nightmarish creatures and lethal traps. Use these traps to take down your enemies or make use of your weapon for a satisfying end. Each of the three characters has a distinct game style and story to uncover. The knight explores the vastness of a derelict castle, the girl unravels the mystery of a ghostly home, and the man seeks answers. 

The game features an immersive 3 to 5 hours of gameplay with plenty of hidden passages to uncover. Surprisingly, the characters' stories are connected to a bizarre creature that sources its power from pain. Are you brave enough to take on the challenge? There's only one way to find out. 

So, what's your take? Will you pick up any of the above five games, like Eastward? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.


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