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5 Best Games Like Disney Mirrorverse



Disney Mirrorverse is an action role-playing game on Android and iOS. Similar to other games in the booming genre, the amplified adventure boasts a nexus of larger than life characters, an epic tale between two realms, and an abundance of upgrades, collectibles, and conquests. The only major difference here is that Disney and Pixar light the furnace beneath its foundations, effectively making it a family-friendly chapter with a toned down interface for players of all ages to roll with.

Of course, mobile role-playing games aren't a new concept. Also, it's rare that you'll find two games that are the same, as the genre itself boasts a treasure trove of innovations and artistic curveballs. Though, with Disney and Pixar—everyone knows where they stand and what to expect. And if that's a type of story you'd opt for, then you'll definitely find something to love in one of these five. So, Android devices at the ready; it's time to embark on a slew of new quests.


5. Disney's Sorcerer Arena

Now Live: Disney Sorcerer’s Arena!

Disney's Sorcerer Arena is a crossover role-playing game developed by Griptonite Games. Unlike the aforementioned MirrorverseSorcerer's Arena fuses a card-based combat system with a signature selection of classic role-playing and card collecting elements. Like its mobile alternative, the two share the same extensive roster of much loved Disney and Pixar favorites, all of whom can be collected and trialed out on the battlefield. And yes, that does include all of the classic characters. The vast majority of them, anyway.

While you won't find a thought-provoking storyline in or anywhere around Sorcerer's Arena, you will find an addictive 5v5 arena experience that rarely ever deviates from the joy that it so clearly radiates. So, if you enjoy collecting, or anything to do with gacha, then you'll definitely enjoy sinking your teeth into this engrossing and Disney-heavy mobile chapter.

Available on: Android, iOS


4. Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode | Official Launch Trailer

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is a role-playing game based on Android and iOS. Like its 2020 cousin, Sorcerer's Arena, which released two years later, the game features a huge roster of Disney and Pixar characters. From Wreck-It Ralph to Zootopia, The Incredibles to Toy Story, players can indulge in a plethora of epic crossover battles and quests. And that's just the frosting on the cake.

As of 2022, Battle Mode features a total of 181 playable characters, with two more expected to arrive later this year. Collectively, the Disney roster battles to banish a wicked virus that alters each of their personalities. Your role in the adventure, of course, is to drag each and every franchise friend back to the light, using combat to shake off the virus that cloaks their morality. Now that's heavy stuff. Though, more the reason to experience it, no doubt.

Available on: Android, iOS


3. Marvel Strike Force


Marvel Strike Force may not be Disney-themed, but it certainly possesses all the same qualities as its role-playing rival. However, rather than embarking on a quest to collect Buzz Lightyear, it's more setting out to convince Ghost Rider and friends to join your roster. So, a little different in tone, but otherwise a pretty similar design.

This turn-based game will have you rifling through a number of clashes against hundreds of characters torn straight from the Marvel Universe. As you form your team, you'll have to complete daily quests, overcome complex battles, and work to develop your ideal collective through a series of upgrades, skills, and abilities. Or, you can hone your skills over on the 24-player mode which sees you throwing down with a labyrinth of enemy nodes. Whatever the case, it's easy fun, and we're all for it.

Available on: Android, iOS


2. Alchemy Stars

Alchemy Stars Official Trailer - A New Mobile RPG Coming Soon!

If you're wanting to take a break from the Disney world and dip into something breathtakingly invigorating, then be sure to scope out Alchemy Stars, an action role-playing game developed by Tourdog Studio. In it, players assume the role of a Caelestite, an unlikely hero who pledges to aid an allied race against a common enemy that disrupts the balance of power.

Over the course of the lengthy turn-based adventure, players can sift through a compelling storyline and a number of irresistibly artsy cinematics. With that, it's far more of a jog than a sprint, and a major step up from the bog-standard gacha titles that populate the mobile market. So, if you enjoy a solid story with genuine character progression, then let Alchemy Stars be your next port of call. Rest assured, it's worth the trek.

Available on: Android, iOS


1. Summoners War

Summoners War 2019 New Cinematic Trailer ‘The Sky Arena’

While we're on the subject of fantastical settings embellished with artsy features, it seems only right that we talk about Summoners War, an action-packed role-playing game for Android. Similar in design, especially when it comes to collecting, battling, and evolving characters' professions, the mobile title boasts an equal amount of similarities as Disney Mirrorverse. Well, sort of.

Summoners War lets you assemble a team and go face-to-face with the Guild. By collecting characters, as well as awakening monsters, you too can sweep your way across the board and dominate the PvP realm. With that, you can expect plenty of epic real-time battles with over 50 million other competitors. Plenty to chew through, for sure. But then, that's partly the reason for its immense popularity.

Available on: Android


So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? Are there any mobile adventures we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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