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5 Best Games Like Anger Foot



Anger Foot is among one of the few action-oriented games that make stomping and leaving greasy boot prints on enemies’ cheekbones feel oddly satisfying. And so it should, given the fact that the bulk of the game is, well, doing exactly that — but in style. It isn’t a new thing by any means, but thanks to the game’s compelling comic-book artwork and chaotic mechanics, it’s easy to see why so many fans have stapled it to their to-do lists.

To cut straight to the chase, if you are after something that’ll scratch that one itch, in particular, then there’s a good chance that you’ll find comfort in one of these five unruly creations. Need we say more? Here are the best games like Anger Foot in 2024.

5. Bulletstorm

Bulletstorm: Gameplay Trailer

Bulletstorm brings the butt-whipping pistol kicks to a pedigree of smoke and haze-fueled combat scenarios in a fresh and effortlessly sprightly campaign. Its gameplay, much like Anger Foot, revolves around executing large amounts of enemies with a myriad of high-powered weapons, and mantling their heads with the tip of your steel cap boot. There’s combat, and a lot of it — hence it being appropriately titled, you know, Bulletstorm.

Bulletstorm follows Grayson and Ishi, two former black-ops agents-turned-space pirates who, upon hearing of their General’s true intentions, take it upon themselves to enact revenge on the evil tyrant. It’s a campaign that’s evidently riddled with twists, turns, and enough bullet holes to keep you unloading clips for weeks, months, and even years to come. In short, if you’re after a relatively short but action-packed trip into an alien world that’ll allow you to exercise your brutal powers and raw kicks, then you needn’t look any further.

4. High on Life

HIGH ON LIFE Official Game Trailer | Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022

High on Life might not offer you quite as many face-kicking options as Anger Foot, but where it lacks in kicking, it most definitely makes up for in wacky, and oddly satisfying sharpshooting and witty action. And if you’re a die-hard fan of Adult Swim’s Rick & Morty, then you’re in for a real treat with this one. Simply put, it’s alien-fueled pandemonium on a silver platter, and it brings the best of any modern first-person shooter experience to a quirky and digestible story that, in all honesty, probably won’t leave your mind for a good few years. Thanks, Squanch Games.

High on Life throws you directly into the fray of an alien planet that’s been dominated by—wait for it—talking weapons and foul-mouthed villains. As a newcomer to this world, you must harness the power of said weapons and right a few wrongs in order to find your way back home. It’s ludicrously fast-paced, and absolutely bursting at the seams with toilet humor and unforgettable one-liners — two items that’ll no doubt make any Rick & Morty fan happy, for sure.

3. Metal: Hellsinger

Metal Hellsinger - Serj Tankian (System of a Down) Trailer

Metal: Hellsinger takes a leaf of out of DOOM’s book, in the fact that the game mainly revolves around kicking baddies in the teeth with several types of ammunition, and banging your head to a series of metal-induced scores to a rhythmic beat. That’s really all it is: an episodic adventure in which the combat never stops, and the music only gets louder as you shovel your way through wave after wave of demonic foes. So, quite the love letter to DOOM, after all.

Granted, Metal: Hellsinger doesn’t feature the most memorable storyline in the world, but it does include a wide variety of repeatable levels and game modes. What’s more, it also offers a huge range of weapons, objectives, and abilities to upgrade, too. So again, if you don’t mind missing out on a hearty premise, then you’d be right to plant roots in the hellish world of Metal: Hellsinger.

2. Shadow Warrior

Shadow Warrior 3 - Launch Trailer | PS5, PS4

Shadow Warrior strikes hard as one of the best first-person arcade shooters on the market, and not to mention one of the most humorous series of its kind. In a similar vein as High on Life, the game projects a series of bullet-brazen episodic tales in which players must wade through copious amounts of enemies and waves of environmental puzzles. There’s humor in every action you take, and a boatload of bloodshed to onboard, to say the least.

For the most part, Shadow Warrior follows the modern-day ninja, Lo Wang, as he attempts to dismantle a demonic horde, piece by piece. Armed to the teeth with a trusty katana and a series of high-powered assault weapons, you will take to the hellish locales of a world torn in two and, you know, do your thing as the fledgling tongue-in-cheek warrior. It’s zany, unhinged, and unexplainably outrageous. What more can we say? It’s Shadow Warrior, clear as day.

1. Hotline Miami

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number - Dial Tone Trailer

Hotline Miami stems from the same brains that brought us the initial drafts for Anger Foot. In other words, if you thought the latter had a questionable amount of similar components as the former, then congratulations — that’s ten points, right there. Alas, Hotline Miami isn’t your everyday first-person shooter, but more of a top-down, eighties-inspired romp through a series of energetic levels, all of which scream Miami Vice on an acid trip. Or, something like that, anyway.

Hotline Miami hurls you into the thick of a criminal underworld—an empire in which you, a mask-sporting mercenary, must infiltrate and monopolize. Equipped with little more than a chicken mask and two throbbing fists, you will need to traverse a myriad of locations and underground operations, and with the power of your bare hands, enact your plans to overthrow the organizations and, of course, pay homage to the mysterious caller who puts you on the line every waking hour.


So, what’s your take? Will you be picking up any of the above five games this months? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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