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5 Best Dungeon Crawlers on Switch



The dungeon crawler is a genre that has stood the test of time. This is a genre that has seen many innovations. But at its core, it is the strength of the gameplay and exploration elements that make these games shine. That said, naturally there have been many takes on the genre over the years. We are here to highlight some of the best experiences on Nintendo Switch. So without further ado, enjoy our picks for the 5 Best Dungeon Crawlers on Switch.

5. Death's Door

Starting off today's list of the best dungeon crawlers on Switch, we have Death's DoorDeath's Door is a game in which players will be able to delve through dungeons, all the while being draped in a charming and memorable art style. Added to this, is the game's stellar combat system, which helps the game feel great in the moment-to-moment gameplay, and you have a recipe for success. That is hardly all this title has to offer players, however. This is certainly a gaming experience that players aren't going to forget any time soon.

The world within the game is one that is bleak and depressing, but it is in how this world is depicted that Death's Door truly shines. Moving throughout this game's world feels great and this fat only serves to drive the player forward. As players progress through the game, they will encounter unique bosses that they will have to defeat. Each of these bosses feels different mechanically and visually, making for a varied experience. All in all, Death's Door is a fantastic game and certainly one of the best dungeon crawlers on Nintendo Switch.

4. Enter The Gungeon

Next up on our list of the best dungeon crawlers on Switch, we have Enter The GungeonEnter The Gungeon is a game that takes the strong dungeon design of many roguelike games, and distills it into a wonderfully replayable experience. Players are able to shoot, duck, dip, dive, and dodge their way to victory. This is a feeling that never ceases to feel rewarding for the player. This is due partially, to how strong the core gameplay loop of the game is, as well as its randomly generated dungeons.

Generating the dungeons in this way means that players will never know what to expect when they load up the game. While there are a few elements that remain the same throughout various playthroughs, this varies the gameplay quite a bit. The game has a class system for players to choose their characters from as well, each of the characters specializing in a certain role. All of this adds up to create a very well-polished gaming experience anyone can enjoy. So, in closing, Enter The Gungeon is one of the best dungeon crawlers on Nintendo Switch to date.

3. Torchlight II

Next up on our list of the best dungeon crawlers available on Nintendo Switch, we have Torchlight II. Now, while the Torchlight series may lack the name recognition of other titles on this list, the gameplay it offers is in a word, phenomenal. Players are able to customize their characters and choose from several tried and true classes. This class system allows for tons of variety and player identity in each and every character created. But, it is within the world that this game truly shines.

Players are able to take on great challenges, either with friends or AI. This is great, as it eliminates the need to have more players around you to play the game. Also, the game has a pet system for players who enjoy those, which is nice. This game truly manages to distill the ARPG experience into something wonderfully fantastical in the classical sense of the term. And, added to this, is the New Game Plus mode, for players who enjoy the challenge of the game. In closing, Torchlight II is one of the best dungeon crawlers that Switch owners must check out.

2. Hades

For our next entry, we have a dungeon crawler that received much praise following its release. Hades is a brilliant example of when focused gameplay, meets a rewarding gameplay loop. Players will be able to move throughout the game's wonderfully designed dungeons, in a way that feels snappy and intuitive. This is great, as it makes the simple act of playing Hades feel fantastic from moment to moment. For fans of Greek mythology, there are tons of references and things to love about the characters in the game as well.

This gives the game a distinct style and setting all its own. This is wonderful and allows the game to stand out in a beautiful way. While Hades is a game that could certainly be described as challenging, it is also a fun time. Upon death, instead of being punished, players are able to choose new buffs and abilities to take into their next run. This balances out the gameplay of the game quite well. Striking this important balance is at the core of what makes this game so great. Overall, Hades is a brilliant game and certainly deserves to be considered one of the best dungeon crawlers on Nintendo Switch.

1. Darkest DungeonDark Fantasy Games

Now comes the time for our last entry. Darkest Dungeon is a game that, in many ways, perhaps epitomizes the dungeon crawling experience. This can be seen in the many design decisions that go into the game. Players are able to engage in turn-based combat that not only feels grueling but also rewarding. This manages to balance the risk-to-reward factor quite well in the game. Players will quickly find themselves creating internal relationships with the game's characters as they move throughout this gorgeously stylized world.

The game's gothic art style is also a highlight of this title. This marvelous macabre style allows the game to stick out in many ways, while also adding to the oppressive nature of the game's combat. Players are incentivized through quite a few things however, this is a game that sings the player's praises when they accomplish tasks and rips them to shreds when met with failure. This overall adds to the charm of the game, though. In short, Darkest Dungeon is a title that you must play if you enjoy dungeon crawlers.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Dungeon Crawlers on Switch? What are some of your favorite dungeon crawlers? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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