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5 Best Demos on PlayStation 5 in 2023



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The PlayStation 5 has a great selection of game demos. These demos allow players to get a taste of the full experiences that they offer players. That said, some demos are definitely more feature complete and stand out amongst others. This is wonderful, as it allows the player to make an informed decision surrounding which games they are going to purchase and why. If you are someone who enjoys playing game demos, please enjoy our list of the 5 Best Demos on PlayStation 5 in 2023.

5. Street Fighter 6

Starting off our list of the best demos on PlayStation 5 in 2023, we have Street Fighter 6. Now, for those unaware, the pure unadulterated hype surrounding this game was immense. Players have been looking for the sequel to Street Fighter 5 for quite some time. And, with Street Fighter 6, the developers definitely delivered. The game features many aspects that fans love about the series. And it manages to do this all while innovating in new and fresh ways that really mix up the combat. This is great, and coupled with the bold new art direction and crisp graphics, this game served as a treat for fighting game fans.

The demo is but a little taste of what is available in the full title. But even then what is on offer is certainly commendable. Players are able to play the game's World Tour mode, as well as practice with the two characters allotted to the player. Additionally, allowing the players to practice as much as they want is a brilliant way to advertise and entice people to purchase the full game. To close, Street Fighter 6 has one of the best demos available on PlayStation 5.

4. Oaken

Switching things up considerably, from a highly-praised fighting game to a beautiful tactical turn-based title, we have OakenOaken is a game that aesthetically is brilliant, and manages to pull players in off the strength of that alone. However, upon closer inspection, the game brings players a wonderful card-battling experience that stands out in all the right ways. The demo for the game also allows players to complete quite a bit of content, which is always great to see. For fans of card battlers, this game will come as a refreshing experience.

The game features wonderful character designs that all manage to stand out in their own way. Throughout their time with the game, players will have to upgrade their decks in order to succeed. The demo allows players to experience quite a bit of this, which allows them to make an informed decision. Firstly, this is wonderful and allows players to see the appeal of the game early on, without having a barrier to entry, or monetary investment. In conclusion, if you are looking for a fantastic card-based title to pick up, check out one of the best demos on PlayStation 5.

3.  Super Dark Deception

For an entry that is a far cry from our last entry, we have Super Dark DeceptionSuper Dark Deception is a game that pulls the world of Dark Deception into the nostalgic-filled world of sixteen-bit. This gives the game a visual appeal all its won, that doesn't retract but rather enhances the experience on offer. Being lovingly crafted in this 2D style, the game stands out in many ways. Players will have to contend with enemies that cannot be defeated and moved on from. This is due to the fact, that players may stun enemies, but only for a short time.

This places players in a situation in which they will have to think their way out of sticky situations. That isn't to say that this is the only difficulty players will face in the game. There are numerous traps of different types players will have to avoid throughout the demo. This inclusion allows the game's already maze-like structure to stand out even more. Finally, the game's demo gives players a great sense of what the game has to offer, and if you haven't already, definitely check out one of the best demos on PlayStation 5.

2. Lies of PGamescom 2022 Best World Premieres

For our entry, we have a game that has captured the hearts of many players with its aesthetic and gameplay. Lies of P is a game that takes the popular fairy tale of Pinnochio and sticks to the tale's more grim roots. This is great and automatically sets the game apart from many other titles. It accomplishes this in quite a few ways. For fans of Souls-borne games, this title seems to appeal strongly to those sensibilities and tastes. Which is wonderful, as often, the quality on display in those titles is great. And, with Lies of P, you can tell from the outset that the commitment to quality will be upheld within this title as well.

This can be seen in the attention to detail placed in the game's animations, combat, and much more. The environments and overall design of the game alone are enough to receive high praise. Couple that with responsive, fun, and stellar gameplay, and you have a recipe for success. Additionally, the demo allows players to see a great bit of the game, certainly enough to entice them to purchase. For its unique premise and setting, and wonderful gameplay feel, we consider Lies of P one of the best demos on PlayStation 5.

1. Final Fantasy XVI

For our final entry, it should come as no surprise at all, that we have Final Fantasy XVI. The amount of confidence with which this game's demo shows its hand is a testament to the quality that is within the game. Players can play the demo as much as they wish, and get a great feel for the game before they decide on a purchase. This is incredibly consumer friendly and allows players to make an informed decision. That said, there are a plethora of reasons why players would want o pick up this tile.

These reasons include things such as stellar gameplay, a brave new direction for the game's story, and more. For players who have been consistently playing the Final Fantasy franchise, this title feels like a culmination of those efforts. The game went to great lengths to improve many of the pain points that players had with previous titles in the series. This makes Final Fantasy XVI overall, a more appealing game. So if you are looking to try out one of the best demos on PlayStation 5, make sure you give this one a try.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Demos on PlayStation 5 in 2023? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.


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