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Arms Trade Tycoon: Tanks – 5 Best Tips for Beginners

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Arms Trade Tycoon: Tanks Tips

Though the official release is yet to come, Arms Trade Tycoon: Tanks promises to set the record as the title in gaming history with the perfect blend of history and imagination in a video game. Its early access version went live on February 6, 2024, and tycoon-games fans can’t wait to immerse themselves in the game that comes with so much depth. The developer, FunGi, imagined a simulation video game that lets players research, design, build, and trade war machines.

You can create the world-famous tanks of all time or reverse-engineer existing designs to introduce unseen instruments of war. As we wait for the official release, here are Arms Trade Tycoon: Tanks 5 best tips for beginners.

5. Pick a Difficulty Option that Fits You

Arms Trade Tycoon: Tanks

The simulation game Arms Trade Tycoon: Tanks pits you in charge of the arms trading firm at different levels. Once you launch the game on your console and select to start a new game, the game presents you with three gameplay difficulty options: Apprentice, Entrepreneur, and True Tycoon.

Each level comes with different resources and difficulty levels, but the Apprentice is your best shot for beginners. You can try it out for your first couple of sessions before you grasp all the ins and outs of Arms Trade Tycoon: Tanks’ gameplay as you journey to become the true British arms tycoon.

You will likely find it easy to play through at the Apprentice level and have cash in hand to run your corporation. With 1.4 million, you have 40% more than players in Entrepreneur get and 50% more than when playing True Tycoon. That leaves you with more facilities to build with minimal maintenance expenses, and getting contracts will also be much easier. If Arms Trade Tycoon: Tanks is your first tycoon game, you can save yourself the frustration of starting at challenging levels.

4. Know the Structures to Build First

Structures to Build

Arms Trade Tycoon: Tanks test your military knowledge and management skills. You start making critical decisions right from the start, and they are critical for the survival of your arms company. Essentially, you need the infrastructure for your tank company, which you must build from scratch. That is, from the administration hub to the Research Bureau, the Warehouse, the Engineering Bureau, and the Production Hall.

The ability to set up everything quickly sounds great, but that makes the game less interesting. Besides, you only have a certain balance at the start of the game, and spending it all on building only sets you up for bankruptcy. So, it’s good to consider the most essential buildings and their costs.

Each department also has facilities where you must decide what to start with. For instance, the Research Bureau, which is probably one of the most important, has the Innovative Division, Analytics Division, and Firepower Lab, to name a few. You’ll get a bonus for building any facilities, but the percentages and effectiveness vary. Mathematically, the Firepower and Structure Labs provide better facilities to build in the Research Bureau despite having a 10% bonus like most other facilities.

3. Maximize Tank Design

A Tank in Design Stage

You can start building your first tank as soon as you launch the game. You don’t have to wait for the first order to procure materials. Begin with the components that are already available. However, this doesn’t mean a basic tank design will serve you all along.

The game is set in 1914, when the tanks' designs weren’t that complex. As time progresses, you must constantly upgrade to suit the current demands. Additionally, your arms company will be designing and selling fighting machines for France, Germany, Britain, Russia, and the USA in the future. Only the trades of Britain are available for now, but all these countries have political systems and war terrains.

As the tank design tycoon, you must gain access to various corporate advances with tank design at the core. Take advantage of game functionalities like reverse engineering once a rival tank is captured to develop unprecedented war instruments.

The game will notify you of rival tanks you can acquire to replicate advanced designs and re-engineer for more advanced fighting machines. But at the same time, you will not be purchasing every captured piece of equipment that pops up. Once you receive a world news event, check the equipment specifications first. If you already have access to the tank’s components, buying it would make little sense.

2. Grow Your Reputation with Contracts

A successful supply contract

When you have tank designs that suit the war terrain, nothing stops you from confidently scouring for tenders. Whether they are restocking contracts or fresh supply, winning deals will greatly boost your company. But first, remember to check the tender specifications. You want to note details like success score, tank role, number of tanks, and delivery date to ensure your company meets customer requirements. Other specialized attribute groups like mobility, crew performance, repairability, firepower, and protection are also important.

If you meet all the requirements, you can propose a competitive offer to the customer with the best price, adjusted quantity, and convenient delivery dates, but be sure to review the success score. Having successful negotiations and trades helps your company gain an edge over the competition and could make you the powerhouse for exclusive tank deals.

1. Avoid Unnecessary Costs

Amenities and their cost

Tycoon games are the only video games whose greatest threat is going bankrupt. That’s why cutting down on cost ranks first among the Arms Trade Tycoon: Tanks: 5 Best Tips for Beginners. You will have an operating balance at the start, but once you’ve spent a huge chunk on building and maintenance, only closing deals will keep you afloat. Besides saving costs by only building what’s necessary, you can minimize your expenses by cutting unnecessary expenses.

For instance, most of the buildings have considerable maintenance costs. The Administrator's building, for example, requires $5,000 for administration and an equivalent amount for Fire Stations. You can, therefore, audit the buildings to see what’s no longer useful and demolish the buildings to avoid incurring maintenance costs.

So, are our Arms Trade Tycoon: Tanks 5 Best Tips for Beginners useful? Let us know your thoughts here on our socials or in the comments. 

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