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Building an empire from the comfort of your own home couldn't be simpler. That is, providing you don't mind forking over all your resources into laying its foundations. And if time is on your side, then there really isn't a limit to what you can accomplish in a world like Roblox. Thanks to the countless Roblox tycoon games that call the platform home, you too can climb the corporate ladder and build something of a virtual legacy.

The good news is, Roblox allocates an entire portion of its platform to business management and all-round tycoon games, so you don't exactly have to look too far to get your hands on one. But if you're looking to set up shop in five of the best pockets on the nexus, then be sure to channel your creativity into these untapped prize pools.

5. Theme Park Tycoon 2

Roblox: Theme Park Tycoon 2 Trailer

Theme park management simulators have retained a foothold in the gaming industry for the best part of thirty or more years now. And while the algorithm hasn't been altered all that much since its inception, a number of high quality textbook examples have definitely come to fruition in its time. Theme Park Tycoon 2for example, boasts a wide selection of features specially designed for Roblox, a lot of which can be accessed from a familiar interface.

Granted, Theme Park Tycoon 2 does harbor its fair share of complex nodes, which, in all fairness, can require a hands-on approach to comprehend. That said, once you're able to grasp the fundamentals of theme park management and construction, the blocky world soon becomes your oyster, thereby leaving you to pour as much life and soul into its development as you can handle. In a world without limits, what will you choose to create? Best make it a theme park, of course.

4. Retail Tycoon

New Retail Tycoon Trailer

Retail Tycoon has held a spot at the top of the tycoon tier for a little over a decade now, with its initial release rolling out back in 2012. Since then, the management simulator has gone on to receive hundreds, if not thousands of updates, which is precisely why it continues to host upwards of a million players on a daily basis. And with the game only on the rise with a plethora of freshly implemented features, Roblox players can get involved with an ever-evolving community — one that hosts some of the most creative décor-loving designers on the platform.

The idea is simple, yet effective: build a retail outlet that has the potential to conquer the high street. From small beginnings as a local store, to a bustling megaplex that sits as the beacon of the community — you will work to create, advertise, and provide a world with fresh innovations and personalized crafts. Through designs, layouts, and merchandise, you will build the next big thing — and from the comfort of your own home, no less.

3. Restaurant Tycoon

Restaurant Tycoon (Official Trailer)

If the culinary arts has been calling out to you for quite some time, then perhaps it's time to cash in on the concept of piloting your own award-winning restaurant. Thanks to the Roblox world of Restaurant Tycoonyou too can share your taste for good food and Feng Shui by developing your very own Michelin star eatery.

Of course, there's far more to building the hottest eating spot in town than cooking quality dishes. To make a lasting impression on the community, you'll also need to formulate an award-winning design and flesh it out with aesthetically appealing furniture and color-coordinated items, too. Whatever you choose to make it, rest assured that Restaurant Tycoon hosts all the right tools to turn your vision into a virtual reality.

2. Boardwalk Tycoon

If you're keen to take on the boardwalk scene and fight to put your own spot in the runnings for being the trendiest hangout in Roblox, then it's time you cast your eye on Boardwalk Tycoona free-to-play building and management simulator that gives you unlimited creative control over your very own summer getaway.

As owners of your own boardwalk, you will need to devise new ways to attract visitors, be it through stalls, slideshows, or activities. In Boardwalk Tycoon, the only thing that stays the same is the blazing hot sun beating down on your own portion of paradise, which leaves you, the ambassador of entertainment, the flexibility to do whatever you want to make it your own.

1. Hospital Tycoon

It's time to establish a state-of-the-art medical facility in Hospital Tycoonan immensely popular free-to-play Roblox server that blends business simulation with deep and immersive roleplay. As owners of a squeaky clean hospital, you will work to research new and innovative ideas to help turn the practice into a bastion of pride for the community. By getting to know your patients and expanding on your wards, you can create the next big thing, which you can even share with the rest of the tycoon-loving player base.

Coined as one of the most popular tycoon games on the Roblox homepage, the relatively new RP has garnered the support of hundreds of millions of visits. So, if you fancy yourself as a doctor of the medical arts and have a sharp eye for business strategies, then be sure to clock in with Hospital Tycoon.


So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? Are there any tycoon games you'd recommend for this list? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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