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All Bosses in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, Ranked

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Bosses in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

While Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty isn’t as brutal as most Soulslike games, it still demands an incredible amount of patience and endurance to get through. That’s largely owed to the many frustrating enemies you encounter as you fight to survive the chaotic Three Kingdoms. But no enemy compares to the tough-as-nails bosses, curated to challenge even the best action veterans out there. 

From as early as the first boss fight, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty demands absolute perfection in the way you master and memorize attack patterns. Each consecutive parry must land at the most opportune time. Without figuring out individual boss moves, then executing well-timed deflections and counterattacks, you might as well kiss defeating the bosses in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty goodbye. 

Ready to explore 184 AD, later Han Dynasty China and battle against the toughest demons to walk the earth? Here are all the bosses in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, ranked, that you can expect to encounter. A quick note is that even though there are over 30 boss fights in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, we’ve listed only the mandatory bosses needed to defeat to advance the main story.

20. Hua Xiong

How To Beat Hua Xiong In Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Hua Xiong is a military general who guards the garrison gate. He’s one of Dong Zhuo’s officers, whose boss we’ll see in a bit. He uses his mace to attack, either by quickly dashing forward with it, stabbing, or lifting it up before swinging it downwards. Dodging or parrying his attacks should do the trick.

19. Yuan Shao

Wo Long - Yuan Shao Boss Fight (4K)

Yuan Shao is a tailed demon capable of casting massive ice shards and projectiles.  He also uses his tail to land critical blows. The good news is Yuan Shao doesn’t move around too much, so you can try to get closer to cast spells to deal significant damage. If he’s about to cast ice, then retreat or deflect them. Oh, there’s no bad news, thankfully.

18. Dong Zhuo

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Boss Fight - How To Beat DONG ZHUO

Dong Zhuo is a big spear-wielding soldier. He unleashes lunge attacks that are pretty fast and deal extensive damage. Additionally, he shoots projectile daggers and executes fast-paced critical blow attacks. Make sure to bring a friend or two along. Otherwise, you’ll take lots of damage a little too quickly.

17. The General of Earth, Zhang Bao

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Boss Fight - How To Beat Zhang Bao, General Of Earth

Zhang Bao is an incredibly easy boss to defeat. Not that I’m complaining. He wields fire spells, which you can deflect or cast a water spell to counter. Overall, Zhang Bao is a highly welcome breather compared to the rest of the bunch.

16. Zhuyan

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Boss Fight - How To Beat Zhuyan

The giant ape-like demon, Zhuyan, isn’t a particularly difficult boss to fight, provided you place more focus on well-timed deflections to increase your Spirit gauge, so you can progressively deal Spirit damage. Also, watch out for Zhuyan’s critical blow attack, signaled by a red sparkle on his body, and you’ll be good to go.

15. Fengxi

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Boss Fight - How To Beat Fengxi

Fengxi is a giant warthog whose bulkiness tends to make him rather slow. Since he causes more harm if you target him head-on, try to attack from either side. When he jumps in the air and tries to hit you with his belly, be sure to deflect, and well, you’ll have another relatively easier fight completed.

14. Baishe

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Boss Fight - How To Beat Baishe

Baishe is a serpent with huge tentacles all over his body. The tentacles unleash stabbing attacks, while the tail unleashes a spin attack up to two times at a time. Also, watch out for poison attacks, which she spits out on the arena. Specifically, try not to step on these.

13. Sun Jian

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Boss Fight - How To Beat SUN JIAN (Baihu Form)

Sun Jian is a bipedal tiger demon who was formerly a friend to you. Regardless, he’s a pretty fast boss, speeding from one end of the room to another with ease. Watch out for his clawed paws and the critical blow attack that he does in an upward slash with his tail.

12. Liu Bei

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Boss Fight - How To Defeat Fallen Liu Bei

Liu Bei is a fast-paced boss, much faster than other bosses. He also flies across the arena, quickly descending on you from above in an unfamiliar playstyle; you may experience difficulty learning to parry.

Additionally, Liu Bei unleashes lightning attacks that have an extensive AoE spread, which can prove tricky to evade when you’re busy trying to parry his melee blows.

11. Yan Liang and Wen Chou

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Boss Fight - How To Beat Yan Liang And Wen Chou

Yan Liang and Wen Chou come in pairs, unleashing devastating, alternating attacks at a time.  Just for the simple fact that they’re two bosses in one fight, you should probably engage them with reinforcements, preferably bringing a couple of friends along.

Although landing critical strikes that drain their spirit gauges takes a lot of work, it’s not necessarily a long fight to endure. Having a friend take on Yan Liang, while you deal with Wen Chou, or vice versa, certainly helps cut down on the frustration.

10. The General of Heaven, Zhang Jiao

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Boss Fight - How To Beat Zhang Jiao

Zhang Jiao attacks using elemental strikes that have a longer impact. You can counter his lightning strikes with water and earth attacks. Also, watch out for his giant spiked projectile that deals a critical blow.  

So long as you dodge Zhang Jiao’s lightning bolts, which also increase your Spirit gauge, and make good earth and water counters, you should get to the fatal strike when the lock on the door turns red to end the fight.

9. Xiahou Dun

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Boss Fight - How To Beat Xiahou Dun

Xiahou Dun is a demonic angel who has spectacular flaming scythes that send chills down your spine at first sight. He’s also the winged kind, appearing as flames that engulf him  and which deal fire damage, too. 

Because of the wealth of flames around Xiahou Dun, it can be pretty difficult to execute the kind of perfectly timed parry attacks that Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty demands. So much so, that it can start to become annoying to dodge the wealth of “stuff” that fill the arena. With grit and patience, though, learning and winning this fight is just around the corner.

8. Zhang Liao

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Boss Fight - How To Beat Zhang Liao

Zhang Liao is, at his core, a mimic of the player’s fighting style. So, if you’ve been relying on fast-paced dodging and aggressive melee strikes, you may want to restrategize your playstyle a bit. What’s more? Zhang Liao unleashes devastating lightning attacks, whether they're from his weapons or as a series of lightning bolts charged around you.

Learning to melee while also parrying the lightning bolts is incredibly difficult. Zhang Liao will deal aerial attacks and fast ground slashes, whose only remedy is long-range spells to avoid taking too much damage. Fortunately, the arena has more wiggle room for me to circle around and hit him where it hurts at the most opportune times.

7. Taotie

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Boss Fight - How To Beat Taotie

A whopping three-phase boss fight to get through, Taotie is a humongous beast that looks like a humanoid sheep you’ll wish you never met. I mean, his mere appearance is an abomination, feasting off the fear in your eyes.

Taotie’s attacks are ruthless, often hurling three crystal projectiles, stomping, belly flops, or even rolling over you. Although it seems like an impossible feat, Taotie is actually one of the easiest bosses to defeat. All you need to do is aim for the crystals on one of his legs, deflect when he stomps his legs, and when his Spirit gauge depletes, land a critical strike on his eye.

6. Aoye

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Boss Fight - How To Beat Aoye

At first sight, Aoye looks like an abomination. He’s not the most impressively designed creature, but he sure is a mix of ideas that only Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty could execute at their best. What’s great about Aore, though, isn’t his appearance, but his powerful attacks that don’t seem to follow a prescribed formula. They come in from every angle, and almost never follow the same timing.

Aore represents the ultimate test of patience and grit. He has all sorts of things he can do, from tentacle strikes to tail whips to horn attacks to firing ice shards, you name it. Ultimately, with the too small window of vulnerability he opens up, it’s tough to say just how long you can take to defeat him, or how daring one needs to be to take him on.

5. Yu Ji / Embodiment of Demonic Qi

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Boss Fight - How To Defeat Yu Ji

Just when you’re nearly at the end of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’s grueling journey, the game throws at you the boss fight against Yu Ji. This shouldn’t worry you as much as the real battle against the demonic dragon-like creature called the Embodiment of Demonic Qi.

So, essentially, you start the fight against Yu Ji in human form, who then majestically transforms into a cinematic mammoth dragon. The latter poses a bigger challenge, thanks to the multiple critical sword slashes and extensive AoE attacks that fill the arena and leave you with just a few safe spaces to navigate in.

4. Blindfolded Boy

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Final Boss Fight - How To Defeat Blindfolded Boy

Also close to the end of the game, you’ll encounter the Blindfolded Boy who shouldn’t, by any means, make you let your guard down. He uses almost every elemental power there is, from fire to ice to lightning to rocks to poison attacks, and unleashes hell on earth. Additionally, his melee attacks are pretty great, which also extend farther into AoE attacks. 

It almost feels like a last test of your skills and mastery so far. How quick you are to counter. How accurate your deflection timings are. Or, how far you can push yourself, even while on the last stride. Though he appears timid, compared to the other bosses on this list, don’t let his appearance deter you from staying glued to the end goal.

3. Zhang Rang

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Boss Fight - How To Beat ZHANG RANG

Another general you’ll encounter is Zhang Rang. He emulates a concept you may have already seen in other games of summoning clones of himself, mid-battle. Well, except he doesn’t give you breathing space, as he summons small armies of clones at a time.

In no time, the fight against Zhang Rang can easily turn into a nightmare, with attacks coming in from every angle. Eventually, it becomes chaotic enough to lose track of the elemental attacks, basic attacks, or critical strikes. Unless you’re lucky enough to beat the clones, the real fight against the real boss would never actually begin.

2. Lu Bu

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty - Lu Bu, Mightiest Among Men - Main Battlefield Part 5 Full Walkthrough

Lu Bu is a centaur that spits fire. He’s first encountered in human form before transforming into his centaur demon form in Lu Bu, Mightiest Among Men. Lu Bu uses axe swings to deal damage, plus his damn horse, which occasionally runs you over. Bringing an ally is a no question here, at least if you’d like to survive the first and second fights against him. 

It’s funny because the first boss fight makes it seem like a spell check for all you need to know to conquer Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Then, Lu Bu comes in and says, “think again,” because there’s apparently so much more you’ve yet to master.

1. The General of Man, Zhang Liang

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty - Zhang Liang, General of Man Boss Fight

A mere 30 minutes into the game’s de facto tutorial section, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty throws at you your first boss fight, which turns out to be the best boss fight in the entire game. You may have heard about Zhang Liang’s brutality from the many folks on the internet who got bodied by him. Rest assured, the reviews don’t nearly capture how frustrating the fight actually is.

It can take as many as five to twelve hours to defeat this guy. At some point, you’ll find yourself wanting to put your head through a wall—or, more appropriately, dig your own grave, thanks to the countless times he kills you. The fact that he’s the first boss you meet doesn’t mean he’ll go easy on you, and Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty makes this fact crystal clear. 

Zhang Liang is a giant spike-club-wielding general you’ll encounter in two phases. He serves as a sort of skill check, attacking you relentlessly, and dealing significant damage. Even if you’ve barely learned how combat works, Zhang Liang makes it so you learn it the hardest way possible. He’s equally fast, and keeps his defenses up, so you must grind your way to victory. As far as Soulslike games, or any other ones in recent memory, go, Zhang Liang takes a solid win for the most brutal boss ever.

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our all bosses in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, ranked list? Which boss is your favorite? Let us know down in the comments or over on our socials here

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