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Imagine our world turned into a scary, ruined place. Alien creatures have taken over, and almost all people are hiding underground. Now, what if a group of special girls had the power to fight back and save us all? These aren't just any girls; they're cloned warriors who can control powerful fighting machines known as “Fathers.” Sounds exciting, right?

You might be wondering: Who exactly are these clone girls? What are these “Fathers” they control? And how did the world get so messed up? Don't worry; we've got the answers. Whether you love action-packed games, spooky sci-fi stories, or just want to know what all the fuss is about, 9th Sentinel Sisters has something for you. So, let's dive in—here's everything we know so far about 9th Sentinel Sisters.

What is 9th Sentinel Sisters?

9th Sentinel Sisters Game

9th Sentinel Sisters is an upcoming roguelike action game that aims to captivate players with a gripping fusion of science fiction and horror elements. The game is first coming out as an Early Access game on Steam. While it will have all the action you'd expect, it also adds in something extra with rogue-like features, making it different from your average action game.

It blends together all the things we love about combat and exploration but adds its own twist. This makes the game world change and keeps players on their toes. The game is set to come out on Steam for PC gamers, but its unique style will likely attract fans from all sorts of gaming backgrounds. So, what's the big deal? The game is daring and different. It features clone girls as the heroes who have to navigate a world that has been destroyed. This isn't just a game about fast action; it's also about making you think and feel. It promises a deep and engaging experience that is more than just a series of battles.


The game sets the stage on a desolated Earth, ravaged by extraterrestrial entities known as “Bleed,” which have emerged from a dormant meteorite. Humanity has been cornered and forced into underground havens known as Arks. These Arks now symbolize the last remnants of human civilization, which are facing a continuous, almost overwhelming threat.

At the core of this storyline are the clone girls, who serve as the game's protagonists. They operate from frontline bases and are humanity's best bet at countering the Bleed menace. The clone girls pilot the “Father,” a manned weapon system created specifically to thwart the alien threat. The narrative explores their life and challenges, creating an emotional connection with the player.


In 9th Sentinel Sisters, you'll step into a world full of action, sci-fi, and a touch of horror. You'll be able to pick from 16 different weapons for your clone girl character. Each weapon will let you fight the aliens, known as “Bleed,” in a new way. Plus, there will be 34 parts to make your weapon even stronger. This means you can try out a lot of different tactics to win.

But it's not just about the weapons. You'll also have to make big choices in the game. Do you go straight into battle against strong enemies? Or do you take some time to make your weapons better first? The game will make you think on your feet. Each choice you make can change how things turn out, keeping the game exciting every time you play.

What's also interesting is that the game will have missions. These are short, focused bits of gameplay that give you a specific challenge. Even if you play the same mission more than once, it won't be the same experience. This keeps the game fresh and lets you try new strategies each time.

Lastly, the game is set to grow and get even better over time. The makers plan to add new items, stages, and enemies. They even want to put in more of the story as time goes on. So, you can expect new, exciting things to keep popping up, making you want to come back and play some more.


9th Sentinel Sisters is being developed by a company called Live Wire. They want to make a game that changes and gets better with help from the people who play it. That's why they're starting with an “Early Access” version on Steam. This way, players can try the game early and tell the company what they like or don't like. Live Wire will use this feedback to make the game even better.

You might be wondering about what's the plan for the game's future then. Well, Live Wire says the Early Access version will be around for about six months to a year. During this time, they will add new stuff to the game. This includes new items, new places to explore, and new enemies to fight. They will also add more to the story. Live Wire wants to make sure that 9th Sentinel Sisters is not just fun to play but also has a great story that keeps players interested.


9th Sentinel Sisters -1st Trailer-

The trailer gives us a quick look at the game's action and world. It shows how you'll fight and what challenges you'll face. If you haven't seen it yet, do watch the video embedded above. It's exciting and makes you want to play the game.

Release Date, Platforms & Editions

9th Sentinel Sisters

As of now, a specific release date hasn't been confirmed. However, we do know that the game will initially be available on PC via Steam's Early Access. Live Wire has mentioned that the pricing might be higher when the game is officially released, so early adoption could be beneficial. The Early Access version will already provide players with 16 types of weapons, 37 types of reinforcement parts, 3 heroes, and one strategic route to explore, making it a reasonably comprehensive gaming experience right out of the gate.

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