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5 Video Games That Will (Probably) Test Your Patience



Some games are notorious for being incredibly challenging and, as a result, for testing our patience. There's something about these games that's so infuriating but at the same time rewarding. Which is just the case in our list of video games that will test your patience. It's no surprise all of the games in this list are their own fair share of trial and error. They also hold a good amount of controller-breaking moments, but that's what you're here for.

If you're looking to beat any of these games, you have our utmost respect. It requires a certain sort of gamer with a unique attitude to persevere through these games. Their, mechanics, timing, and entire concept are just a cruel ploy for testing your patience. However, regardless of how sure you are in your ability to maintain patience, our number one pick will definitely put you to the ultimate test.


5. Bit.Trip Runner

BIT.TRIP Runner - Trailer

You know when you're listening to a song and you can't wait for your favorite verse to come? You may even jump the gun a little because you're so excited. Well, you'll have a hard time with that in Bit.Trip Runner. Since the 2D indie game's release in 2010, there hasn't been anything like it. The game's whole focus is on finding harmony with the timing and rhythm of your movements with the game's music. Furthermore, the proper time to jump, slide, or kick obstacles is set in accordance with the music, so you'll know if you're on beat or not.

Which is ultimately the most taxing element of your patience. It's an addictive sensation to play the game with, since the more in sync you are with the game's cues, the more the music opens up. You'll end up finding yourself playing the game more for perfecting your timing with its music, rather than the gameplay itself. Sometimes you can mess up and survive, but the entire track you've been perfecting along the way is ruined, and inevitably you'll want to restart. It's super addicting and may even have you pulling at your hair telling yourself just to breathe and be patient so you can jump on cue to hear the song in its entirety.



4. Elden Ring

ELDEN RING Official Launch Trailer

You probably already knew that Elden Ring was going to be an inclusion on this list and that's with good reason. The game is the ultimate test of patience for many reasons. Firstly, combat is all about timing and patience to wait for a window of attack. If you've ever played any FromSoftware game, you'll know just how much these games test your patience.

Secondly, for just how big the game is. It has to be if it's not, the biggest game you'll ever see, in terms of map, gameplay, enemies, content, basically everything. So don't expect to beat Elden Ring in your first week, or the first month for that matter. The game is a long haul of patience that will have you casting it into the shadows, just to come clawing back two weeks later.

Lastly, the ultimate test of patience in this game is dying. That's because, in order to level up in the game, you need to not die. Every time you perish, you'll lose all you're souls, which means all the progress you just made, was basically useless as you need to get those souls back. Coping with this fact will have your patience pushed beyond limits.



3. Cuphead

Cuphead Launch Trailer

A title that made waves for it's art-style, gameplay, and ability to test players' patience in 2017, was Cuphead. The game immediately blew up for its original cartoon animated style theme and challenging levels. The run and gun gameplay is centered around continuous boss fights and chaotic levels that are widely challenging. Imagine the combat of Asteroid or The Binding of Isacc, with a hint of Mario's side-scrolling, but the difficulty is beyond measure.

For video games that will test your patience, Cuphead is without a doubt on everyone's list. Each level and boss has a particular pattern of attacks that must be learned and timed properly in order to beat. So expect to have lots of trial and error with these games. Not to mention how sweaty it'll make your hands when you're on the verge of beating a boss one your last life. That's when you realize just how much your patience will be tested by this game.

It's also a great time to get into the game, as Cuphead 2 – The Delicious Last Course is releasing on June 30, 2022, and most likely will take over Cupheads spot on this list.



2. Sekiro: Shadows die twice

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - Official Launch Trailer | PS4

Another title developed by FromSoftware, that's asking for you to break your controller, is Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Many gamers have noted this game to be the hardest game they've ever played. That's most likely because it matches all of Elden Ring's patient-testing characteristics. However, it cranks the patience factor up with one aspect, which the name “Shadows Die Twice“, hints towards.

All of the game's bosses have two lives, and so do you, but it doesn't make things any easier. Some optional bosses however don't, but if you want to beat the game, you'll have to beat each boss twice, in one go. It really is a criminal idea once you consider all the patience-breaking factors it already shares with Elden Ring.



1. Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy Trailer

If you've already taken a look at the game's trailer, you may have an idea why Getting Over It is our number one game for testing your patience. It is ruthless in terms of progression. One small hiccup can see you restarting all the way from the beginning, and progress is not easily accomplished. The game is essentially just setback after setback and only gets harder the further you get. This makes these setbacks further on down the road, that much worst. So expect to have some controller-breaking moments.

The mechanics let alone will test your patience. They are janky, invigorating, and very difficult to master, almost to the point where they don't even function in a normal manner. Which shouldn't be a surprise as you're a half-man, half cauldron dude holding a sledgehammer trying to scale a monstrous mountain. If you're seeking for video games that will test your patience, this game will not “probably” do so; it will.


So what's your take? Do you agree with our list? Are there other video games do you know that will test your patience? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!


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