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5 Hardest PlayStation Exclusives of All Time, Ranked



Since the video game era began, gamers have clung to it for the peace and comfort it can bring you outside the real world. Gaming has always been a safe place to let off the stress you carry around day to day. Sometimes this can look like playing a fun Indie or story game to help blow off some much-needed stress. Ironically for some gamers, the only way to combat that stress is with an equally stressful game. If that's you, and your console of choice is PlayStation, then you are in luck. PlayStation holds some of the hardest exclusive titles across all consoles.

These games not only seek to reward you through vigorous effort, but look to challenge you in every way possible. That's why in this list you're only going to find games that are mechanically challenging and mentally demanding. Patience and persistence is the key to all the titles in this list, as we rank the five hardest PlayStation exclusives of all time.



5. Ghost of Tsushima

If you're looking for a challenging Japanese-inspired game, try out Ghost of Tsushima. It's based on true events from 1274 when the Mongol Empire invaded Japan on the island of Tsushima. Still, however, the game's story is developed with fictional characters, including the one you play. The protagonist, Jin Sakai is a samurai warrior who is expertly skilled with a blade, but that truly depends on your own swordsmanship expertise.

Wandering through the open world of Tsushima, you will be put to the test. After all, it is a challenge that you're yearning for. With its high skill gap that will take time to master, Ghost of Tsushima doesn't hold back on the challenge. It will take some time to grasp the learning curve and utilize it effectively, but as you improve, the game will lose some of its toughness. Regardless, it should pose a challenge for any intermediate gamer, but definitely not on the remote-breaking level.



4. Bloodborne

Look no farther than Bloodborne if you're seeking a difficult PlayStation exclusive. Developed by FromSoftware, the creative masterminds behind some of video games' most grueling titles like Dark Souls, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and Elden Ring. So if it's a challenge you seek, then any game developed by FromSoftware is ready to meet your demand. Bloodborne is one of those games that will challenge you in every way, especially your patience.

With an onslaught of disturbing and generally horrific enemies, all utilizing their own unique combination of attacks, it will take some time before you're confident in Bloodborne. Patience is essential in this game because, while the fighting is more fast-paced than in previous FromSoftware games, it's all about seizing your opportunity. That moment will come when you can strike back and annihilate your opponent, but you'll have to work hard to grant yourself that chance. Bloodborne can be enjoyed by gamers of all skill levels, however, only the most dedicated players will wind up completing one of the hardest PlayStation Exclusives.



3. Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry 5 will test your abilities to use a controller and construct fantastic combinations. How you work to combine your melee, range, and movement is really an open experience that gives you complete mechanical freedom. These features also open up and expand drastically depending on which player you're playing as.

As you progress through Devil May Cry 5, you'll be presented with moments where you can choose to play as the three main characters, Dante, Nero, or V. Each of these characters has an entirely distinct playstyle, with a vast network of possible ways to play. This proves to be one of the most difficult aspects to master, which will have you pulling out your hair trying to craft together well-orchestrated combinations.

Devil May Cry 5 is often argued with having one of the most developed combat systems out of any game. It's crucial that you master these mechanics as it's almost required in order to counter the complexity and difficulty of the bosses. This has gained the game the status of being one of the hardest PlayStation exclusives for its difficult mastery. If you're looking for a double-edged challenge, then take on Devil May Cry 5.



2. Demon Souls

Demon Souls was a game originally released for the PlayStation 3 back in 2009. It grew huge popularity for being one of the most challenging titles gamers could experience. This was before they saw the likes of Dark Souls. Fast-forward After almost a decade, PlayStation decided it would be a good idea to bring Demon Souls back on the PS5. You could argue this wasn't a smart idea on the grounds of constantly purchasing new controllers and maintaining your mental health.

If you thought the Dark Souls series pushed you to your limits, Demon Souls may force you to reassess your gaming genre. That's because more so than any other ARPG out there, Demon Souls pushes the boundaries of trying to perfect parrying, attacking, and defending. Once you've committed to the action, if it's the wrong one, you're pretty much done for.

With Demon Souls you'll really be challenging your ability to out think your opponent more so than mastering its mechanics. There aren't many sparing moments in Demon Souls, and it is pretty relentless in its gameplay. So if you want one of the hardest PlayStation exclusives of all time, give Demon Souls a run.



1. Nioh

FromSoftware is back to claim the number one spot on this list, with Nioh. If you're looking for easily the most demanding but equally rewarding game, then take Nioh for a spin. Even the noblest of players have taken on this game and turned around hours later fleeing for help. With most action role-playing games, gamers can adapt their playstyle to work with the game's mechanics in one way or another. However, Nioh will force the opposite on you by having you constantly completely change up your fighting style to get past its brutally difficult levels.

That's right, Nioh won't play down to your level, you have to play up to it's. Every sector in this game comes with a selection of enemies and bosses that will take time to master.

Nioh is touted to offer the most extensive and innovative melee action of any game in its category. The tactic-based approach required for every fight makes it undoubtedly one of the hardest PlayStation exclusives of all time.


So which game on this list do you feel is the hardest PlayStation exclusive? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!


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