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5 PlayStation 2 Hits We Want Remastered In 2022



When I think back to the several thousands of video games that came out on PlayStation 2, I can’t help but get lost in thought, almost as if I’m being transported to another dimension entirely. And with as many essential hits and demo discs as there were over its long and productive lifespan, those recollections can often last for hours. But, like you, I live for the older generations of games consoles, and fondly remember the dozens of hours I lost to such platforms.

Okay, so it’s 2021, and the PlayStation 2 seems more of a distant memory than anything else. Insiders are fighting tooth and nail for a scrap of evidence that the PS6 is in development, and everything that happened prior to 2020 has just sort of become irrelevant. But there’s a collective — gamers that are still hooked to the golden age of PlayStation 2 gaming. And some, though not exactly all, are still crossing fingers for remasters of games that were released well over a decade ago. Like, say, these five, for example.

5. Pitfall: The Lost Expedition

Pitfall : The Lost Expedition - Trailer

Clearly, the PlayStation 2 didn’t exactly lack in adventure games back in its heyday. If anything, it was mostly made up of such games, with the likes of Tomb Raider being the magnum opus of the respected genre. But having such inspiring worlds available at the touch of a button, in a way, really only opened the door for many other aspiring developers. Like, I don’t know — Edge of Reality, for example.

The Pitfall saga was hands down one of the best from its era, with chapters that dabbled with both handheld and home consoles. However, the sixth and final instalment, being The Lost Expedition, was probably the most memorable to date. With a rich jungle theme and a heavy supply of Aztec-inspired elements (along with its usual dose of humour), the final Pitfall left us wanting tonnes more. So much, that we’re still asking for a remaster almost twenty years later. Will it ever happen? Unlikely.


4. The Getaway

The Getaway | 2002 Live Action Trailer | PS2

Way before Ubisoft stole the blueprint for London and replicated its British charm for Watch Dogs: Legion, Team Soho basically built a textbook template of it for The Getaway. Okay, so it wasn’t the whole of London — but it was a significant chunk of it. And for a 2002 game — that was quite an impressive accomplishment. Plus, as far as portraying the local criminal underworld for a video game went, The Getaway basically wrote the book.

From the moment you plunge into Mark Hammond’s weighty shoes, you’re thrown into a cat and mouse scenario. Your wife has been shot dead, and you’ve been framed for the murder. Your son has been taken hostage by an old gang firm, and your only hope of getting him back is through a series of stunts that are designed to get you killed. But with London acting as a murderous playground, your only chance of survival is to buckle up and play the game. Can you survive The Big Smoke? Team Soho, if you’re ever in the neighbourhood — then know that we’re more than open for a remaster.


3. Beyond Good & Evil

Beyond Good & Evil HD: Launch Trailer

While the infamous sequel has been subject to quite a lot of slander over the years, what with its development being one of the most atrocious in the history of video games — its debut, of course, is still well worth slotting in for a remaster. And let’s face it, we’re closer to getting that than the second game, anyway. Fourteen years in development? I’d say it’s only a matter of time before that one capsizes, to be honest.

But anyway, Beyond Good & Evil. Let’s talk about it. It was perhaps Ubisoft’s diamond in the rough — at least for 2003, where games with a similar style were abundantly scattered. It was also protagonist Jade’s debut role, in which she portrayed a puzzle-solving, adventure-loving, martial arts-obsessed reporter remarkably well. All in all, Beyond Good & Evil knotted together nicely, which sort of angered us more when we never got the sequel. And so, it begs the question of whether or not we’ll get a remaster as a sort of well-deserved consolation prize. Who knows.


2. Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

Prince of Persia: Warrior Within PlayStation 2 Trailer -

Okay, yes. Prince of Persia: Sands of Time has, in fact, already been confirmed. But that’s really all we’ve been shown so far. Depending on which way the sales lean after launch, it could mean we’ll get to see the second and third chapters in the trilogy, too. But that’s something we can’t exactly bank on until 2022 is through and Ubisoft is in a more stable position to make the call.

Still, it’s worth declaring our interest in print — just as a reminder for Ubisoft to say that, you know — we’re here, and we want it to happen. And considering the popularity of the action-packed parkour trilogy, it wouldn’t be a surprise if a full-fledged remake did actually come about. Of course, 2022 is slightly optimistic. But then, there’s no harm in nudging Ubi in the right direction, either.


1. Maximo

Maximo | Playstation 2 | Trailer

It seems like a lifetime ago since Capcom fused life into Maximo, the beloved hack and slash series. Twenty years, actually. And only eighteen years years since the Japanese gaming giant parted ways with the franchise altogether. Since then, fans of the two published titles have only gone on to plead for a remake, with further hopes pinned on a full reboot altogether. As it stands, however, it’s more of a pipe dream than a possibility.

Although there are, in fact, several thousands of people who’d gladly give a left toe for a Maximo reboot, Capcom, on other hand, has already buried it, right next to the piles of other lesser-known works from decades ago. The fact is, it probably just wouldn’t make as much money — especially next to the pipeline of Resident Evil remakes. And yet, it’s a PlayStation gem we’ll continue to praise, regardless of whether or not Capcom has already scorched its bridges. Sad times, Maximo.


So, what did we miss? What PlayStation 2 hits would you want remastered in 2022? Do you agree with our featured five? Let us know over on our socials here.


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