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5 Last-Minute Xbox Halloween Bargains You Can’t Miss



Halloween may be over, and the festivities may have parted ways for the year, but that doesn’t mean our thirst for survival horror has been fully quenched. If anything, it’s still present, and we’re dying to get another gulp of it before the marketplace is shrouded by Christmas stocking fillers and wintry wonders. You know, all the things that are but a skip, hop and a stone’s throw away?

December is calling, but our hearts are still drawn to October. And so, here in limbo, between pumpkin lanterns and gingerbread houses, we’re left to fight for one or the other. And on this day, in this very moment, we’re leaning more towards the former. Halloween is still burning ever so slightly — especially on the Xbox front. So, with that said, if you’re still looking to snag a late Halloween deal — then be sure to check these out. The hourglass is on its axis. This time next week — you’d best believe the winter will hit the industry hard with joy. Until then, however — how about some overdue nightmares?


5. Little Nightmares II

Little Nightmares II - Nightmares Explained with Derren Brown

One of this year’s biggest and boldest horror sequels has just been diced in half over on the Xbox marketplace. Well, 33% has been cut, effectively making it $20.09, as opposed to its usual $29.99. Lasting only a day, Little Nightmares II will headline the last-minute Halloween mega sale.

The good news is, you don’t need to shovel through the first game to wrap your head around the second. Sure enough, it’s just as twisted and as bleak as the other, and features just as many hell-bent creatures that defy the rules of humanity. Teachers with slender necks that crane through ventilation systems, bag-wearing, taxidermy-obsessed hunters — you name it. The Pale City has it all, and you can guarantee there’ll be a few nightmares along the way. And not exactly little ones, either.


4. The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope

The Dark Pictures: Little Hope – Accolades Trailer (Curator’s Cut & Friend’s Pass)

To celebrate the recent addition to The Dark Pictures Anthology, Xbox is basically giving away last year’s chapter, being Little Hope, the second out of the three in total. At just $14.99 (cut from $29.99), you can pick up and slug through one of the best journeys in the timeline to date. With a new batch of characters to slump over your shoulders and carry through the unknown, Little Hope will have you questioning judgement, morality, and, as usual — life itself as you unravel the mysteries of the derelict settlement.

Little Hope brings a lot of those best-selling quirks to the table, mainly through the series of choices that effectively carve your game to your specific playstyle. Every dialogue option opens up a new path, every missed QTE adds pressure to another event, and every explored story arc unwraps another in a whole different dimension. It’s basically something you’ll have fun playing through multiple times, despite already knowing how it all concludes.


3. Creaks

Creaks - Launch Trailer

Now, this one isn’t your bog-standard horror flick as such, but more of a melancholic platformer, as well as a collection of dark and dingy compositions and opaque levels. But don’t let that stop you from settling into its bleak world and enjoying its pungent fruits, though. Also, it’s currently sitting with a 65% off tag, so there’s that.

Creaks follows the unusual tale of a boy, who’s suddenly hurled into a series of bizarre events after the world he knows and understands transitions into a strange and oppressed dimension, where furniture and obstacles pounce to life. Over a series of platforms, you’re tasked with traversing the unknown and coming to terms with the outlandish world before you. It’s ambient, it’s artistic — and it’s definitely worth checking out.


2. Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown Steam Trailer

One of the most competitive PvP titles of 2019 has recently been thrown onto the table, with a TV series actually in the works from behind the scenes. And now, as a sort of cherry on the bakewell sort of strategy, the game that brought it all to life has been reduced to a mere fraction of its original price tag. 55% off, to be more precise.

Hunt: Showdown combines fast-paced thrills with grungy and supernatural elements, wherein a lobby of players battle it out to claim the top spot over a series of nail-biting scenarios. Through said scenarios, competitors are forced to either stand alone as a sole bounty hunter, or buddy up in order to bring down various mythical monsters that ravage the world. Think Darksiders — but a little, well, darker. That’s what you’re basically gearing up for.


1. Morbid: The Seven Acolytes

Morbid: The Seven Acolytes - Announcement Trailer | PS4


Boasting a home-brewed concoction of Lovecraftian lore and horrorpunk role-playing, Morbid: The Seven Acolytes delivers a mesmerising tale that takes both the dungeon crawling and Souls-like genres to a whole new level.

As the last remaining survivor on a post-apocalyptic playground scourged with blood and brutality, it is your goal to defeat The Seven Acolytes, powerful beings possessed by malicious deities known as Gahars. With an entire life dedicated to training for such a horrifying circumstance, the remaining shreds of the world rest in your capable hands. Between life and death, however, an entire army idles before you — ready to test your every technique. So, what’s your approach? How will you play it? Morbid: The Seven Acolytes is currently available for $12.49, knocked down from $24.99.

Time is of the essence. These Halloween deals sure won’t hang around for too long. So, what are you waiting for? You can pick up the above five over on the Microsoft Store right now.


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