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5 Horror Worlds That We’d (Regrettably) Spend the Night In

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It doesn't matter if you're a horror fanatic or just a general lover of all things monochrome. Chances are, you too have lingered on the pipedream of exploring a video game nightmare at one point or another. Of course, we're usually wishing that we could transport ourselves to luscious meadows with enchanting skyscapes and unique townsfolk. Only, when we're not picturing ourselves in a fantasy world where positivity powers the planet — we're slotting ourselves into something a little more ominous.

While not every world has the ability to entice us, there has been the odd journey in the past that has made us want to step a little further into the seventh circle of Hell. That said, if we were excused from death and at no risk of physical harm during our stay — I'm sure we'd all be happy to punch a ticket to nightmareville at some stage. But, you know — that's never going to happen. Even still, we'd love to see what lurks behind some of these doors atop the apex of unforgiving nightmares.


5. Mount Massive Asylum (Outlast)

We'd probably take a lot more than an old camera to Mount Massive Asylum, to be fair.

Starting off incredibly strong with one of the most terrifying entries to the horror world, it's no other than the disturbingly picturesque Mount Massive Asylum. Of course, trespassing into the nooks and crannies of the enormous complex would only be too nerve-wracking with the patients that roam the hallways. And so, if we were given the chance to step foot into the asylum, where perhaps a few more security measures were put into place — then we'd be more than happy to ponder the hollow wards that bend to our worst nightmares. I mean, we'd probably do it for money, to be fair.

It's fair to say that Mount Massive Asylum homes some truly grotesque designs with about as much ashen white as a bathroom display. Of course, there's plenty of blood on the walls, and enough urine to fill a lido — but apart from that, the asylum oozes enough monochrome to make a chalkboard blush. But that's all a part of the deal, no doubt. Even still, we'd be more than merry to skip the halls and uncover the secrets of Mount Massive if given the chance. Only, we'd probably do it in the day. And have an army.


4. The Baker Residence (Resident Evil 7: Biohazard)

We probably wouldn't stay for dinner at the Baker household, to be honest.

One thing that genuinely surprised us with Resident Evil 7: Biohazard was the size of the map. I don't think anybody really expected to find a mansion connected to a standard-size home, to be honest. And yet, it was upon opening up the doorway to the bulk of the plantation that made us just that little more entwined with the location itself. I mean, sure, it was under the worst possible circumstances imaginable — but in any other situation outside of the endearing cat and mouse tale, the Baker residence would've been a delightful little explore. You know, if the hosts weren't trying to murder you, of course.

From the secret rooms that could only be accessed through ludicrous puzzles to the underground facilities lumbered with explosive traps — the Baker residence homed some truly intriguing spots. Plus, with an additional house buried out in the swamps, there would definitely be enough to beef out a fully-fledged tour. Of course, we'd have to disarm the security protocols and evict the family before crossing the threshold to the plantation first. But after that — we'd be golden.


3. Brennenburg Castle (Amnesia: The Dark Descent)

It's safe to say that we'd probably avoid touring the cellar after playing through Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

Perplexing corridors and roaming monsters aside, Brennenburg Castle does actually possess some oddly charming facilities. As a towering metropolis of a home, the castle itself adopts an endless flow of hidden rooms, branching cloisters, and, of course — enough quarters to satisfy its roster of twisted residents. And that's partly the reason why we'd love nothing more than to spend a few days rummaging through the old crooked walls in search of mysteries and old artefacts. That is if we don't have to spend our entire stay hiding in closets, mind you.

Seeing as it's incredibly rich in history and homes a rather intriguing backstory, a tour of Brennenburg Castle would only be too tempting to the passerby. Of course, we'd have to actually build the place first before touring it — but you know what I mean. While Frictional Games has given no indication as to whether or not Brennenburg Castle was influenced by a real landmark, it is believed that the majority (if not all) inspiration was gathered from 1500s Prussia and other surrounding factors. So, with that in mind, we might just have to settle for a city break instead.


2. USG Ishimura (Dead Space)


Because seeing space in general just wouldn't be sufficient.

What better way to tour the galaxy than to bag a 2-4-1 ticket to the USG Ishimura along the way? With its sinister presence that radiates steampunk horror, the flagship to the Concordance Extraction Corporation rests as a must-see for any true horror fan. Whether you're a true intergalactic fanatic or an adrenaline junkie in search of the next big adventure, the Dead Space focal point stands at the apex (or just beneath) of our go-to hotspots.

Boarding the monster-infested vessel proved to be some of the most intense moments in our gaming career. And yet, even with the lingering silence and wallowing paranoia — exploring the colossal-sized flagship always managed to gravitate towards keeping us fueled by intrigue. And, you know, that's something we'd love to experience in reality. Although, we'd settle for just being in space in general, to be fair. If time permits, though. Just saying.


1. Rapture (Bioshock)


Now there's a horror landmark we wouldn't mind spending a night.

Yes — it's Rapture. Because honestly, who wouldn't want to submerge into the dystopian metropolis? Not only does Rapture home some truly outstanding steampunk landmarks — but also a whole rap sheet full of colourful personalities, too. Sure, they may be stoked by insanity and lack the ability to maintain the comradery, but overall, they're a large part of what makes us adore Rapture in the first place. And then, of course, there's the city itself.

As far as design goes, the underwater world of Rapture ticks almost every box on the checklist. All in all, it's both enchanting and nightmarish at the same time, and it's because of that, that we're usually left drifting between both dream and reality. The unsettling ambience that warps through the abandoned shopping mall. The 1920s score that whispers from the hidden gramophones. It's all there, and it's disturbingly appealing. And for that reason, we'd love to punch a ticket and spend a night in the horror that is Rapture.


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