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5 Best Ubisoft Games on Xbox Series X/S

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One of the leading video game publishers, Ubisoft has a solid shelf of successful and award-winning titles. Their announcement earlier in the year of bringing Ubisoft+ to the Xbox store just made playing their games on newer consoles a much more anticipated event. Despite all this exciting news, you still can't forget about some of Ubisoft's older titles that are now optimized for Xbox Series X and S.

Ubisoft still holds a handful of titles that can be enjoyed on newer Xbox consoles and with even better performance. For this reason, it only seemed fitting to bring back the special relationship between Ubisoft and Xbox with the games that made the jump to Xbox Series X and S.  That's why this list looks at the five best games from Ubisoft for the new Xbox Series X and S.

5. Watch Dogs: Legion

Watch Dog's is a relatively well sought out franchise from Ubisoft with the third title, Legion arguably being the best. It definitely stood out for its original take on a sandbox open-world that lets you recruit any character to accompany you on missions. Recruiting a team took a good level of persuasion at times but really offered a fun new angle at how you could play the game's missions. This was a huge feature of the game that really helped it stand out and give provide something new this time around.

Aside from this, I feel Legion was the most creative and in-depth in terms of its environment. The Tech Points gave players an incentive to explore futuristic London even further which was a well-detailed and thorough design. Equally well done was the storyline. Each chapter of the dystopian campaign offered something relatively new in how it played out and delivered an overall solid combat experience. If you are one who enjoys open-world shooters with an emphasis on technology, then you really can't go wrong with Watch Dogs: Legion.

4. Far Cry 6

A long-standing title that maintains as one of Ubisoft and Xbox's best story titles is the Farcry franchise. Well, it has been a hit-and-miss run for the series, Farcry 6 was one of the more solid titles which reluctantly was made available for Xbox Series X/S. I say that because Farcry 6 was a huge comeback title for the series. And accomplishing this on newer consoles makes that victory just a little sweeter.

Ubisoft really went back to the core fundamentals in Farcry 6 that made the original games flourish. Such as flamethrowers, you can't go wrong with flamethrowers.

Okay seriously, what makes Farcry great is the freedom to approach a convoy or outpost in bizarre ways that ultimately pan out. This is done effectively through creative weaponry, gadgets, and crafting. The more you dove into this concept the more you got out and opened the game up for a better experience. If you really want a taste of fun and intriguing campaign game on Xbox, FarCry 6 is an experience you shouldn't miss out on.

3. Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Without a doubt, Ubisoft's best-standing series is Assasin's Creed. What started back in 2007 with the original game for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 titles has now carried itself to the newest generation of consoles. Assasin's Creed Valhalla offers a whole new story experience but stay's true to the open-world RPG genre with an obvious emphasis on stealth. No longer playing as the Italian assassin Ezio, this time around you dive into stealth gameplay as Eivor the Viking.

With the concept of Vikings taking on the dark side of England, the game felt new with its story but similar in gameplay. I say this as a good thing because inevitably that's what gamers crave from this franchise. And I can confidently say, Ubisoft nailed it. With the use of the new consoles Ubisoft was able to refine the gameplay mechanics and deliver even bigger in the open-world environment thank's to the newer consoles. With this title, Ubisoft has returned to its origins, and it's just in time for Xbox Series X and S.

2. Riders Republic

Ubisoft's newest release Riders Republic is a step in a new direction for the company. Despite the company's long history, it has never developed a game of this calibre in the adrenaline sports genre. Being their first time, the game's really well made. It is everything you could want from an adrenaline sports sandbox, from crazy outfits to inane jumps and challenging missions. This is where the game's success is credited, and it has reached far beyond gamers' expectations in this regard, especially on newer consoles.

Rider's Republic really is a game that hardly gets stale and offers a different feel across all its extreme sports. Ripping through the vast terrain on a mountain bike, skis, or even a jetpacked infused wingsuit is an enjoyable time. Even more so, exploring the landscape is on its own is exciting as you never know what new jumps and gaps you'll find. On top of that, progressively learning new tricks offers a much-needed challenge alongside missions to push your skills. This Ubisoft title really hits the mark for the genre as a relaxing time waster or an adrenaline-filled rush.

1. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

The most decorated of all Ubisoft games is its pro league shooter Rainbow Six Siege. Despite being made in 2015 and being the oldest title on this list it would almost be criminal if the game wasn't enhanced for newer Xbox consoles. However, with the reputation it has, this was hardly the case. Without a doubt, it's one of the best tactical FPS on the scene. What's even better is it's optimized beautifully on Xbox Series X and S. The game really has never felt smoother, especially on 60 frames, which is a crucial aspect of in-game performance.

There is a huge amount of knowledge within this game that makes it more in-depth than you could ever imagine. Every tiny detail of where your positioned and peaking play's a role in how the round play's out. With the added inclusion of operators who come with in-game abilities to alter the tide, combat get's pretty advanced rather quickly.

If you haven't stepped into the Rainbow Six Siege scene yet on newer consoles it's definitely worth a try. But I do warn you, it is highly addictive.


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