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5 Best Interactive Drama Games Like As Dusk Falls



As Dusk Falls is an interactive drama video game that sees you weaving between choices to help construct a general narrative. As members from two families, you must establish connections with others by working through a number of game-changing crossroads. For every decision you make or action you take, a new pathway opens up, thereby tailoring the narrative to conclude in a completely different way. Games like this, of course, aren't a new thing, as the market has proven time and time again.

Enveloping an interactive drama within a video game isn't a revolutionary concept. Truth is, it has been done a number of times over the years, and its popularity in recent times has only given developers more the reason to explore it as an avenue for growth. At present, though, there are five games that immediately spring to mind whenever we think of As Dusk Falls. And so, if you happen to enjoy the choice-based drama, then you'll definitely find something to enjoy with one of these.


5. Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human - Teaser | Exclusive to PS4

Detroit: Become Human is the root that As Dusk Falls developed from; a seed that was watered by the same hands, unsurprisingly. Both laced with a predominantly choice-based gameplay element, the former gives you the power to control not one, but three technologically advanced AI properties, all of whom lust for a life beyond programmed functions and virtual shackles.

In Detroit: Become Human, you must engage with three unlikely heroes, all of whom successfully manage to break free from their everyday imprisonment. However, with society looking down on anyone who isn't human, you must learn to either adapt, or spark a new era of rebellion, and one that sees AI dominate the monopoly and cause the great downfall of the human species. A lot to juggle, sure, but it's a daring feat made possible thanks to the army that yearns to revolt.


4. Firewatch

Firewatch - August 2014 Reveal Trailer

Firewatch is a story-driven interactive drama that also takes the walking simulator genre for a stroll. At its heart, though, it's a choice-based game, and one that involves a serious amount of dialogue between just two characters. Depending on how you navigate the options given to you, a number of outcomes can come to fruition, many of which will open new winding pathways and tamper with pre-existing story arcs.

As a newly appointed firewatch attendant in a remote reservation, you must patrol the lands and report to a distant voice known only to you as Delilah. However, there's far more to the job than scouting out potential fire hazards, as you'll come to learn as you willingly devote an entire summer of your life to the role. The bottom line is this: there's a missing person somewhere on the reservation, and you're the only one within a hundred miles who can find them. It's time to take a hike, Henry!


3. Quantum Break

Quantum Break Official Launch Trailer

An Xbox exclusive that toys with cinematic tearaways remarkably well is Quantum Break, a third-person action-adventure essential that sees you dabbling with a plethora of genres and emotions. Although coined as a third-person shooter at heart, a good chunk of the game is actually live-action, with each scene playing out through the series of choices that you and you alone make.

Quantum Break takes you through a time-splitting journey as Jack Joyce, an everyday guy lumbered with the power to manipulate time and space. With the end of the world looming on the horizon, players must devise a way to keep the cogs turning, using a mixture of intuition and action to conjure up a plan. Between chapters, there's an entire movie that plays out in accordance with your gameplay style. So, a real 2-4-1 deal that'll suit both gamers and movie-goers, for sure.


2. Beyond: Two Souls

BEYOND: Two Souls Tribeca Trailer

Beyond: Two Souls is an interactive drama that sees Elliot Page pilot Jodie, an unlikely hero who shares a link with an uncontrollable force known as Aiden. Joined at the hip, the two are closely examined for their entire lives, used as tools to whittle down alluring threats than disrupt the balance of power. That is, until Jodie successfully escapes from her prison and sets out to secure a life of her own.

Over the course of an episodic timeline, players must navigate a nexus of choices, all of which lead to a cascade of conclusions. With a little action, and a whole lot of power, you will shape the world in any way you see fit. Using Aiden, a playable entity with a fixed interest in Jodie's well-being, you will possess the powers to manipulate time and space to help her learn right from wrong. No pressure or anything, though.


1. Telling Lies

Telling Lies - Release Date Trailer | PS4

Tellies Lies is less of a playable tale with countless complex gameplay mechanics, and more of a theatrical experience with a number of puzzle-solving elements. Unlike other games that'll primarily focus on action from beginning to end, this story-driven crime drama opts for a slower paced ordeal, one that prefers for you to assemble the portrait yourself.

In Telling Lies, you receive a data drive with a good hundred clips stored on it. Your goal, rather simply, is to search for keywords and form a timeline out of them. A little confusing at first, sure, but for every piece of the puzzle you insert, a new bridge is established, giving you the tools to develop the final painting. So, if you enjoy sifting through old archives and listening to a good old fashioned tale, then you'll definitely enjoy playing detective in this venture.


So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? Are there any games like As Dusk Falls we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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