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5 Best Mystery Games Like Telling Lies



Telling Lies recently hit the Game Pass library, ushering subscribers to dip their toes into its mysterious waters and solve the cinematic tale that it holds dear. Unlike other games that frequently use video logs and audio files, the game utilizes an external hard drive for a laptop, one that the player must search in order to obtain various clippings and transcriptions. Only once a certain number of files have been plucked at with a fine-tooth comb does the story start to thread together.

It's not very often we come across games that crunch down on gameplay in favor of cinematic experiences. But for many, it works, and it has proven to be quite a hit over on the Game Pass front. Therefore, if you, like other mystery-loving fans, wish to pursue a new line of work after beating Telling Lies, then be sure to stop by these five games.

5. Her Story

The most obvious choice of game for those who enjoyed Telling Lies is Her Story, an interactive movie experience developed by the same innovative mind. Like the former, the objective is to immerse in a thread of live-action clippings, all of which play a small role in the bigger picture. By following the breadcrumb trail and connecting the dots, players can eventually draw up a timely conclusion.

Her Story puts you in the shoes of a desktop researcher in charge of sorting through a nexus of police interview clippings. With nearly 300 in tow, you must thread together the questions and answers that relate to a missing person. But with little to no context behind each answer, it means you'll have to use your intuition to solve the case, making sure to jot down notes for each passing milestone.


4. Quantum Break

Quantum Break Official Launch Trailer

Quantum Break is as much of a movie as it is a video game, as it courses you to alter the story by making multiple decisions throughout the experience. Although not quite a mystery game as such, it does involve various time-related plots, many of which require a trained mind and eager eye to understand. But at its heart, its a live-action movie with a 50/50 split between gameplay and cinematics.

Quantum Break follows Jack Joyce, the younger brother of a celebrated physicist. After hearing from his old friend about a time travel demonstration taking place on their college campus, he agrees to attend. However, after a miscalculation summons a tear in time itself, the unlikely hero obtains the power to control it. But, with the risk of the world grinding to a halt, Jack is forced to come to terms with his newfound ability if he is to keep the passage of time in motion.


3. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch | Featurette: Consumer [HD] | Netflix

If you happen to have a Netflix account, then you'll definitely want to explore Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, an interactive movie that rolls out in one of many ways depending on your choices. And if you love putting fictional characters through a series of trials and tribulations for the sake of entertainment, then you'll find comfort in the fact that Bandersnatch has them by the truckload.

Bandersnatch follows the story of an ambitious video game developer, a teenage boy living in 1980s Britain during the height of arcade gaming. After making the decision to pioneer a new story-driven experience, the creator ventures down a deep, dark hole full of mind-boggling pathways. As the viewer, you must alter the tale in any way you see fit, using a pad to control dialogue, actions, and even the climax. Spoiler: it is completely and utterly insane.


2. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter - Gameplay Trailer

If you honestly enjoyed rifling through video clips on an old hard drive, then you'll definitely find solace in shuffling through barren woodlands in search of clues that connect the dissapearance of a young boy named Ethan. That's The Vanishing of Ethan Carter in a nutshell, and you'll soon discover that the world it portrays has far more in store than the bog-standard walking simulator.

After being contacted by a young fan from another region, paranormal investigator Paul Prospero ventures out to the hometown of Red Creek Valley. Upon arrival, he discovers that a dark secret engulfs the Carter family, leaving him to investigate and document the unusual happenings that keep the district imprisoned.


1. L.A. Noire

L.A. Noire 4K Trailer

L.A. Noire is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most riveting video games ever conceived, and it comes bundled in not just one lengthy tale, but a network of equally as compelling crime cases. The fact that you can sit at the front row and lend an ear to the anthology of mysteries is an honor in itself, and one we'll definitely continue to embrace for years to come.

Set in the crime-heavy metropolis of Los Angeles during the late 1940s, the Rockstar Games' action-adventure sees you playing as up-and-coming detective Cole Phelps. From the moment he patrols the back alleys as a rookie cop, to the highlights of his law career on the homicide desk, L.A. Noire documents a stellar experience that bleeds mystery and intrigue. Like in Telling Lies, you'll find enough clues to keep you drawing up new conclusions to last a month. Just what the doctor of murder-mystery ordered.


So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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