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­5 Best Games to Celebrate Mother’s Day 2022

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5 Best Games to Celebrate Mother's Day 2022

In May we will be celebrating mothers day, and as per the custom, people all over the world prepare to honor their mothers in different ways. However, not everyone can come up with a traditional mother's day plan year after year. Although most may want to plan something special to commemorate the occasion, sometimes staying indoors and sharing good experiences is better than going out to overcrowded events or places. 

You can make staying in on Mother's Day every bit more exciting with these five games. This list features different games that can be fun for the different kinds of family members you spend Mother's Day with. So, without further a do lets look at the five best games to celebrate Mother's day.


5. Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger Launch Trailer

Starting off our list of best games to celebrate Mother’s day of 2022 is Chrono Trigger. Chrono Trigger is an RPG from 1995 by Square and is the first installment of the Chrono series. The game follows a group of adventurers as they try to prevent a crisis threatening to befall their world. It features a 2-dimensional world where players control the protagonist and his friends through various dungeons and forests. Players view the world layout through overworld and scale-down maps that help them navigate through the treacherous terrain. Gameplay involves interacting with local unplayable characters to trade tools and services, ambushing enemies and solving puzzles. 

The map directly displays battles as they occur, as opposed to viewing them on separate screens. The game features special physical moves as well as magic which are represented as ‘Techs'. These are similar to hit points and players can deplete them after simultaneous moves. Techs often have special effects where some can cause more damage to certain targets than others. Characters receive eight different Tech moves to use in battle. Similarly, players can practice tactical Tech use on powerful enemies by combining several Techs to deliver more damaging attacks. Also, the game features time travel where characters have access to seven eras of world history to explore.


4. Mortal Kombat 11 

Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate Trailer

Mortal Kombat 11 is a Warner Bros production from 2019 and is the eleventh installment of the Mortal Kombat fighting game series. The game is accessible via Xbox One, PC, Playstation 4, Stadia and Nintendo Switch. It's a simple single and multiplayer game that even those with no prior experience with gaming can effectively enjoy.

Like the rest of the games in the series, Mortal Kombat 11 features Brutalities, Fatalities, Qualities and Friendships; however, there are a number of additions, such as Crushing Blows and Fatal Blows. Fatal Blows involve special moves similar to X-ray moves that deliver intense damage but are only available when the player's health drops to 30%. On the other hand, Crushing Blows involve the trigger of certain cinematic variations of a move that happens when players meet certain injunctions. Likewise, the game offers players a customization feature where they can modify gear, outfits, moves and their character's weapons.


3. ArcheAge

ArcheAge is an MMORPG and is the work of Korean developer Jake Song who previously worked on Lineage. The game was released in America in 2014 and appears as a hybrid between a parking and sandbox game. Players use traditional combat settings to engage in sea and land battles to secure trade routes. Additionally, they can build, equip and weaponize ships for sea battles against monsters or opponents.

The game allows for PvP, where players can freely attack members of other groups. There is an extensive crafting system that allows players to craft vehicles, furniture, equipment and food, among other items. For instance, players can construct houses that they can decorate and customize. Likewise, they can modify the interiors and exteriors of their houses as well as furnish them. Players have to pay tax for their land or risk having the destruction of their whole premises together with possessions.

Moreover, players can build castles after gaining a certain crystal which allows them to claim ownership of surrounding areas as well as collect tax. This particular crystal is defended from sieges because once it is lost in a looting attack, they lose the whole castle and surrounding areas to the attackers. Players obtain gardening abilities after completing quests which enable them to claim plots of land in designated areas.


2. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Trailer

Stardew Valley is a 2016 simulation game developed by Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone and was released for PC and several other mobile platforms. In this case, players assume the role of a customizable character who takes responsibility for a farm that formerly belonged to their deceased grandfather. The farm is in lousy shape, and players have to turn it into a functional piece of land; therefore, they must remove stumps, trees, weeds, and boulders to clear the farm. 

They engage in activities such as raising farm animals, crop farming, foraging, selling produce, mining and engaging with other characters. Up to four players can join the game and play online together. Additionally, the game allows players to marry and have children, generate revenue and further expand their farms and buildings. Stardew Valley has received good reviews in terms of how relaxing the game can be and the decent quality of music and characters. 


1. Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World - Launch Trailer

Topping our best games to celebrate Mother's day list is Monster Hunter: World.

Developed by Capcom, Monster Hunter: World is the fifth game produced from the Monster Hunter series. The game was released for PC, Playstation 4, and XboxOne in 2018. Players take the role of a Hunter whose task is to hunt down and kill monsters roaming the open world. Players get rewards from the loot they acquire from each successful hunt. The loot consists of parts from the defeated monsters, among other elements which they can use for crafting. 

They can craft various equipment such as weapons, armor and other upgraded items that allow players to hunt down more advanced monsters. Moreover, successfully hunting down more difficult monsters leads to more powerful parts. Players can go on solo hunts or as a group which can contain up to four members. The types of weapons and armor obtained by players determine the mode of combat abilities and moves they can use in battle. Therefore, if players match their equipment correctly, they may gain more powerful combat skills.

Which game from the list above do you think is the best games to celebrate Mother's day? Share your pick with us in the comments below or over on our socials here!


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