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5 Best Games like Wordle

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Games like Wordle

An October 2021 release by engineer Josh Wartle, Wordle is a game whose task is simple. Within six tries, you should guess the day's five-letter word. Following each guess, the tiles change color. Gray indicates letters not in the word,  yellow indicates letters in the word although in the wrong position, and green shows letters in the word and in the correct position. Sounds easy, right? Because it is, for some people, who can guess the word in seconds. But for the rest of us, it takes a little longer. 

As you may be aware, Wordle's popularity hit profound heights, with over 45 million users by January 2022. And as a result of this phenomenal boom, the New York Times purchased it for a whopping seven figures.

Wordle is simple but captivating, and it doesn't take up much of your time. Wordle fits easily into your regular routine with only a puzzle a day. But suppose one puzzle simply isn't enough for you? In that case, there are many games worth trying out to fulfill your craving for more than one Wordle puzzle per day. This article is our compilation of the top five games like Wordle that you should try. Read on.


5. Wordle Peaks

Wordle Peaks! Where in the Alphabet is the answer?

Wordle Peaks is the game for you if you enjoy in-game spoilers in the most cognitive and reasonable manner. It's just like Wordle in that every letter you key in receives colored feedback to indicate the nature of its occurrence. However, Wordle Peaks has a slight difference. The green letters are all correct (at the peak). Orange letters occur before the correct letter (almost at the peak). And the blue letters are too far from the correct letter (lowest point).

The colors are a stimulating take on Wordle, and the hints don't stop there! To help you narrow down your guesses, each selected tile clues you in on the required letter's alphabet range (e.g., between I and R). Therefore, it allows you to sneak a peek at the possible answer without cheating by distributing clues in alphabetical peaks.


4. Speedle

10 Wordle Speedrun in 27.18 seconds (Former WR) (27.05 retime)

I'm not sure I'll even be able to put into words how much fun Speedle is, but here goes. Speedle is in itself an unlimited Wordle in which your fingertips and brain cells are required to fly by at breakneck speed to solve as many Wordles as possible simultaneously! The concept is speedrun gaming, in which your quick thinking and quick typing speed dictate your score.

In addition to being able to customize the length of your challenge (ranging from 4 to 11-letter words), it also allows you unlimited gameplay. Furthermore, it has an additional auto-correct word feature that makes it one of the best games like Wordle out there.


3. Worldle

They Mixed Wordle with Geoguessr (Worldle)

It's typically just Wordle, but with countries as solutions instead of random words. In Worldle, you are shown the silhouette of a country, and you must decipher which one it is. Keep in mind that this includes all the little tiny islands that probably haven't crossed your mind in years. Every guess you make lets you know how short your guess is to the solution in kilometers and which direction your answer is from the actual country. These clues should help you narrow it down.

For those of us who haven't taken a geography class in a minute, Worldle is indeed a wonderful refresher course with respect to country shape, name, and location. There's also an autocomplete tool, so you don't have to know how to spell Czechoslovakia correctly to guess it.


2. Dordle

What Is Dordle and How to Play Dordle on your Phone

Dordle, created by Guilherme Tows of Zaratustra Productions, is frequently referred to as “wordle-plus-wordle.” If you consider Wordle too bland a game for you and are looking to rack your brain more, Dordle ought to provide you with some excitement. It could also increase your anxiety. Or both! Because it's exactly like Wordle, except you're attempting to solve two words simultaneously using the same guesses.

Additionally, It's a lot more difficult. You must be efficient with your guesses to obtain quality clues for both words. The gameplay is also quite tricky, you have to guess two five-letter words simultaneously, but you can only enter one guess at a time. It's hella confusing, right? Don't you worry, though; you'll get the hang of it with some practice.


1. Squabble

How to Win Squabble Royale - EASY Tips & Tricks

On top of our list of games like Wordle is Squabble.

If you believe you've mastered Wordle then you should challenge yourself by putting some pressure on your Wordle skills with Squabble. Squabble is a battle royale/Wordle hybrid in which you compete against a swarm of other gamers, all of whom are attempting to complete a series of Wordles quicker than you. You start out with health points that deplete over time. And correctly solving the Wordle is the only way to replenish them.

As you might expect, it's far more intense than the original Wordle. Despite that, you're sure to get a kick out of beating your opponents and watching them get crossed out. Far more satisfying is the loser's indicative huge red “X.” There are two primary game modes: Blitz, which pits you against four or fewer opponents, and Battle Royale, which confronts you with up to 99 other opponents. You can either build your own game or join an already existing one. Both of which are pretty straightforward. What's more, you may even watch the game's replay to see a recap of your blunders and errors.


Do you agree with our list? If you know of any games like Wordle not mentioned in the article, please leave them in the comments below or on our socials.

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