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5 Best Games Like Hello Neighbor

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On the surface, Hello Neighbor is a kind-spirited and hearty tale that follows a Pixar-looking boy as he looks to shape a lifelong, albeit slightly unorthodox connection with his neighbor. But look a little deeper, and it unveils itself as a survival-based horror game, one that severs any prior connection to the happy-go-lucky tale that it initially tricks you into thinking it is. Though to be fair, we're all for surprises, and Hello Neighbor certainly isn't short on them.

While Hello Neighbor does trick you into thinking you're going to be solving puzzles in a colorful little suburban home, its gameplay is more reminiscent of Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Specifically, the water level, which saw you wading through the waves as a monster darted toward you. That, unfortunately, is Hello Neighbor, only with less monster-infested waters, and a whole lot more portly villains with golf pants. Similar games to such a concept can often be hard to come by, for sure. But, for the sake of this list, we'll give you the closest alternatives.

5. The Blackout Club

The Blackout Club - Launch Trailer

The Blackout Club is slightly reminiscent of Friday the 13th, in the sense that both have you and a bunch of friends running amok trying to avoid one particular enemy. However, unlike Hello Neighbor, the only way you can see said enemy is by shutting your eyes. Knowing that, of course, can lead to some pretty exhilarating chase sequences around the monochrome neighborhood.

Teaming up with up to four players in its online multiplayer mode, you'll have to complete a set amount of tasks while a villainous soul stalks your every step. Sort of like Dead by Daylight, only with a few added quirks and character progression schemes. Also, much like Hello Neighbor, in the fact that both utilize the eerie suburban setting and heart-pounding, nail-biting, and elevated dramatics.


4. Witch It

Witch It Greenlight Trailer

Hide-and-seek plays an enormous part in Hello Neighbor, as you pretty much spend most of your time doing it between solving the house puzzles. In fact, its significant role in the stealth game is partly the reason why we keep going back to it. It's different every time, and forever leaves us in anticipation as the sinister neighbor wallows in the darkest shadows of the home, waiting to pounce and kickstart the thrill of the chase.

Witch It is basically the same thing, which is why we're inclined to put it up here on this list. Although fresh out of early access, the game is perfectly stable enough to accommodate up to eight players per match. Four play as witches, who are tasked with hiding, using magic to turn themselves into household props, and the other four play the hunters, who are made to unearth the spell-loving misfits over a familiar cat and mouse routine. Basically, it's hide-and-seek, only with a whole lot of ultraviolet backdrops and witchy wonders.


3. Grounded

Grounded - Story Trailer

After being in development for what felt like a good decade, Grounded finally released on current-gen hardware just last year. Taking a great deal of inspiration from cult-classic movies such as A Bug's Life and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, Grounded centered its structure around a group of youths, all shrunken to the size of ants in a quirky garden metropolis.

Although you won't be running away from your neighbor anytime soon, you will, however, be dodging huge spiders as you look to build a new life for yourself as a group of bite-sized humanoids. With that, you can expect more survival-based gameplay, which will see you crafting a base, searching for supplies, and fending off attacking insects. So, a little different from Hello Neighbor, but still worth looking at if you enjoy a quality survival game with the odd sandbox element.


2. Among the Sleep

Among the Sleep launch trailer

Another game that basically tricks you into thinking it's all fun and games through its cartoon-style visuals is Among the Sleep. When really, it's built on twisted lullabies and vacant kin, both fleshed out with creepy encounters and unorthodox storytelling. And to top it all off—you play as a baby.

Among the Sleep has you exploring the unusual rooms of your contorted home as you search for your mother. With nothing but a talking bear to talk and guide you through your childlike imagination, your only real hope is to follow it and hope it leads to safety. The only issue is, your brain is a little too creative, and it makes what others would consider normal utterly terrifying.


1. Five Nights at Freddy's 4

Five Nights at Freddy's 4 Trailer

Unlike the older siblings in the series, Five Nights at Freddy's 4 uses a child as a protagonist. It also removes the bog-standard pizzeria security room setting and replaces it with a children's bedroom. But as far as gameplay goes, it's still the same old tale. Check doors, fend off roaming animatronics, and refrain from rage quitting whenever one of Freddy's chums come knocking without an invitation.

Like Hello Neighbor, it's all about the thrill of the chase as you double check every corner for sudden movement. Although relatively straightforward in terms of gameplay, its jump scares are well worth sticking around for, as are all games in the Five Nights at Freddy‘s catalog. So, if you want to play as a kid, rummage around an old house, and have the pants scared off of you on a nightly basis—then this should be your next port of call.


So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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