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5 Best Games on Steam (April 2022)

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steam games april 2022

When it comes to PC games, Valve's Steam has loads to offer. And the first quarter of this year was very, very busy. We had a bunch of AAA titles rolling out, exciting announcements, and some amazing indie hits.

It's almost the mid of April, and so far, we've had some exciting releases. Of course, more big games are on their way later in 2022. But until then, we should all be renewing and expanding our game collection.

As of this month, we have less than a handful of games coming out. So there's plenty of time to go back a few months and check whether you've got all the games you need to stream and brag.

Top 5 Games on Steam to Play in April 2022 (if You Haven't Already)

And here's what Steam has to offer to date.

5. Surviving Mars

steam games april 2022

Games like Surviving Mars don't really receive the same hype as RPGs like Elden Ring do. But then simulator games have their own little dedicated fan base. If you've played SimCity games before, you will find Surviving Mars exciting. It's being the Martian but in a sim game.

So, Surviving Mars is literally about surviving on the red planet. But to start, you are given an outpost on the planet. You have to administer it and make sure that the colonists survive the rough climate.

In Sim games, you get angry residents if you screw up. But in Surviving Mars, screwing up sets on a nasty chain reaction that causes significant damage to the ecosystem. There may be some casualties. To keep that from happening, you have to fix all the issues before you end up with more casualties.


4. LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

lego star wars on steam pc

LEGO + Star Wars? Yes, please!

You can easily tell why LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is an instant hit. This is the big title that was released on April 5 and it has the audience hooked already. The new LEGO game features NINE STAR WARS MOVIES (Nine!!). And all the movie versions are playable.

You get to swing a lightsaber around and ride cute little TaunTauns. For over a decade, the LEGO games had the same core gameplay. But with Skywalker Saga, TT games have redone the whole thing. To begin with, the combat has received a major rework. Players can now experience a third-person shooter-type. Meanwhile, close-quarter combat is more dynamic than before.

Clearly, LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is one of the newest and best games that you can get for Steam this month.


3. Deathloop


With Deathloop, Bethesda has smartly employed time loops in a 1990-looking FPS. It's like an action movie but the one that's stuck in a time loop. Players step into an assassin's shoes and you're stuck on an island with a foe. And now all you have to do is make it out of the time loop alive.

But of course, it's not that straightforward. You first have to complete the task and kill all the 8 targets before the day ends. Then, the time loop sets in, and you have to ambush the 8 targets all over again. However, each time, the game progresses. You have new locations to explore; you get new weapons and even get some cool abilities.

If you're into shooters, survival, and time loop, you can get Deathloop right away on Steam.


2. Dying Light 2: Stay Human

dying light 2

You cannot be a gamer and not wait for an apocalypse to befall. And the sequel to the highly successful Dying Light game lets you be that sniper-wielding hero. But be warned, you will be running for your life a lot.

Dying Light 2 is the direct successor to Dying Light. As Techland promised, it was an improvement over the original 2015 game. To begin with, the sequel has a vast open-world. Compared to its predecessor's survival combat, Dying Light 2 feels like dystopian parkour. At no point, you feel invincible as you're running to survive.

The co-op mode is real fun. You get to bring your buddies along for exciting stuff like taking down zombies and form military convoys. There are several side missions and achievements that keep you grinding. Overall, if you're into shooters and massacring waves of undead, then Dying Light 2 is an absolute delight.


1. Elden Ring

elden ring for pc

Of course, Bandai Namco's latest RPG hit Elden Ring has to top this list. So far, Elden Ring had one of the smoothest AAA launches with fans excitedly making their way to the Lands Between. And within a few weeks of its release, more than a million Tarnished Ones had already undertaken the journey to the path of grace.

Your goal in Elden Ring is to hunt down the titular ring and become the Elden Lord. As you can imagine, this is easier said than done. You have to embark on perilous quests, fight mighty monsters, crawl the dark dungeons, and grind. One of the best things about Elden Ring is that the game lets you explore it liberally and yet it's structured enough to lead you to the ultimate goal.

With a vast open world to explore and visually stunning graphics, you can totally see why Elden Ring is the most positively reviewed game of 2022. It surely has set some high benchmarks for future open-world RPG titles.


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