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10 Best New Zealand Online Blackjack Sites (October 2023)

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Blackjack has been a very sought-after game all around the world, with little difference when it comes to whether it is online or its physical version in brick-and-mortar casinos. The game is also pretty much the same everywhere you go, with some minor rules potentially being different in different parts of the world. In New Zealand, for example, it is pretty straightforward, which is why people from this country have taken a great interest in the game, and all they need is a place to play it.

As such a universal game, it is useful to know it, as you will have something to play no matter where you find yourself, including in New Zealand. If you need help learning the rules, check out our detailed guide on how to play blackjack for beginners. On the other hand, if you know the rules and just want to know which are the best New Zealand blackjack sites, we have a list of no less than 10 recommendations for you. Check them out below.

1. Jackpot City

The first casino on our list is Jackpot City, which has been rather popular among New Zealand gamblers. It has been around for over 20 years now, and it became known as one of the most reputable casinos around, with as many as 700 games available from various game providers, such as Microgaming. It is also available in 15 languages, and it holds the license from the Malta Gaming Authority, as well as Swedish Gambling Authority, and Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

Jackpot City has a very user-friendly platform, with customer service available 24/7 via live chat and email. It also offers great casino bonuses and promotions for its users, and a 4-tier welcome bonus package. Read all that it has to offer in detail in our Jackpot City review, or head over to the platform’s website.

2. Zodiac Casino

Zodiac Casino is a platform launched in 2018. While relatively young, compared to many others on this list, it quickly rose in ranks and became just as big and as popular as many of those who have been around for decades. It holds the UK Gambling Commission license, as well as the license by the Malta Gaming Authority, plus the eCOGRA certificate on top of that.

It has a low minimum deposit of only $1 for your first deposit, and after that, future deposits are $10. In terms of games, there are over 500 different options supplied by Microgaming and Evolution Gaming, including live games, table games, pokies, video poker, and of course multiple variants of blackjack. The platform features a great loyalty and VIP program, many popular payment methods, and a reliable customer service that you can reach via email or live chat.

Read our Zodiac Casino Review or visit Zodiac Casino.

3. Spin Casino

Next, we have Spin Casino, which is a premier online platform for gamblers of all kinds, including blackjack players. The platform has been around for over two decades after launching in 2001, and during that time, it became very well known, and very reputable. It supports multiple languages, but it also has a lengthy list of countries where it is not available. Fortunately, New Zealand is not on that list.

The casino holds the Malta Gaming Authority and Kahnawake Gaming Commission licenses, and it has been audited and certified by eCOGRA.

Read our Spin Casino Review or visit Spin Casino.

4. Platinum Play

In the third spot, we have Platinum Play Casino, which is a platform that has operated for 18 years now. Its long years of operating in the iGaming industry have brought expertise to the platform’s managers, and confidence in the platform for its customers.

The casino has premier customer service that can help users at any time, as well as a variety of banking methods at your disposal. It is also available for multiple platforms, and since it has over 500 games on offer, you are unlikely to get bored using its platform.

Read our Platinum Play review or visit Platinum Play.

5. Gaming Club

The fourth on the list is Gaming Club Casino, which is another prestige platform, although this one is nearly 30 years old, after being launched in 1994. Since then, it has grown to be one of the biggest and best casinos in the iGaming industry, offering over 500 casino games with top-edge themes, graphics, soundtracks, and more.

The platform has restricted its services to numerous countries, but fortunately, New Zealand can still access it, and its players can enjoy blackjack, video poker, table games slots, and much more. The casino also has rich bonuses and promotions that its users can benefit from.

Read our Gaming Club review or visit Gaming Club.

6. Lucky Nugget

Next, we have Lucky Nugget Casino, which is a trusted online casino for New Zealand and Canada. It provides its players with access to over 450 games, and it has been in business since 1998. The platform was licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority, and everyone who registers immediately gets access to a rich welcome bonus.

If you stay to become a long-term customer, there are also VIP and loyalty programs for you. Other than that, the casino supports over 20 languages, it is mobile-compatible, and its legitimacy was further ensured by a certificate from eCOGRA.

For further details about the platform, feel free to consult our Lucky Nugget Review, or simply visit the platform and explore what it has to offer.

7. Mummy’s Gold

In the seventh spot, we have Mummy’s Gold Casino, which features an extensive game library with over 500 available games. It also offers a very generous welcome bonus, and a safe platform for its users to gamble on. The casino has been around since 2002, and ever since, players from all over the world — including New Zealand — have been offered top-notch service.

The platform is holding licenses issued by the Malta Gaming Authority and the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, and it has a very low minimum deposit that makes it available for just about anyone. It is also supported on mobile devices, it has excellent customer service and a great loyalty program that will make you want to stick around for years.

Additional details are available in our in-depth Mummy’s Gold Review, and if you don’t care about the details and just want to play some blackjack, feel fee to visit the Mummy’s Gold website and register for an account.

8. River Belle

Next, there is Rever Belle Casino, which is also a platform from the ‘90s, which launched in 1997. This is another trusted brand in New Zealand and Canada alike, and it holds two licenses from Malta Gaming Authority and Kahnawake Gaming Commission. The platform has a rich welcome bonus for new users, as well as promotions for all of its players. There are also numerous categories of games, multiple payment methods, and numerous supported currencies.

The casino offers over 500 games, and while most of them are slot games, you can always find a good blackjack game for some more exciting gambling. You can learn more about River Belle from our lengthy River Belle Review, or just click here to get to the platform and start your betting.

9. Ruby Fortune

Nearing the end of our list, we have Ruby Fortune, which features a huge selection of more than 650 games. The casino started its business 22 years ago, in 2000, and ever since then, it has been attracting users with a highly generous welcome bonus. Apart from that, it also offers daily bonuses, support for multiple payment methods, and a customized gaming menu that is perfect for new users.

This casino is one of the best options for New Zealand players who are just entering the gambling industry and are still learning the ropes, which is where demo versions also come in quite handy. However, professionals are welcome too, and they will find a number of high-quality tables and live dealer games.

We shared additional information about the platform in our Ruby Fortune Review, and once you check it out, head over to Ruby Fortune and try out its services.

10. All Slots Casino

Finally, the last on our list is All Slots Casino. This is a platform with an incredible welcome offer that consists of three 100% deposit matches up to $1,500. However, you can also deposit as little as $10, which is its minimum amount.

The casino has been around since 2002, and over the years, it partnered with plenty of game providers, which allows it to offer over 1,000 high-quality games. It is also licensed, safe, transparent, and a great option for any New Zealand player, be they a newcomer or a professional. And, if you ever have a problem with anything, its 24/7 customer service is always available via live chat, so give them a call and your problems will be solved in no time.

Additional details about the platform are available in our All Slots Casino Review, while you can access the platform itself by clicking here.


As you can tell, there is no shortage of casinos on the internet where New Zealand gamblers can go to and start playing blackjack right now. Plus, we made extra sure that the casinos that we presented on this list are real, reliable, safe, and licensed by proper regulatory bodies.

In other words, you can count on these platforms to be safe and fair, and you won’t have to fear scams, rigged software meant to ensure that the house will win, and alike. Simply head over to the platform of your choice, deposit your funds, and have a great time.

Yes, all of the casinos that we recommend offer the option to play blackjack for free. You can then practice playing until you are ready to play for real money.

Hit - After the player is dealt the two initial cards, the player has the option to hit (request an additional card). The player should keep asking to hit until they feel that they have a sufficiently strong hand to win (as close to 21 as possible, without going over 21).

Stand - When the player has cards that they feel are sufficiently strong to beat the dealer then they should  “stand.” For example, a player may wish to stand on a hard 20 (two 10 cards such as a 10, jack, queen, or king). The dealer must keep playing until they either beat the player or go bust (going over 21).

Split - After the player is dealt the first two cards, and if those cards are of equal face value (for example, two queens), then the player has the option to split their hand into two separate hands with equal bets on each hand. The player must then continue to play both hands with regular blackjack rules.

Double - After the initial two cards are dealt, if a player feels that they have a strong hand (such as a king and an ace), then the player may choose to double their initial bet. To learn when to double read our guide on When to Double Down in Blackjack.

Blackjack - This is an ace and any 10 value card (10, jack, queen, or king). This is an automatic win for the player.

Hard 20 - This is any two 10 value cards (10, jack, queen, or king). It is unlikely that the player will receive an ace next, and the player should always stand. Splitting is also not recommended.

Soft 18 - This is a combination of an ace and a 7 card. This combination of cards offers the player different strategy options depending on what cards the dealer is dealt.

As the name implies this is blackjack that is played with only one deck of 52 cards.  Many blackjack aficionados refuse to play any other type of blackjack as this blackjack variant offers slightly better odds, and it enables savvy players the option to count cards.

House edge:

0.15% compared to multi-deck blackjack games that have a house edge between 0.46% to 0.65%.

This offers more excitement as players can play up to 5 simultaneous hands of blackjack, the number of hands offered varies based on the casino.

The key difference between American and European blackjack is the hole card.

In American blackjack the dealer receives one card face up and one card face down (the hole card). If the dealer happens to have an Ace as his or her visible card, they then immediately peek at their face down card (the hole card). If the dealer has blackjack with a hole card that is a 10 card (10, jack, queen, or king), then the dealer automatically wins.

In European blackjack the dealer receives only one card, the second card is dealt after all of the players have had the chance to play. In other words, European blackjack has no hole card.

The game is always played with 8 regular decks, this means anticipating the next card is more difficult. The other major difference is players have the option to play a "late surrender".

A late surrender enables a player to toss their hand after the dealer checks his hand for blackjack. This could be wanted if the player has a really bad hand. With a surrender the player loses half their bet. 

In Atlantic City blackjack players can split twice, up to three hands. Aces however, can only be split once.

The dealer must stand on all 17 hands, including soft 17.

Blackjack pays 3 to 2, and and insurance pays 2 to 1.

House edge:


As the name implies this is the most popular version of blackjack in Las Vegas.

4 to 8 standard decks of cards are used, and the dealer must stand on soft 17.

Similar to other types of American blackjack, the dealer receives two cards, one face-up. If the face-up card is an ace, then the dealer peaks at his down card (the hole card).

Players have the option to play a "late surrender".

A late surrender enables a player to toss their hand after the dealer checks his hand for blackjack. This could be wanted if the player has a really bad hand. With a surrender the player loses half their bet. 

House edge:


This is a rare variation of blackjack that increases the odds in the players favor by enabling the player to see both of the dealers cards face up, versus just one card. In other words there is no hole card.

Another key difference is that the dealer has the option to hit or stand on soft 17.

House Edge:


This is a version of blackjack that is played with 6 to 8 Spanish decks.

The Spanish deck of cards has four suits and contains 40 or 48 cards, depending on the game.

The cards are numbered from 1 to 9. The four suits are copas (Cups), oros (Coins), bastos (Clubs), and espadas (Swords).

Due to the lack of 10 card it is more difficult for a player to hit blackjack.

House Edge:


This is an optional side bet that is offered to a player if the dealer’s up-card is an ace. If the player fears that there is a 10 card (10, jack, queen, or king) that would give the dealer a blackjack, than the player may opt for the insurance bet.

The insurance bet is half of the regular bet (meaning if the player bet $10, then the insurance bet would be $5).

If the dealer has a blackjack then the player is paid 2 to 1 on the insurance bet.

If both the player and the dealer hit blackjack, then the payout is 3 to 2.

An insurance bet is often called a "suckers bet" as the odds are in the houses favor.

House edge:

5.8% to 7.5% - The house edge varies based on the previous card history.

In American blackjack players are given the option to surrender at any time. This should only be done if the player believes they have an extremely bad hand. If the player chooses this than the bank return half of the initial bet. (For example, a $10 bet has $5 returned).

In some version of blackjack such as Atlantic City blackjack only a late surrender is enabled. In this case, a player can only surrender after the dealer has checked his hand for blackjack.

To learn more visit our in-depth guide on When to Surrender in Blackjack.

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