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10 Best CS:GO Skins of 2022



With ESL Pro League Season 15 well underway, you may have caught some of your favorite professionals repping new skins. That's because a new case has been added to the CS:GO collection this year that comes with new and exciting skins.

The Dreams & Nightmares case was released on January 20th of this year and came with 17 new weapon skins. The case also comes with 30 possible knives to be collected, that's if you're one of the lucky ones. Regardless you probably want to know what skins are standing out and making a name for themselves from this case. That's why we have the 10 best CS:GO skins of 2022, featuring the Dreams & Nightmares case.


10. MP5-SD | Necro Jr.


To kickstart the list, we have the MP5-SD Necro Jr. This CS:GO skin falls under the Mil-spec rarity but I strongly feel the design is better than its par. It's not flashy by any means but show's off some unique graphics scattered across the weapon.

The graphics featured around the gun are incorporated with a great amount of detail and aren't mindlessly thrown onto the skin. One of my favorite graphics on this weapon is the rooster flying out of the Barrell. It is definitely the most captivating part of this skin and tops it off.



9. PP-Bizon | Space Cat

For gamers who love the white and purple color combo, the Space Cat for the PP-Bizon is a treat. The color combination with the black and purple offers great contrast for the most important part to stand out, the Space Cat.

This skin is fan-made by Steam Workshop creator, Maloo. It puts more emphasis on a visually striking graphic than a barrage of colors but that's where it stands out. Most skins separate themselves from the pack due to the appeal of their flashy colors. Space Cat on the other hand is visually appealing for its simplicity in colors and inspired graphics.



8. MP7 | Abyssal Apparition

Rolling in the number eight spot is Abyssal Apparition for the MP7. One of the more anticipated skins from the Dreams & Nightmares case, it is in the Classified tier and definitely earned it.

The skin gives off a 3D effect by shadowing the black and orange, black, and white graphic with a red and green tint. The blurriness is a part of the aesthetic for the Abyssal Apparation and still it pulls it off in a sharp manner. One of the coolest design features for this skin is on the magazine. There you can see a black figure sat down surrounded by the corruption the skin presents.



7. Dual Berettas | Melondrama

The Dual Berettas might not be your first option on a save round, but you might be more influenced to use them with the Melondrama skin. Also in the Classified section for the Dreams & Nightmares case, this skin is definitely unique.

Melondrama is a very fitting name for this skin as you have an exaggerated and slightly scary watermelon taking the spotlight. The grip of the skin presents writing that states “Beware of Sleeping”. For players who are looking to make a collection of the most deranged skins this one is a must.



6. AK-47 | Nightwish

The AK-47 is one of your major weapons, therefore you'll want a skin that matches your personality. If you're a fan of neon color combos that pop out then pick up the Nightwish skin. It is one of the more rare skins, being one of two Covert tiers from the Dreams & Nightmares case.

The inspiration is a flurry of neon swirls dancing around the gun and is nothing short of flashy. But don't think that's all to the design, hidden in the neon configuration is an equally vibrant and intimidating dragon.



5. Shadow Daggers | Lore

You can't rank the top 10 CS:GO skins without including a fair share of knives. They are after all the rarest and typically most expensive skins in cases and collections. Despite the Shadow Daggers not being the community favorite, they might be worth equipping with the Lore skin.

You really can't go wrong with the flashy gold of the Lore skin, regardless of the knife. The design even compliments itself more with the pattern around the edge of the blade. Since the knife's induction, these Lore Shadow Daggers are one of the flashiest skins out there.



4. Butterfly Knife | Gamma Doppler

Butterfly Knives are one of the most popular knife sets in CS:GO, and the Gamma Doppler skin simply made them even more flashy. The fluidity of the Butterfly Knife is well-known, so why not add the fluidity of Gamma Doppler to the mix?

This skin has a nice shine in-game and comes in a variety of green colorizations. Because there aren't many Doppler Butterflies, this one has been taking off.



3. MP9 | Starlight Protector

Easily the best weapon skin to come included with the Dreams & Nightmares collection is the Starlight Protector. This MP9 skin makes up the second half of the Covert rarity for the case and it definitely shows why.

On the frame of the gun, you have a colorful Unicorn pointing towards the barrel, referencing the “Protector” aspect of the name. To complete the name, the skin incorporates star lights across the rest of the gun to justify it. Aesthetically it stands out as one not only one of the best MP9 skins but one of the most beutiful skins in CS:GO.



2. Hunstman Knife | Gamma Doppler

Next in the knife genre is the Hunstman Gamma Doppler. This rare knife skin can be found in the Dreams & Nightmares case in a variety of patterns. Gamma and Doppler skins have always been popular for the amount of variation they offer. Every iteration of this skin is unique in color variation and with how it presents itself.

It is one of the most costly skins this year due to its popularity. However, pricing corresponds to value, and this skin provides a lot of value.



1. Butterfly Knife | Lore

Taking the number one spot is the Butterfly Knife, Lore. The Lore design is one of the most flashy and exciting knife skins to be added to CS:GO. After all, your knife is your most prized skin, so what could be more suiting than brilliant gold?

Again, the Lore skin comes with a striking pattern along the blade that gives it even more to offer. To complement the rest of it is an orange and brown marble pattern on the handle. I can only imagine how good this knife looks in-game.


So what Dreams & Nightmares skin is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here.

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