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10 Best Armor Sets in V Rising

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V Rising

Unlike typical vampire stories, V Rising places gamers in a world that has forgotten about vampires. You must rebuild the vampire legacy, and armor is a big part of that journey. It's a challenging but rewarding experience that keeps players hooked. Just like different armor sets protect warriors in real life, armor sets in V Rising will keep your vampire safe. As players progress, they unlock better sets that offer even more protection. By equipping yourself with the strongest armor, you become the strongest vampires around. For those looking to dive right into it, here are the best armor sets in V Rising you can equip.

10. Boneguard Armor

Boneguard Armor

Boneguard is one of the basic but handy pieces of armor you encounter in V Rising. The game's tutorial guides gamers through crafting and equipping this armor as they begin their journey. The armor serves as the player's training wheels, helping the vampire survive the early battles against weaker foes. While it is not the strongest, it provides enough defense for the game's early stages. It's, however, meant to be temporary so as gamers progress, they unlock better armor sets that offer even more protection.

9. Plated Boneguard Armor

Plated Boneguard

With the Plated Boneguard, you have a step up from the basic Boneguard Armor. Simply complete the tutorial and build a Simple Workbench in their castle, and you will have this armor. While the Plated Boneguard Armor will not offer you a lot of strength, it will significantly boost your protection compared to your starter armor. Also, the Plated Boneguard Armor will strengthen you and increase your chances of victory. It's a major improvement in the early game and serves as a stepping stone to becoming stronger as you progress through the gameplay.

8. Nightstalker Armor

Nightstalker Armor

Upgrading to the Simple Workbench brings exciting new options, including the elements needed to craft the Nightstalker armor set. The set has improved survivability. It increases your maximum health, making you better suited for the challenges, which makes it an excellent choice for players who want to stay in the fight longer. Crafting Nightstalker armor requires V Rising Leather and Coarse Thread. While these might seem more demanding, the increased survivability makes it a worthwhile investment, paving the way for even better armor later.

7. Merciless Nightstalker Armor

Merciless Nightstalker

Wearing two pieces of this armor boosts players' physical abilities and strength. With all four pieces equipped, your gaming gear level goes up, so you will take less damage from enemies. It is ideal for the early to mid-game stages of V Rising’s playthrough. With this gear, gamers will be well-equipped to take down weaker V Blood bosses, like the Alpha Wolf and Errol the Stonebreaker. Crafting this armor requires you to first gather copper ore. You can then refine the Ore and use the copper ingots to Craft Armor Pieces in the Simple Workbench.

6. Hollowfang Armor


The Hollowfang weapon gives your character even more strength beyond the Merciless Nightstalker’s. Crafting it requires a special tool, the Loom, unlocked by finding Beatrice the Tailor. Beatrice is hidden in a human settlement called Dawnbreak Village. Patrols defend the settlements in V Rising, so be ready for some tough combat. After defeating Beatrice, you can access the Loom. The facility allows players to create the resources required to construct the Hollowfang Armor parts.

5. Merciless Hollowfang Armor

Merciless Hollowfang

Fortunately, upgrading from the Hollowfang Armor to the Hollowfang Armor set is less difficult than enhancing the Nightstalker Armor to the Merciless version. Fans just need the Tailoring Bench, which they should already have by this stage in the game. To unlock the recipes for Merciless Hollowfang armor, you must first create a Study and spend V Rising Scrolls, or you may just collect fortunate drops from opponents. Once you obtain the recipes, you can use the Tailoring Bench to upgrade your previous Hollowfang armor using Iron Ingots to transform it into this better variant.

4. Twilight Armor Set

Twilight Armor Set

Twilight makes vampires impervious to UV damage and glitters in the sun. Wearing all four pieces of Twilight armor simultaneously renders gamers impervious to sunlight. It's a pretty good set, just as defensive as Dawnthorn armor, with the added benefit of sunlight immunity. Unlike the other armor sets fans can acquire through defeating foes, Twilight armor is currently not obtainable normally. It is only accessible via console commands for now. If a gamer's server does not allow it, there is no way to obtain it.

3. Dawnthorn Armor

V Rising

You are most probably getting close to the conclusion in V Rising, and foes are becoming more challenging. Just defeat the level 57 V Blood boss, Octavian the Militia Captain, at the Bastion of Dunley. You will have unlocked the Dawnthorn set's crafting recipes, although you must still enter Gloomrot and collect Mutant Grease from opponents, then enter the Spider Cave to obtain Silk. Once you have collected enough of these materials, mix them at the Tailoring Bench to create Dawnthorn's components.

2. Bloodmoon Armor


Unlike other armor sets, this set unlocks all crafting recipes by beating a monster. The Bloodmoon Armor set requires you to research each recipe for each component at the Athenaeum. Players can buy each Bloodmoon Armor manufacturing recipe from the City Book Vendor for 20x Goldsun Coin apiece. However, holding a Goldsun Coin causes Silver Sickness, a curse that causes damage over time while carried. Succeed in making all the Bloodmoon Armor's components at the Tailoring Bench, and their survivability, attack speed, and movement speed will skyrocket.

1. Death Armor Set

V Rising

The Death Armor set undoubtedly qualifies for the top of the best armor sets on V Rising list. The armor has its inventory sprite, a cultish-looking set of black and red robes that, when equipped, appear like the Bloodmoon armor. Possibly because its official look is still being programmed in at Stunlock Studios as part of the future V Rising Roadmap. Nonetheless, the health boost is pretty amazing. So if players have difficulties with the game's final bosses, Death Armor will help get them through.

So, what’s your take on our V Rising best armor sets list? Let us know your thoughts here on our Socials or in the comments. 

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