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Xicatrice: Everything We Know

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Early this week, Nippon Ichi Software announced their upcoming “Superpowers x Academy RPG,” Xicatrice. Now, I may be going out on a limb here, but this feels like an anime rendition of the X-men. I mean, you have “academy” and “superpowers” in the same sentence. The two are taglines that best describe Professor Xavier. 

Anyway, that aside. If you're a fan of Nippon Ichi Software's work, you know that they go ham in all their games. Best known for their TRPG series, Disgaea, the Japanese video game developer understands the assignment of delivering intense and immersive anime action. So when news broke out about their upcoming title, I couldn't help but wonder, will this be another smash hit or the kind of game that grows on you? Well, before the game drops, we've gathered some pre-release info that will shed light on whether this game is worth your time and dime. Here is everything we know about Xicatrice.

What is Xicatrice?


Xicatrice is an upcoming JRPG by Nippon Ichi Software. The studio is behind several successful games in the genre, including Mat Red Dead, and Disgaea. The Academy x Superhero RPG will feature multiple skills and give players flexible character customization. The two elements will provide you with the freedom to forge your strategy. Like other titles by the studio, Xicatrice will feature a turn-based combat system with life-sim elements. 

Although the website is in Japanese, an excerpt from the story on the site reads as follows:

In a world where special powers known as “superpowers” exist, the protagonist is appointed as a teacher in charge of students able to wield those powers. With the seven students, awakened to their superpowers and emotionally scarred, overcome the hardships that await you.”


The story centers around a teacher who is put in charge of seven students after the world discovers the existence of metaphysical powers known as “superpowers.” After certain beings used their superpowers to cause more harm than good, the government formed the Anti-Abnormal Unusual Talent Team (AUT) to put an end to the delinquent superpower users. 

But, soon enough, the team becomes overpowered, and the state establishes the Reserves Anti Unusual Talent Team (RAUT). This is where the element of X Men comes in since the RAUT unit comprises teenagers with superpowers. The protagonist is responsible for the students he trains to respond to crime incidents involving superpowers. Surprisingly, the teacher is a recalled AUT member who happened to lose his superpowers after an encounter with the superpower abusers. 

The term “Xicatrice” loosely translates to “scare” in French, which signifies the student's battle with their emotional past as they gain control of their newfound abilities. 



Playing as the teacher, your role is to transform your students into A-grade superheroes. The gameplay revolves around character choices and skill sets. Scheduling weekly lessons will help advance our students' skill sets. For instance, depending on your chosen curriculum, you can improve a student's judgment and stamina. 

The game recognizes these as “basic stats,” which won't advance in battle, unlike other JRPGs, but in the classroom. However, the basic stats will influence how good a student is in battle and in school activities such as exams. Aside from providing lessons, you can also upgrade your student's skills through social activities like going out over the weekends. 

Moreover, the best way to prepare your student for the battle is by equipping them with a skill that matches the enemy's. Despite the game having over 300 skills, there's a limit to how many skills you can equip each student with. However, as your student grows, this limit increases. Also, every character holds distinct abilities and specialties that are customizable. 

While you can't play any role in battle, you can proactively lead your students to victory. The battles are based on a set of proposed actions, and the students take turns performing each action. If you desire a seamless win, your best bet is to advance your students' basic stats. With the right amount of statistics, students can predict an enemy's weakness before a fight. 

Furthermore, the game emphasizes emotional scars, which the students are expected to overcome. Students who cannot do so are consumed by their superpowers. Therefore, as their pedagogue, it's up to you to understand their troubles before gearing them up for battle. 


As an upcoming title, developers Nippon Ichi Software have not spared any details on the game. However, with the release date set for a few months, we could receive more information about the turn-based JRPG. Notwithstanding, we know that the upcoming title features character designs from two bigwigs in the industry; Kakeru Hibino and Saijou Yoshiaki. If that's anything to go by, we're in for an exciting game with stunning visuals.



The good news is there is a trailer that gives more details about the game. Although it doesn't shed light on the gameplay, the 1 minute 46, the second long video introduces the cast featuring the seven students you'll be schooling. It may be challenging to find out more about the game from the trailer unless you're fluent in Japanese. Regardless, you can see what all the hype is about from the trailer above. 

Release Date, Platforms & Editions


Xicatrice will release on the Nintendo Switch, PS5, and PS4 consoles on June 29, 2023. Will it be available on Xbox? We're not sure yet whether the developers plan to port the game to the Xbox consoles; however, if past games by the developer are anything to go by, PlayStation and Switch consoles are the developer’s ideal systems.

Furthermore, Xicatrice will be available in two editions: the retail and limited editions. The latter, available on the Nipponi Online Store, will include a deluxe booklet and soundtrack.

For more information on Xicatrice, follow the official social feed here. If anything new drops, we'll be sure to spill all of the details right here on

So, what's your take? Will you be picking up a copy of Xicatrice when it eventually drops? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.



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