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WWE 2K23: Best Wrestlers, Ranked

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Scripted or not, I’ll always be a diehard fan of WWE. I suppose it’s the disbelief I felt when a friend told me the show was scripted. I was prepared to put up an argument, even dragging them to my couch to show them specific moves that were impossible to pull off. Anyway, my point is that professional wrestlers are respectable folks in society because however they can pull off some of those moves is beyond me. 

WWE 2K23 is the latest installment in the WWE 2K video game series. It’s a pro wrestling sports simulation series that started in 2000 and has held its ground since then, albeit with a few bumps in the road. For a while, it seemed the series had taken a turn for the worst until WWE 2K22 revived the series to its high-end stature, with WWE 2K23 keeping it there. 

To have the most enjoyable time playing WWE 2K23, you must have the best wrestlers. This is why we've curated the WWE 2K23 best wrestlers. 

5. “Stone Cold” Steves Austin – 96

WWE 2K23 - "Stone Cold" Steve Austin vs Shawn Michaels - Kuwait Tour 1996

Say you’re up against Roman Reigns or Brock Lesnar, then you’d better put your eggs in Stone Cold’s basket as he’s the third-closest wrestler that could guarantee you a win. With a whopping rating of 96, Steve Austin, known by his ring name, Stone Cold, started off in the WWF during the late 90s, when he quickly rose to become the biggest star on the roster. 

He got major success from his menacing personality, which fits like a tee with his “Stone Cold” brand. Thanks to winning countless matches and headlining multiple WrestleManias, Stone Cold soon became a household name well deserving of indictment into the WWE Hall of Fame and the consequent 96 rating in WWE 2K23. His nickname, the Texas Rattlesnake, spun from an epic career across several years and carried a rivalry during three WrestleMania main events that remain etched in memory. 

Even after taking a break from wrestling for years, he returned with a bang, winning against Kevin Owens on the first night of 2022’s WrestleMania like the old times. While Stone Cold isn’t as well known as John Cena and The Rock, he’s still a wrestler worth tossing the dice on and having confidence in landing a major hit. 

4. Super Cena – 100

WWE 2K23 - How To Unlock SUPER CENA/INVISIBLE CENA (Unlock 100 Overall Super/Invisible John Cena)

You know how John Cena always says, “You can’t see me?” Well, you really can’t see him, or at least the version of him, playing as Super Cena. Super Cena technically isn’t a professional wrestler in real-life. However, the character is adapted from John Cena and his famous phrase to create an invisible wrestler wearing John Cena’s usual gear and carrying a whopping 100 points.

The 100 ranking points aren’t for show, either. He’s a particularly tough wrestler to beat. To play as Super Cena, you’ll need to complete “Didn’t See That Coming” in the game’s Showcase mode. Only then can you truly become unbeatable, running down every seemingly skilled wrestler like a piece of cake. 

3. Becky Lynch – 96

Becky Lynch Entrance - WWE 2K23

Now that you have access to the story mode’s male or female option, or any other match with male and female wrestlers to choose from, you may want to check out Becky Lynch, who currently holds the highest-ranking female wrestler spot. That’s right, Bianca Belair doesn’t hold the top spot at the moment, despite kicking Becky Lynch’s ass and winning the championship belt at WrestleMania and the following SummerSlam.

See, skills and wins aren’t the only things that matter in the rankings. Fan support, charisma, and appearances at main events matter too, all of which combined propel Becky Lynch to the top. You may hear her referred to as “The Man,” a nickname she took on between 2018 and 2020, before changing it to ‘Big Time Becks' in 2021. Then she stood defiantly against WWE management when they tried to sideline her, calling herself “The Man” once again and solidifying the all-time great wrestler she continues to be.

2. Brock Lesnar – 97

WWE 2K23 Brock Lesnar Full Official Entrance!

Brock Lesnar is the second-best WWE 2K23 wrestler you could have, thanks to his prowess, especially during the 2010s when nearly every wrestler would fall at his mercy. He may have lost his touch a little bit these days. However, he still comes in a close second to Roman Reigns and is still kind of the final boss you’d have to beat in the game.

We know him also as the “Beast Incarnate,” so approach him cautiously. And if you remember the one-sided win against John Cena when he sent the man to the ER, or when he stripped off the Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak the same year, then you’d really give the man the respect he deserves. 

1. Roman Reigns – 99

WWE 2K23: Roman Reigns Full Ring Entrance

I honestly thought Roman Reigns would have been kicked out of the top spot by now. But no, he’s still the man of the hour and the wrestler you’ll want to pick if you want the best of the best. Roman Reigns has worked his way to the top, constantly defeating wrestler after wrestler over the years. To this day, he remains the undisputed king with a staggering 99 rating and has become the face of WWE for a long time now, even holding the Universal title as well. 

As with Becky Lynch, Roman Reign’s high rankings come from his skills and strong fanbase. In fact, it feels off not seeing him as the face of WWE or with the highest ranking at this point. Because of how long he’s carried the torch in the modern era. So, if you’re drawn to playing as the crowned WWE “Tribal Chief,” rest assured you’ll be playing as the strongest human wrestlers the game offers.

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our list of WWE 2K23 best wrestlers? Are there more wrestlers we should know about? Let us know down in the comments or over on our socials here


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